Wedding officiant jokes

Wedding officiant jokes

Wedding jokes are a good Start to the wedding speech and can help a speech a little cheer up. Also for the wedding newspaper, the guestbook or the thank you cards are Ehewitze or jokes for the wedding ideal, something good mood spread!

If your wedding is you want to tell jokes at a wedding, you should be aware, however, one important rule: no Matter how funny you find the wedding jokes, the jokes should never injured anyone. You therefore, wedding jokes, the more typical clichés address, as such, the appeal specifically, the weaknesses of the bride and groom.

Examples of wedding jokes & Ehewitze


Typical clichés are always good to bring all of you to Laugh. Here, we have various jokes of the major topics related to wedding and marriage for you.

Man & Woman

She said to him: He replied,

Men have the pants, women say what!

Wedding sayings funny

Birthday, my son! From now on, you can do whatever you want – up to the day of your wedding…“

A 60-year-old man is engaged to a 20-year-old woman. His friend takes him aside and says: If you’re 70, it is 30. When you’re 80, and then she’s 40.“ He says to it only:

The love is so unproblematic as a vehicle. Problematic only the Handlebars, the passengers, and the road. (Franz Kafka)

The hiring Manager asks for the family. the candidate responds.

Wedding Jokes

Wedding jokes and marriage

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After the wedding, my dog greeted me with a loud barking, and my wife brought me the Slippers. Today, it is Vice versa.

Otherwise, we’d both be wrong.“

Jokes Marriage
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A married couple is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The day of the wedding. As one of the guests asks for the secret recipe for a long marriage. On the a a A for the face and on the other hand, a G for the buttocks is.“

the husband asks there.

A woman asks her friend: The girlfriend: Always, if something does not fit me, I whistle a song.“ A little later the wife meets the husband of the girlfriend: My wife is a cheerful nature, she whistles the whole day to himself.“

The secret to a happy marriage lies in just four words:

Marriage Jokes
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The waiter responds: Do you want to celebrate or you want to forget?“

Marriage is like a full bath: Engage is the most Important. If you are always warm, you will be the gorgeous stand up to tough it is.

Funny sayings to the wedding
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There was him, the man who believed in the Fidelity of his wife. Until he had to move from Stuttgart to Berlin is still the same postman.

Out of love you do the strangest things. Some even get married…We got married sayings

What have the marriage and a hand grenade in common? Ring road – house.

Mother-In-Law’s Wedding Jokes

Whether your wedding is you want to make jokes about mothers-in-law, you should make strong from the Humor of the mothers-in-law-dependent.

asks Mrs Müller outraged by her daughter’s boyfriend.

Some mother-in-law is like a daily newspaper, it appears daily.

Jokes Wedding

A judge is asked, what is the maximum penalty for bigamy. He’s out cold.

Happy, he calls out: What time is is it so far?“ As she responds: You can have my mother to three from the railway station to pick up.“

In the night of the wedding, the wife finds that her husband has a Fußprotese. Horrified, she wrote to her American mother, a SMS. Her mother responds.

He answers: I had looked out to the mother-in-law.“

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