What to say on a wedding card funny

What to say on a wedding card funny

Beautiful lucky to write wishes for the wedding to come sooner or later to every people. So you are the bride and groom to match your joint happiness, joy, can we help you with numerous tips and examples to Write on the wedding card.
Include a wedding gift congratulations to the wedding and all the best for the future, of course, wishes for the bride and groom. Even if you weren’t invited, not because the Couple circle is one of the closest friends, it is customary to write at least a wedding card.

Personal congratulations to the wedding

Personal congratulations to the wedding

There are so many possibilities, thoughts and desires that could be the bride and groom say.

But how do you find the right formulations, and the style in which the map should be written?

To fit the theme of the wedding, romantic, funny, or classic? We have the most important tips and lots of beautiful free examples of successful congratulations to the wedding. Famous quotes about poems to funny sayings with pictures-everything is included.

Original congratulations on the wedding: 5 lyrics

If you would prefer a custom Text for the wedding couple write, without sayings, quotes or poems, we have here are a few templates for you.

Among them you can find classic formulations, which can help you to write your own Text.


Dear Bride And Groom,

may you always be happy and in love, as at the present day. I would like to thank you for the invitation and wish you only the Best! Have a wonderful honeymoon and enjoy time together.


Dear Nadja, dear Paul,

we are so happy with you! It’s nice to see how happy you are. And we are very grateful that we can celebrate your big day with you.

For your common path we wish you that he’s a children’s rich, varied and adventurous and, above all, that no one can take away your joy.


Your Love,

congratulations to the wedding and all the best for your future. I wish you much happiness and joy for your life together and am so excited for you. Both of you go together.


Dear Bride And Groom,

we congratulate you with all my heart that you have found and in the future, your way, together, want to go. After all the years, check you have dared to take the decisive step – we are very happy!

In the past, you much have mastered together and proven that you can go through all the UPS and Downs of life – that’s what makes a good marriage.
We wish you for your future.


My Love,

I am grateful that two of my dearest friends now, finally, the common way in the future.

It pleases me to see you so happy and I Firmly believe that you can overcome all the hurdles of life together.

I love you.

Modern sayings to the wedding

Modern sayings to the wedding

Wedding sayings are a wonderfully congratulations to the wedding, if you are personally tailored to the wedding couple. Make sure, whether the Couple is more modern or traditional, if you like funny sayings to the wedding, or with a more classic romantic taste.

  • The mind can tell us what to do. But the heart can tell us what we need to do.

    (Joseph Joubert)

  • In your job, you are already successful together, now you’re a dream team. Want your wedding we’re all Good.

  • Man is not created to be alone – what a joy that you are the perfect Couple!

  • A good husband does not need to speak much. Rather, there are three important words in his vocabulary and never:
  • To go together through the world is more beautiful than being alone. And to give it the word of the most Beautiful in life.

Here you can find the most beautiful wedding sayings for the wedding card.

Quotes and poems as a congratulations to the wedding

Quotes and poems as a congratulations for the wedding card

Often found in well-known quotes and poems exactly what you want to say like – just much lively and vivid formulated.

These short texts are great for the first empty page in a wedding card or for a gift tag.

The most Important thing is that you understand the quotes, even if they are written in verse form and metaphors – even. You want not that the bride and groom in your quote, or poem, something Negative into interpreted that you missed.

Short congratulations on the wedding card with images

Sayings, quotes and aphorisms are great as a starting point for a beautiful congratulations-Text. Interpret the significance of, or to continue the theme will be just in your words. You can send the short good luck wishes with images but also easy for WhatsApp to the couple, if you don’t have a close relationship to them.

  • Marriage is the most important journey of discovery, the company and the remains of the man.
    (Soren Kierkegaard)
  • Love alone understands the secret, to give to others, and to be rich. (Clemens von Brentano)
  • You say
    (Christian Morgenstern)

  • Love is a celebration, there must not only prepared, but also be celebrated.


