What to do in a wedding ceremony

What to do in a wedding ceremony

In order to make the wedding an unforgettable experience for you is part of the one or other Surprise for the bride and groom. These little Surprises are usually not organized by the best man, what to say, however, that the rest of the wedding guests do not play a role. On this page you 19 great ideas for the wedding, with which your bride-to-be can have a few wonderful surprise to find.

Surprises after the wedding Ceremony

1 soap bubbles

When the newly married Couple comes to the Yes-word from the Registrar’s office or the Church, it must be, of course, to welcome the guests. Previously, it has thrown at the bride and groom with rice, to wish you luck and, above all, fertility, so many children.

This wedding custom is no longer practiced and many churches and registry offices, even, is strictly prohibited. A practical and also a much better idea of the soap bubbles. Especially with the sunshine, the bubbles will shimmer beautifully and also be super on the wedding photos. This wedding Surprise the guests do not need to be dedicated, of course, already before the Wedding so that the bride realizes couple. Also, the wedding photographer should be informed, because he wants to keep this enchanting spectacle that is certainly on Film.

The guests are equipped with soap bubbles. Ideally, these are not too big, so that you can be easily in the pocket or bag Packed. Special little soap bubbles for weddings are of course particularly, as it is intended exactly for this purpose and are very small and handy are. After the wedding Ceremony, make sure that the bride is leaving some of the Church as the last. While the bride-to-be wish to pair with Happiness and hugs is stopped in the building, the guests in front of the output. The wedding occurs couple from the door, so they will be received by the guests with a myriad of beautiful, shimmering soap bubbles.

In our store you will find such a special soap bubbles for the wedding.

2 Confetti or petals

Also a cute idea and beautiful Alternative to Throwing rice is throwing the newlyweds with wedding confetti or petals. Again, it is important that the bride-to-be knowing few in the run-up to nothing from a surprising reception. The best of the Confetti or petals are Packed leaves in small quantities for the guests. Wedding confetti comes in small packaging units, usually a small cardboard box made of cardboard, which is barely larger than a pack of paper handkerchiefs.

These small boxes can be distributed prior to the Marriage, quite simply to the guests. Of course, the guests should be dedicated to what it has with the Confetti on, so that everyone knows what to do. While the bride-to-be adopted by a couple in the Church or in the Registrar’s office by the Registrar or the spiritual and the last of luck, you can take your wish, the guests in front of the door. The newly married Couple comes out, so it will be pelted by the guests with Confetti or petals. A beautiful idea and an impressive Surprise. In the run-up to should, however, or with the Registrar’s office

of the Church to be clarified whether the Throwing of flowers and Confetti is allowed. Many institutions see this kind of wedding surprises because of the left-behind dirt do not like. In our Shop you can find biodegradable wedding confetti.

3 sheets cut

This wedding Surprise, it is almost a Tradition. After the Yes word in the registry office, the bride-to-be need to cut a sheet a couple a bed, and so symbolically together the first The bed sheet is held by the witnesses in front of the entrance to the registry office and in such a way that the bride comes to couple through the door.

On the bed is painted sheets usually a big heart, to the contours of the spouses scissors with two as small as possible, for example, nail scissors, to cut. This is also a small Competition between the married couple, who has now cut out the fastest way to his half of the heart is created of course. The heart is cut out, so the husband is wearing his love on his hands through the heart shaped hole in the Sheet. As a reminder of the beautiful Moment, the guests can be signed later on the cut-out heart and good wishes for the bride and groom to perpetuate.

4 champagne reception

According to the Registrar’s office will meet with the bride-to-be few. For this purpose, the guests and the newlyweds usually directly in front of the office gather for a drink with sparkling water. Here, the Couple can be surprised with personalized champagne glasses. The glasses can, for example, with the first name or the now common last name of the couple or the wedding date to be engraved. Instead of an engraving of the glasses to the bride and groom can be pimped with funny wine glass-decorative, such as a wedding dress and a tuxedo,. These personalized champagne glasses are not only a nice idea for the Bridal couple after the Yes-word, but also a beautiful memento of the most important day in your life.

