Wedding preaching

Wedding preaching

Love, Sonja, dear Jens! Love Wedding Guests!
Man, you, I like you, how can you bring this word of the expression? There is the Form of a letter – letter words play a big role.
You think about this and that, and finally, the appropriate word to bring out the inner connectedness to the expression comes from. Another Form is the hug: you feel directly and immediately, like you. Someone in the arms means Yes – feel it let you have me a good home.

And then the many signs of Affection – which begins at
each other incline,
share affection,
a kiss, give
each other a vow of silence…

But what I tell you – you have different facets of this word

And today, in a very dense form of expression:
Look at us, we dare.
From there comes the word
* You dare on a common path.
* You dare, joy and sorrow to share with each other and to wear to the end of your days.
* Your trust you, your home Life-building on solid ground.

What is your proof?
I must again remind you of what we have heard from Jesus in the gospel, he Who hears my words and acts on them is like a man who built his house on the Rock.
The Coming of God in Jesus reveals what God has in mind.

And there is no greater love than this, to use his life and lay down for his friends.

You are my friends if you do what I have commanded you.“

This love for each other, Paul describes panels in the Colossians in one of his so-called House.
Clothe yourselves – that is, slips into the skin and attracts
kindness, humility, Gentleness, patience.
All this and much more makes this reconciled with each other from.
And in the middle of the human, he stands as the third party in the Covenant.
He binds you in Your openness to the body, as it is expressed in Paul.

Marriage as a Covenant between God and the people – is really a sacred and healing symbols: so God is working on all the people: and both of you must show this.

Therefore, we would like to thank you for having the courage to give God room to work in Your life.
May the lights of your marriage, and others encourage people to, With and for each other.

The world needs, because it’s just too much to Fail there,
encouraging people like the both of you.
Then also those who breathe a sigh of relief,
whose marriage is broken,
then, can those be erect,
the head slopes have:
because this God is one,
not only on high days – to High-time-days – like today,
but also to the dark days can feel:
I am with you all days. Amen.

Rev. Rudi Wolf Berger, Churches HART, 2008 09

Sermon: Gen 2: 18-24 and Mk 10, 5-9

You promise each other a lot of love, Loyalty, trust – and the whole life long.
That sounds so similar to the story of the young man who enters the store with a purchase behind the counter, an angel stands as a seller: the young man would like to: justice for all, and that all the work, and he would like to run the trust, and love, and yet a lot of what makes life worth living, a finished he wants to buy Packed everything and take it with you.
He receives the answer: my dear Lord, we do not sell fruits, no crop, we only sell the seeds.

Dear Thomas, dear Martina! What do you mutually promise, before God and our faith community, and sounds of fruits after harvest. And yet it is “only” the Seed of love, Loyalty, trust, need good soil, good soil,
light, and heat,
water, and atmosphere, that can grow and develop, what with a lot of good will, implanted was.

A path starts with this Holy Celebration. Their shows and say: Look at us, we to TRUST US on this path.
We do not trust us
– the word of God to give,
– We trust in the love of which the Largest is;
– We believe that we are full of confidence to approach each other and with each other in the life to make.

Your view of marriage you have marked with the choice of readings: God gives himself to man, man as a man and as a woman – images and places of residence of God. And the people are created, devoted to each other.
So – so Jesus says a man and a woman become one and no longer two separate people. And God binds together the people, the love, the respect, even better, the mutual-respect is the Band that wants to keep wearing and durable.

Your emphasises the way you want to go, with different characters:
– it is the light of the candle for you, to be a sign of a loving God is with you.

– There are the rings that want to Express the love never stops.
– It is the bread of life, the sharing: IT unites you and all of us, and yet each remains a self-personality.

Exciting the way and it takes time – you have time to unfold, what a long time ago of you to grow has begun:
A way of each other and for each other,
a path with God, whose blessings accompany you to a whole life long.

Your consent, we will hear in a few minutes, like a lot of mean and expression, as prayer I have found a blessing in the words of the interpretation:

Your supposed to mean that you have discovered each other deeper and deeper, without wanting to change the other person, and that you don’t find yourself.

Your supposed to mean that you are going the same way, regardless of how he will look, the Faster is waiting on the Slower, the Stronger supports the Weaker.
Your Yes and your common way to be blessed by God and accompanied.


23.09.2008, Pfr. Rudi Wolf Berger, Hartkirchen