  • Love is not only that you look at each other but looking together in the same direction.
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • The great fortune to be in love is to find peace in another heart.
    (Julie de Lespinasse)

  • You sleep better when the dream is next to you.

  • A drop of love is more than an ocean of the mind.
    (Blaise Pascal)
  • Happiness is love, love is the happiness.
    (Adelbert von Chamisso)
  • Where you love sows, because the joy of growing up.
    (William Shakespeare)
  • The mind can tell us what to do.

    But the heart can tell us what we need to do.
    (Joseph Joubert)

  • It is not important which way you go, but who are you going with him.

  • Marry, and you will get to know the Serious side of life! That is why you should marry but.
    (Ernst Julius Hähnel)
  • In the love of the person in a other people found them.
    (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)
  • In dreams and in love nothing is impossible.
    (Hungarian Proverb)

Poems as a congratulations to the wedding

Poems to write in a wedding card

In a wedding map, you can also leave a poem for you. Write on one side of the card a couple of classic congratulations and your name, and on the other a beautiful

love poem. Maybe dare you even a saying or a poem to write.


And sorrowful,
Thought to be
, And trepidation
In a suspended punishment,
sky high, euphoric,
death, sad;
Happy alone
Is the soul that loves.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


For all the happiness in the world,
of course you need money.
For the great plans and small dreams,
for collective trips, and even free rooms.
For great things, for the little things,
for severe Distress, for happy times.
For the wedding we will give you like,

and hope you reaching for the stars!



Love, what a lovely haze,
but in marriage, there’s the art.

(Theodor Storm)


Boundaries of love

Everything can love:
anger, anguish,
suffering, and cars,
humbly advertise,
kill, ruin,
everything can love.

Everything can love:
laughing to spare,
crying, give,
burning Desire
to feed in fear,
in lonely days –
all love can do –
just don’t give up.

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)


O love, your thoughts
Are higher than Himmelshöh!
O love, your thoughts
Are deeper than the sea!

O love, your thoughts
Are faster than the Wind,
And light a lot of times,
As the sun’s rays are.

(Julius Storm)

If you write a poem in the wedding card, you should be sure that the Couple also has a certain wire to poetic formulations.

For surely you want your painstakingly selected luck wishes are honored, and the bride and groom a good feeling.

Tips for wedding card

Tips for wedding card

In the following tips, you will find everything you need for beautiful congratulations on the wedding. We will tell you how to have a personal touch involved, your wedding card customized to the bride and groom get them with small Gestures of pleasure can.

Refer to your relationship to the bride and groom with a

If the personal relationship to the future married couple is not so tight or even professionally, it is difficult to find the right words. This is due to the fact that you can’t judge the Bridal couple, their Humor and their relationship to each other as well.

Would you offend a funny saying or a thoughtful poem, your good intentions of their marriage in doubt leave? Go on the safe side You should avoid risky or ambiguous spells as well as melancholy quotes or poems. If your good wishes wedding sayings are classic or are consistent with the theme of the wedding, you can’t go far wrong.

If you have a very close relationship with the bride and groom, you can assess you, of course, better and know if they are open to a casual statement or is it love romantic. Thus, many design options available to you.

But you can’t rule out some options for you or the Couple in question. In a good relationship for the Couple, it is important to show that you put effort and thought has made. More on that in the following chapters. They help you to make your wedding card as individually as possible.

Watch out for the personal touch

Wedding card: watch out for the personal touch

As with all maps, it is usually better to write the Text by hand. Even if the bride has given some of his invitations in the printing, you should not consider that there is a large amount of guests possible.

Since you only have to write a single greeting card, you should give you trouble. If you are the bride-to-be is a couple of very dear to exercise your Text once or twice on a piece of paper before you write it in the card.

For original congratulations on the wedding, you can make a wedding card, a letter to the bride and groom write or a short Video to prepare.

