Different types of rings shapes

Different types of rings shapes

The Ring is one of the forms of the classical and well-known jewelry. In nearly all cultures around the world it is used as a piece of jewelry for the fingers, Hand or foot. The well-known nose rings, and earrings, belonging to the category of the needle jewelry.

Ring, and rings

The Ring classic piece of jewelry par excellence. He works as a finger ring, but as a toe ring. Also in the Form of earrings and nose ring, the Ring is often the case. Rings are almost as old as the humanity itself. In the Czech Republic is a Ring made of ivory, it was found one of the mammoths. The meaning of the ring varies.

The circle symbolizes infinity, therefore, the rings are also used as wedding rings. They stand for the promise of a fresh marriage couple, forever connected and to remain faithful. According to Tradition, the wedding ring is worn on the right Hand and on the ring finger. Their togetherness to show people but also by the Wearing of friendship rings. However, there is no love relationship, but it is sufficient, that a deep and solid friendship is symbolized. Engagement rings represent a promise to marry each other soon. Traditionally, engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the left Hand, usually for a whole year until the Ceremony itself.

However, rings are also popular, just as easy fashion accessories and without symbolic meaning. They send out no signals about the relationship status. Traditionally, rings were worn mainly by women, and increasingly they win but also for men meaning.

The history of the rings

Already in front of more than 21,000 years, rings have been worn. In the Czech town of Pavlov fingers were found rings from the ivory of a mammoth. In the case of rings, it was already at that time, not only pure jewelry, but also to items of value. They were sometimes used as a means of payment or medium of exchange.

The so-called Ring of money is one of the vormünzlichen cash and widely known. Other jewelry handed down currencies.

Originally, the most common materials used are stone, wood, bone, gemstones (especially amber), but also iron, Bronze, many precious metals and glass. With time, the different meanings of the rings, some of which are today in the cultural history of the stock arose.

Already in the antiquity and in the middle older rings were among those pieces of jewellery, especially in the case of the respective upper layer is very popular.

As a sign of Dignity and Power, signet rings have been established. As symbols of love and Trust they were given away in antiquity and the high middle ages, in the case of marriages. Got to the start of the modern era, mourning and memory rings of increasing importance. Protection and healing rings are from the middle ages known. They often contained a toad stone. Many of these customs had on the Renaissance period.

The importance as a symbol of the regime is varied. They showed communities, for example, the rank order of their carrier in faith. To date, we know the Pontifical Ring. Also they were used for ritual purposes and showed conditions, such as, for example, the grief, or a redeemed marriage vows.

Furthermore, you have always been but also a sign of individuality and self-expression.

The importance of each ring is determined on the basis of his artistic design, its iconography, its material and its value. The individual symbolism of each object is defined with the choice of material and the design is refined.

Narrative material,

In many narratives rings are symbols for bonds and relationships. In Magelone-Loving of birds to be robbed. Due to the lack of rings you lose your love.

In the case of Grimm’s fairy tale the Innocent fall under suspicion of theft. The Ring of Polycrates is widely known. In many narratives of rings or their halves serve as symbols of recognition, for example, in “the return of The husband”. In a striking number of stories, magic rings, play a role: The noble Moringer, Fastrada, Grimm’s Deutsche Say, Frederick of Swabia, and many more. The most famous novel by J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the rings is certainly”. In several fairy tales of the brothers Grimm are a key to the Ring again and again in the action. In Lessing’s work, “Nathan the wise” everything revolves around the parable of the three rings.

Rings symbolize the religious status

Dedicated to young women entering the monastery, wear as a sign and insignia of the Ring. Also, religious sisters and nuns of some religious order, following their solemn profession a Ring. Also, this Ring symbolizes the bride, in which case, the bride of Christ, who marries him.

The best-known Christian jewelry symbol is the ring of the Fisherman of the Pope. Also, cardinals, Abbots, and bishops stood rings to wear. These rings are very often provided with an Amethyst, which is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and grace.

Artistic services will be awarded with rings

In the arts and culture scene, many of the prizes will be awarded in the Form of rings. The excellent artists, who receive honor, so always be visible wear and to show. Very well known in this context, the Iffland-Ring, which was sponsored by the Austrian Federal government. He is awarded for life time. To be the carrier bequeathed to him last will and Testament in his opinion, is currently the most important and würdigstem stage artists within the German theater scene. The female counterpart to the Iffland-Ring, the Alma Seidler-Ring, which is only awarded to female stage artists is.

The Association for the promotion of modern art Goslar e. V. in cooperation with the city of Goslar, every year, the Goslar kaiserring to visual artists. The award is not doped.