In our Shop you will find a funny wine glass-decoration the bride and groom Design.

5 wedding car decorate

Especially for the groom the choice of wedding car plays a special role. And even the bride will be happy if you will be chauffeured to the Ceremony in style and with a loud honk of the guests to the wedding party. As a Surprise to the Yes-word the wedding car can be adorned in secret. For this purpose, the balloons are on offer, for example, in the shape of a heart, attached to the side mirror.

But with white or red Streamers, the vehicle can be pimped on the Quick. There are, however, special decoration for the wedding car that can be attached after the wedding ceremony, quickly and easily. For example, cardboard signs, which is glued on the number plate or small garlands that can be mounted in the rear window. The classic of car decoration tin cans mounted on the car, however. The empty cans are strung on ribbons, and on the rear of the vehicle, firmly bound. When Driving the cans make a lot of noise and to keep evil spirits from the bride and groom away.

In addition to the doses also air balloons or colorful ribbons can be hung on the car. In our Shop you will find number plates, cans and much more for the wedding car.

Surprise for the wedding celebration

6 balloons with Wishes

To let air balloons in the blue summer sky rise is a beautiful picture. Especially for the bride and groom, if it knows that everyone is wearing for the flying balloon is a good wish for you and your marriage. The best time for this wedding Surprise is the time after the wedding Ceremony, when the bride comes to couple to the place of Celebration.

Usually, the Couple between the registry office and Church for the Celebration moves to the date of the wedding photos. This will take between half an hour. This time may perfectly be used for Preparing the air balloon Surprise used. The balloons are filled with Helium – it is essential to ensure that the balloons helium are suitable. The balloons should not be filled too early with Helium that escapes the Gas with the time and the balloons may not fly. This is especially important if the balloon flight cards hung to be. Between the rise, and the filling should not be more than two hours.

The balloon flight cards can be hanged or not. In the case of tickets, the weight plays a big role. You should in no case to be heavier than 3g. On the cards, the address of the bride and groom as well as the good wishes of the guests to be written. It is also possible to make the balloon Surprise, a little gambling. Each guest writes on his card, he gives the newly-weds, or outputs, if the map to find the way to you. When the Couple arrives, it is received by the guests with the balloons. Also, the bride and groom get balloons that let you together with those of the guests climb into the sky.

7 Wedding Flash Mob

What a flash mob is, knows, in the meantime, probably almost everyone. Seemingly spontaneous people who don’t know to catch, public places, to sing, to dance, or to do other extraordinary things. Although these people do not know actually, but as spontaneous as it seems, are not the actions. In the run-up has been called on the Internet to these actions, and the flash mobbers have followed this call. Such a mob can be wonderfully organized for the bride and groom. As the actions of the Singing of a love-song, or a simple choreography to a specific Song are. In the run-up to, of course, as many of the wedding guests have to be dedicated.

In times of the Internet and social networks, this is likely to represent, however, is hardly a Problem. It is important that the flash-mob action is as simple as possible, so that all the wedding can join in on the guests. A wedding flash mob is also ideal to fill the beginning of the Party the dance floor. So, for example, might be identified to a particular Song, all of the party guests on the dance floor, and a simple, rehearsed choreography in front of the bride and groom perform. The dance Moves are on Video and by E-Mail to the wedding guests sent recorded.

In order for you to take the bride and groom is one of the biggest Concerns, namely that comes up is not a mood, and the guests did not dance.

8 Sparklers at a wedding dance

Also with Sparklers wonderful Surprises in store for the wedding couple to organize easily. The sparklers be distributed secretly to the party guests, with the note of when this fired to be. For example, this could happen at the wedding dance of the Braupaares or Cutting the wedding cake. For the fresh baked a couple of these special moments are the unexpected fireworks from Sparklers at the same time so beautiful.

When Distributing the Sparklers to the guests, be sure to remember, to distribute a few lighters, so that the non-Smoking your candles can ignite at the right Moment.