The content of your wedding card

The contents of the card should match your intentions reflect, but also to the life goals of the bride and groom. Depending on how well you know them and in what relation you are to each other, use personal information for individual congratulations to the wedding.

Refer to the example on the common love story, their Hobbies and experiences or the family situation. Avoid General statements and phrases, if your good wishes for the wedding to be something Special.

The next three chapters relate to the content of the wedding card. They give you important tips to the title, beautiful future wishes for the bride and groom, photos, and monetary gifts in the card.

The correct salutation in a wedding card writing

Before the body text of your card, you should naturally begin with the salutation. Here you have various options, you should make of your relationship to the bride and groom-dependent.

Here are a few examples:

  • Dear Bride And Groom
  • Love Wedding Couple
  • Your Love
  • Love Benedick
  • Dear Anna, Dear Tim
  • My Love

Typographic contrast in both the title as well as your signature from the Rest of the text. Write them larger, curved or make paragraphs.

Integrated Wishes For The Future

Future write requests in the wedding card

What would you wish for if you were to marry? What you could imagine how the bride and groom to his future, wants to spend? Specific desires for the Future are more personal than the classic phrases like happiness, health, fun and love”.

The following questions can help you to write a personal congratulations card.

  • How did the couple meet?
  • The two professional similarities have?
  • Drag the others into consideration to be evaluated?
  • Where are you going on your honeymoon?
  • Moving in together after the wedding?
  • You are soon expecting a child?

If you had to fight before the wedding of your relationship, it may also be mentioned that, of course, if the personal relationship that allows it and you focus on the happy future rich test.

Put a photo in the wedding card

Photos congratulations to the wedding in person. With old photos, you’re doing the bride and groom certainly a special joy. They underline not only your friendship, and your effort, but also the love story of the couple.

The two are sure to enjoy a reminder of your relationship, or you Know. Especially nice photos of the Couple themselves, or on which you’re using it.

Search, therefore, in old photo albums, or to older files on your PC for interesting images. Especially in today’s world, where almost everything is digitized, it is nice to have a developed photo in Hand. The bride and groom can hang it directly, to the wedding album adhesive bonding, or as a special Highlight, with the other wedding memories to keep.

Congratulations with a gift of Money

Congratulations to the wedding with a gift of Money

When writing your congratulations to the wedding in a map, it is customary to gift money bills simply lay simply in the map. So you could fall out when you read, distract, or the Text mask.

In order to increase the gift-factor is something you can pack the money separately. Small envelopes that are located in the large envelope with the card or wedding cards already have a small envelope on the Cover are.

Other options for a money gift, small boxes, jars or special boxes for cash gifts. This you can easily order it in the Internet, or even crafting. Here’s usual wedding are, of course, motifs such as rings, hat and veil, hearts, flowers, or other love pictures.

A further possibility is the money bills to fold and glue in a picture frame or a flower (of course, so that you can easily replace).

Here you’ll find more tips for money gifts for the wedding.

Avoid writing these faux pas at a wedding card

Religious sayings or Bible quotes do not fit to each Bridal couple. Of course, your good wishes for the wedding should be meant seriously, the bride and groom should not, however, in a thoughtful, or even cloudy mood.

With funny phrases and jokes you could feelings hurt, if that’s what you Couple of not-so-well-know and their sense of humour, not estimate can. Jokes could give the two the feeling that you are trivialised their love.

Overcome your writer’s block

Overcome your writer’s block

The best remedy for writer’s block is Brainstorming. Take plenty of time to write your congratulations card for the wedding. After all, you know, by invitation, been a long time in advance of when they will take place.

Take a blank piece of paper and a pen and let your mind run free. The following questions will help you:

  • What occurs to you first when you, the bride and groom think?
  • How did you two meet?
  • You have made together, you perhaps great experience?
  • What your relationship you impressed?

To sort your thoughts, you can highlight with different colours, or simply some things that could be removed, suitable for a congratulations card to the wedding. Find the best things out.

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