What is an italian wedding cake

What is an italian wedding cake

Those who are curious, what is Italian wedding cake is, below you can know more about this delicious three-layer cake. We know what makes you different from other wedding cakes, and you can even find the recipe for making one of the most famous Italian cakes.
Speaking of wedding cake, you know, what flavor wedding cake has? You can read our separate discussion, if you are curious about these unique taste.

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What is a traditional Italian wedding cake is?

The traditional wedding cake that comes to mind is a tiered white cake, and is one of the most delicious that you can try, cake Italian cream.

This Italian wedding cake is also a white layer cake, but you can distinguish them because of their Texture by others.

In contrast to the usual fluffy Chiffon a Italian wedding cake is a poet. You can imagine the Texture of a carrot cake, but note the chopped nuts, such as pecans and walnuts in taste.

An Italian wedding cake has coconut, and the frosting is mainly made of cream cheese. On the contrary, a typical wedding cake, butter cream, Royal used Royal icing, or any stable frosting, temperature changes well.

Recipe for Italian wedding cake

  • Oven to 325°F preheat
  • Mix shortening, sugar, Butter, and egg yolks; Do the same with the flour, salt and baking soda in another bowl

  • You mix the dry and wet ingredients on low speed and mix in the vanilla
  • To beat egg whites-resistant beaten egg whites and add the cake batter
  • Add the chopped nuts and the coconut flakes, add
  • Pasta Italian wedding cake in the shape and 25 minutes to bake
  • Cake to cool on the rack
  • For the Frosting, Butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla and mix
  • Wedding cake, according to layers of the wedding cake cover
  • With chopped nuts and toasted coconut garnish; Here you will learn how to decorate a wedding cake to your Dessert to make for the wedding to be visually appealing to

  • Store in the fridge, but wait an hour before you take it out of the fridge
  • before you cut it into slices

    What is the name of a traditional Italian wedding cake?

    There are two traditional Italian wedding cake you can try out, especially if you are traveling to Italy to get married. You are the Millefoglie and Crostata di frutta:


    If you ask for recommendations, they pointed out, the result is a try. This delicious Italian wedding cake is a cream-coated puff pastry with a crispy Texture.

    You can then choose the filling you prefer, including berries, Lemon Curd or chocolate. And to whom this Italian pastries sounds familiar, it is the Italian Version of the Mille-feuille of France.

    Crostata di Frutta

    If you prefer cakes for your wedding, you should consider the Italian fruit cake called Crostata di Frutta into consideration. You can choose which fruit you want, or to taste what’s in season.

    For example, a spring wedding, you can have a berry cake, while autumn can pears times and Apples have. And the filling can be Chantilly cream or pastry cream.

    The Italian wedding cake is from Italy?

    Italian wedding cakes have their origin in Italy, and are different from other wedding cakes for their simplicity. While it is traditional to have elaborate cakes to be Served at the wedding celebration, cake is an Italian wedding with a simple, flat, and round cake.

    One of the standard recipes Italian cream cake with coconut and pecans is. But also the crispy Millefoglie and the colourful Crostata di Frutta recommend for weddings in the Italian destinations.

    What a Sicilian wedding cake?

    According to ITALY Magazine Cassata is one of the most famous Sicilian cake.

    The Cassata Siciliana is the perfect wedding cake, you will have a delicious, but beautiful cake.

    You think of candied fruit, Ricotta and almond marzipan in a sponge cake. And suppose you want to add to your wedding, another Sicilian Dessert.

    In this case, there is also the Cannolo Siciliano, a fried-dough tube case of fruits with a filling of Ricotta, nuts, chocolate, and candied.

    What type of cake a wedding cake made of?

    Traditional Wedding Cakes

    Here are some of the popular elements that you can expect at a traditional wedding cake are:

    • Tiered sponge cake with white glaze
    • White Fondant
    • Meringue
    • Butter cream
    • Flowers
    • Vanilla
    • Lemon

    Modern Wedding Cakes

    • Graded a cake or a single round, decadent cake

    • Frosting can have a color other than White
    • Chocolate
    • Caramel
    • Fresh cheese
    • Fruits

    What is the difference between a wedding cake and a normal cake?

    A wedding cake is different from a normal cake that is typically a multi-stage-and-white. The most popular flavours are vanilla, lemon and almond, while the glaze is stable and does not rapidly melts.

    Fondant, Royal and Marzipan are often pies used glazes for wedding because they spoil quickly or lose their shape. Regardless of the Couple can choose his favorite places for its wedding-cake-free, and you must not layered or white.


    And that’s it! We have just found out what an Italian wedding cake is a white cream cake with flavors of nuts, coconut, and cream cheese.

    But if you celebrate a wedding in Italy, you have to try the crispy Millefoglie, the fruity Crostata di Frutta, or the elegant Cassata Siciliana. Italy never disappoints with its culinary delights, so try an Italian cake, if you have any wedding cake.