9 desire tree

This Surprise is particularly suitable for couples who have the good fortune to be able to in your own garden to celebrate. However, even in a foreign Location, the Surprise is easy to implement. This will require a tree with many Branches, or a large decorative branch. Furthermore, wish cards are needed. Beautiful decorative branches, for example, of corkscrew willow, can be purchased from a florist.

It is important that the tree or the branch has many Branches, because later, the desire to be hanged cards. The tree and the branch, we can set up at the wedding ceremony or suspended, the Bridal couple and the guests take a look at it. In the vicinity of the small tree / branch, the request will be placed cards, and pencils. A brief explanation for the guests, what’s the deal with the cards coming. Guests will write their wishes for the bride and groom on one of the cards, and then to the wish tree hang. In the course of the wedding ceremony, the bride can pursue some of your desire tree filled with the good Wishes of the guests.

In addition, the tree or the Branch may be decorated with light chains or pendants. In our store you will find such a request cards for the wedding.

10 Wedding-Cookbook

According to the Motto For such a unique gift for a sufficiently long period of preparation is required, however, because every wedding guest needs to contribute a recipe. In order to give the cookbook, add a personal touch, you can let guests book pages with your recipe even your own. As a first step, at best, months before the wedding, to be contacted by the guests, and the idea of the wedding-cookbook informed.

This recipes does not appear twice and three times in the cookbook, to send the Relatives and friends of the bride and groom in a recipe the first choice and a second choice to the organizer of the cook book. So this one has the choice, if courts should double. For the recipe, guests can send a few words for the bride and groom, as well as a few photos. The cookbook editor, created from the recipes, text and photographs the cookbook for the bride and groom. In the case of the so-called Print – or Book-on-Demand printers, the printing of books, a copy is not possible.

Depending on the equipment, a book, between 25 and 35 euros. The individual cookbook of the wedding guests is an unexpected gift, and can be presented to the couple, for example, as the price for a wedding game.

11 wedding newspaper

A wedding newspaper is not only a Surprise for the bride and groom, but also a beautiful-think about the wedding for guests. Many in the network provider to find, specializing in the printing of wedding Newspapers and for this purpose, the Software or the design. By the editors of the newspaper, so the guests just need to get the content. Here, the ideas and the imagination has no limits: stories about the Bridal pair, jokes for the wedding theme, funny Interviews with Relatives or close friends of the bride and groom and maybe even the bride and groom themselves.

Of course, pictures of the bride and groom must not be missing. The newspaper is distributed at the wedding ceremony, the guests and of course the bride and groom.

12 Custom Guestbook

A guestbook is available on every wedding duty, because the Couple wants to have a souvenir from the beautiful day and all of its guests. Instead of a regular guest book with white pages, can be created by the bride and groom, a custom guestbook.

The guestbook is built like a friendship album, as you know it from school. Only instead of the favorite color or favorite band, the questions about the bride-to-pair. For example: how do You know the bride and groom? Did you cry at the Wedding? What do you wish for the bride and groom? While the guests answer the questions, can be shot from a photo with a Polaroid camera and in the book glued. The personal guestbook can be in a Print-On-Demand printing printed design. On the Internet, however, are suppliers to the guests books, with individual contents.

Surprise to a late hour

13 fireworks and laser shows

If the day of the wedding tends to an end, like a little Surprise at midnight for the bride and groom. Especially popular are, of course, nightly fireworks and laser shows are here. Depending on how complicated the fireworks fails, the price of this 100 euros upwards. Professional, Large-fireworks cost between 1000 and 2000 euros. Those who opt for a fireworks Surprise, one should not forget, that for this purpose, a permit is required. Also for laser shows, a permit is required. However, this is a TÜV approved-decrease of the Laser equipment applied for in advance and, of course, has to be paid. A laser show costs between 500 and 1000 euros.

