With Riley & Grey you get a wedding website and registry all in one

With Riley & Grey you get a wedding website and registry all in one


If you’re like us, you have too many online accounts to count, and with a wedding on the horizon the promise of a lot more with all of the registries you’ll have to set up.

Well, not anymore! Riley & Grey, the premium wedding website company that everyone knows and loves just launched their registry feature for all wedding website members! That’s right, one account for your wedding website and your wedding registry (yep, just the one). Keep scrolling to see all the benefits of your Riley and Grey wedding websites.

elevate your wedding


Elevate any wedding, whether it’s a courthouse ceremony or a lavish destination celebration in Lake Como, with these opulent wedding websites from Riley & Grey.

The secret to success for any wedding is seamless organization, and your wedding website is your perfect ally. It enables you to keep your guests informed, effortlessly manage RSVPs, and stay on top of your wedding registry.

all in one wedding registry

Riley & Grey's new wedding registry feature

Like most couples, you probably want to register in more than one place, and with Riley & Grey, you can. Think of their registry like Pinterest but for gifts. You can shop any site from the classic department stores to niche boutiques and with a click of a button add anything to your wedding registry. And you can register for more than gifts, with Riley & Grey’s revolutionary registry, couples can register for experiences, and even monetary life goals like a honeymoon fund or down payment on your first house.

Riley & Grey gift tracker on wedding registry

Another cool feature that is exclusive to Riley & Grey is that they offer bonus dollars for redeeming your monetary gifts for gift cards from popular retailers like Crate & Barrel, Amazon, West Elm, Macy’s, Target, and many more. Who doesn’t like extra cash???

Use wedding gift cash to buy gift cards and get extra money with Riley & Grey

why we love Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey the lowest fees of any wedding website in the industry

You know we’re all about the aesthetics here at Wedding Chicks, so obviously, our favorite part is how stunning these wedding websites are. They’re super affordable but look like you spent a ton on hiring a private web developer. But the best part is that they are as functional and easy to use as they are attractive. We also love how open they are about their fees, which happen to be the lowest in the industry. There are no hidden costs or fake “fee-free” options. They have so many great features from tracking RSVPs, communicating with your guests, and now hosting and tracking your wedding registry.

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Riley & Grey is the best wedding registry

You can even choose when you want your gifts to ship so you don’t come home from your honeymoon to a ton of priceless gifts that have been left out in the elements while you were away. Receive a few duplicates? It happens. With Riley & Grey, couples can convert gifts to the cash-equivalent instead so you don’t need to run all around doing returns at multiple stores. Plus, the experience is easy and straightforward for your guests too. It really doesn’t get any better!

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