Wedding trivia facts

Wedding trivia facts

In addition to Kidnap the bride-to-be, and the Auction of the garter bands, there are many other wedding games (such as, for example, the wedding quiz), you can play during Your wedding ceremony. So you can a little bit of the mood at Your wedding company. With the wedding quiz, Knowledge of the bride and groom, but also the guests can be put to the test. The choice of the program for the wedding, you will have the agony of choice between tens of different wedding games. A simple but funny game is a Quiz. In this case, a wedding quiz game!

Wedding trivia for the bride and groom

Many of you know for sure the Ehetest or ehetauglichkeit test, in which the bride and groom back to back sitting and it go to the preferences and properties of the bride and groom’s. In the game, the bride and the groom need to have as many Matches, and the quiz questions can be in the Ehetest sometimes awkward, but very funny,.

The wedding quiz, however, is not a Match. Here, the bride and groom on their Knowledge about the topic of the wedding give the Best and in terms of their responses to advise you. Because this wedding quiz it comes to old customs and superstitions about getting Married, and the questions are of a General design. Of course the Quiz is a guessing game, so that the bride does not have to couple necessarily know everything!

smiling bride and groom with a couple of guests
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The bride-to-be couple of sentences read aloud, you need to stop doing it. Of course, you have a couple of answer choices from which you can choose. As can be guessed with a little luck, some of the answers are easy.


Let in the Background to play a song to lighten the mood.

15 questions to the bride and groom

Here you have 15 ideas for a possible quiz questions, the Quizmaster (possibly one of the groomsmen) the bride and groom can. Also, if the bride is not few but faithful, knows it for sure, some of the solutions. The correct answers are in bold:

  1. A bride needs for wedding something Old, something New, something Borrowed and something… Expensive / Green / Blue
  2. The table cloth upside down on the table, the guests… angry / hungry / tired of
  3. The wedding couple the night before the wedding… laugh out loud / separated spend / a lot of champagne to drink
  4. Rain for the wedding, and… money / a boring marriage / misfortune
  5. Wedding gifts glass cutting… peace / the marriage / the circle of friends
  6. Gift coffee cups bring… poverty / infidelity of the husband /

    lashes of the husband

  7. Sugar on the window sill attracts the… pastor / stork / lovers
  8. Who is at a wedding on the table leg sits, gets a nasty… mother-in-law / cold / wife
  9. Marriages last long, when you will be closed on… Sunday / morning / Tuesday
  10. I told you not to start something New and not be married on… good Friday / Wednesday / Monday
  11. Shards bring luck / hope / joy
  12. The more colorful the bride’s bouquet to the marriage, the… longer / more expensive / more varied
  13. Wearing another woman in the veil of the bride, is the bridegroom… love /

    seduce / hate

  14. Tears of the bride veil after the Ceremony, so this brings to the Couple… misfortune / the blessing of Children / happiness
  15. Mistletoe keep… the kids whine / the evil spell like / the strange gentleman
Bride and groom sitting in front of your guests
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Oriented in the show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and also integrates the audience – so it is guaranteed not to be boring!

Finally, can the bride and groom is a small reward given to be, whether it’s a coupon or a small gift of Money or another, to the Couple of matches.

Version of the Bridal quiz

Of course this wedding game is also very fun and makes sure in a good mood for Your wedding celebration.

In the other version of the Bridal quiz is, however, a matter of the guests in the game to involve and you tricky questions about the bride and groom to make.

The wedding guests are friends and relatives of the bride and groom, and especially a lot about the two types of knowledge have to. The best man and the maid of honor probably know pretty much everything about the bride and groom, but what about the other guests? Who cuts you the best with this knowledge and rate the game?

smiling bride and groom with their guests in the Background
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In this wedding game, it is especially nice that every guest can participate and should. So is complaining, I suppose, no-one on the boring program of the Celebration! You are here to decide whether or not her Bridal quiz “live” designed with a Moderator or tile with the prepared questions, the answers should be. The second variant has the advantage, that even the shy guests can join in and fill in the questionnaire.

Unlike other wedding games such as the trip to Jerusalem, must in this case also, no extra chairs are set up and the dance floor remains free. In addition, no other items are required, and everyone who needs a break from Dancing or simply in the mood for a game, you can join in.

The Director or the Director (possibly a best man or maid of honor) has only the task in the course of the Celebration of the cards or slips of paper to evaluate and to those of the wedding guests find to make the most of the questions correct answer was. So, it can be chosen at the end of the winner or the winner of the game.

10 questions to ask the wedding guests

We have you 10 possible questions to ask your wedding guests listed. Questions with more response options are to solve for the wedding guests, of course, more difficult, because the answer is, therefore, more difficult to guess.

  • How is the eye color of the bride / groom?
  • In which year was the bride-to-be has some met?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Where did the couple meet?
  • Where was the first kiss?
  • Who has broken more hearts?
  • If you are the first “I love you”?
  • Who is the better cook?
  • Who was nervous at the Ceremony?
  • Where are you going for the honeymoon?

The prize for the winner

It is, of course, entirely up to you what you want to the winner or the winner of the give. Your candies can, a bottle of wine or a cool coupon to hand.

In addition to a price you can, but also a great deed and balloons to prepare. Ultimately, the price is left completely to you – let Your creativity run free!

We wish you a lot of fun to Plan and Play!

Should you still on the search for the further wedding games to be or for the theme of the wedding guests in General are interested in, then take a look in our WeddyPlace magazine over!

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