14 sky lanterns

Heaven is a long Tradition of lanterns in Asia. With them the good wishes for the Couple will be sent in the night sky. The sky lanterns are like small hot air balloons, and also work according to the same principle. The balloon body is made of thin, flame-resistant paper. An attachment to the bottom of the lantern is a burning body is mounted and fired. The hot air rises into the balloon, and brings him to fly. Sky lanterns can fly up to 10 minutes, and a range of up to a half kilometers. The sight of the brightly lit lanterns in the dark night sky is breathtaking. However, for the rise of such lanterns let a permit is required. The flying luck lanterns in the vicinity of forests, left to rise may be, goes without saying.

15 sparklers on balloons

In comparison a much more cost-effective than a firework, but not less impressive, candles, a nocturnal Surprise with balloons and wonderful. To do this, miracles are bound to candles, balloons filled with Helium. Thus, the balloon can carry the sparklers should not be the candle is too large. Not just a candle, two balloons and tie. The balloons with the miracle, candles are distributed around midnight to the guests. The candles are lit, and the helium balloon in the sky, left to rise. It is a beautiful and romantic sight to see the burning sparklers in the night sky.

16 water lanterns

Celebrating the bride and groom in the vicinity of a body of water, such as a small lake, so the good wishes can also be sent with the water lanterns. Water small lanterns made of flame-retardant paper lanterns. Often, they have the shape of water the roses. At the bottom of the lantern is a floating body is not attached, so that the light goes on when placed on the water. In the middle of the lantern is a burning, put a tealight. Floating lanterns to be released from the guests and the bride and groom in the waters and a symbol to carry the good wishes for the marriage.

Surprises after the wedding ceremony

17 air balloons in the bedroom

It is almost you has now become a tradition to play the Bridal couple after the wedding, a small prank. During the wedding ceremony, the groomsmen and a couple of guests sneak into the apartment of the newly minted couple, and there all sorts of shenanigans. For example, an alarm clock can be hidden in the apartment, ringing the next day, at 6 am, start, salt and sugar-swapped, or the toothpaste Tube with a Mayonnaise-filled. The most popular air balloon prank, however, because he is not too common and also a very romantic Surprise for the bride and can be a couple. The master bedroom of the newly minted couple is filled with a myriad of inflated balloons. Depending on the size of the bedroom and the balloons a minimum of 200 balloons are needed. It is recommended, therefore, to arrange for this wedding Surprise some powerful lungs and air pumps. The newlywed Couple enters his bedroom, so it will be caught in a air balloon-sea. Who is this Surprise a romantic touch lend to, choose red, white or balloons in the shape of a heart. If you want to give the idea of an evil Touch, fill some balloons with rice or Confetti.

18 greeting in the honeymoon

Also a nice greeting in the honeymoon can be a wonderful idea. The bride and groom could be in the hotel’s reception Desk is an envelope with a ticket for a specific event deposited. Or the newlyweds a romantic Candle-Light Dinner will be given in a lovely Restaurant in the resort. The invitation to this Dinner, the Couple finds surprising in an envelope to your hotel room. Also a bottle of champagne and a nice floral arrangement on the hotel’s room can provide a wonderful Surprise in the honeymoon.

19 welcome to the honeymoon

While the couple in the honeymoon, usually one of the friends of keys to the apartment, to take care of the plants or Pets. This entrance to the Kingdom of the pair can be used for a romantic wedding-Surprise after the honeymoon. As a welcome gift after the honeymoon, the apartment is nicely decorated, with air balloons in the shape of a heart, garlands, petals and Confetti. As a special Highlight photos of the wedding celebration or congratulations of the guests gathered at the Party, hung. For this idea, for example, a long clothesline can be through the apartment anxiously. This can be hung with pretty wedding-clothes pegs the photos and congratulations cards. A real Wow-effect of the suspended photos when the bride-to-be knew some of these, nothing. For a secret photo shoot, the time can be used in the Bridal pair on your own wedding shoot. This is usually right after the Ceremony. In this time, the guests are already at the Party Location and bridge with champagne, Snacks and small talk the time. This time can be used to make funny pictures with the guests. This can be a photo-Booth accessories or trims used to be. For the Pair of these photos will be together with the rest of the decoration is a happy Surprise to you, perhaps, about the painful end he honeymoon will help.