Rings show the profession

The thumb ring of the archers had a very practical Use: It protected the thumb from injuries. He was carried on the second thumb member, and was in many armies of the pedestrian or mounted archery practice.

The Graduates Ring

In the year 1835, the first graduates were spent rings at the American military Academy.

You went to officer candidate of the Academy, West Point. Meanwhile, graduates rings at Colleges, High Schools and universities in the USA and Canada are widely used. They are a symbol of the cohesion of a class and show the relationship of students with their University, the Alma Mater. At the same time, they serve as a visible sign of successful completion.

Rings Material

Silver rings

Many pieces of jewelry are chains made of silver, including bracelets, earrings, and neck. A whole category of its own, however, rings are made from silver form. Usually is not used, however, the silver in its pure form, because it is too soft and too sensitive.

Such a Ring would not long retain its shape, but quickly scratch. The light color of the silver it can be used with other precious metals, combine, and alloy. Thus, the material properties to change, that the softness is mitigated. A Ring made of an alloy of silver, material is more resistant and suitable for everyday wear.

Already in the stone age rings in the people were very popular, Prove that many of the archaeological finds. Among other things, the rings were made of mammoth bones. In the case of the Greeks and the Egyptians both the ladies and the gentlemen, many wore rings. Already in this early period of very much value was placed on an elaborate design of jewelry. Very exceptional Designs are from this time.

Silver rings are often used as friendship or wedding rings. Women often prefer the fancy and creative Designs and the decorations, and love the playful effects and glowing stones. Men tend, by contrast, tend to be more massive, but more execution arbitration.

Less well-known Taufringe are. The Tradition, they are given by the godfather of the person and the memory of the baptism is to serve. In the Christian Faith, they are symbolic of the connection of the baptized to God, to never end. It is very popular to decorate Taufringe with small religious symbols and guardian angels. This is to evil to turn away from the child. A silver ring exudes timeless elegance and can be worn on any occasion. He is neither pompous nor too flashy. Nickel-free models for Allergy sufferers are also available.

Gold rings

The traditional wedding rings, rings made from Gold are usually. But other rings can be made of Gold. For thousands of years, they are given as pieces of jewelry and worn. The oldest ever found Ring is made of mammoth ivory. It is estimated that it is about 21,000 years old. In the early period the rings were made exclusively from natural materials, could be easily edited. To do this, especially bone, wood, and the soft amber included. With increasing technological and May the manufacture of the rings has been refined. For a long time rings were made out of glass, modern, before the transition to the variants of metal.

In earlier times, rituals played and believe but a large role in the choice of the material. The silver of the reputation stuck to ward off Evil. Gold stand for the immortality, and the life that is made possible by the same color of the sun. Since Gold is also highly resistant to external influences, it was used particularly fond of. So from one piece forged the rings of gold that were considered to be the Symbol of infinity.

The center by legends and stories

Especially in the Germanic world revolves very much around magical gold rings. Also in the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, many of enchanted rings are. With the Ring of Gyges created the well-known Greek philosopher Plato is a very famous piece of morality and honesty. Until modern times, the magic Ring popular a Element of many books, films, and stories. The parable of the three rings in “Nathan the wise”, or the trilogy “Lord of the Ring” are widely known.

There are also many stories in which certain rings give the wearer magic powers. Among the trappings of Power, Bishop rings and Golden seal rings. The loss of such a ring in a violent manner led inevitably to the fact that the office was lost. You went automatically to the new bearer of the ring, or could be awarded to a Person of his choice. Golden wedding rings were, however, already since the early days as the Symbol of permanent and happy marriage.

Traditional and modern Form

Already in Roman antiquity, the gold ring was used to symbolize the Union of two people. Contributed to this period, only women, however, the Ring. Often, this Ring was forged from iron. This pledge ring showed that the bride had to get before your wedding, your dowry. Both her and her dowry is no longer considered the property of the husband. The antique rings from the Roman period have already

special engravings on. They are a perfect pledge of love. Also in the early time, the Name of the spouses and the date of the marriage has been engraved. Also from the Roman period, the Tradition dates back to, to wear to the Golden wedding ring, only the ring finger. The ring finger has a vein of the Finger directly to the heart Association, was considered by the ancient Romans. She was referred to as the love vein.

Also in the Christian and Catholic Faith, the wedding ring has a long Tradition. The first Christian wedding Ceremony, the wedding rings were used, was carried out in the year 850 of Pope Nicholas the First. An integral part of Catholic tradition and Catholic rites, the Golden wedding rings were, however, only in the 13th century. Century. In today’s time does not have the exchange of rings and the promise of fidelity, however. Meanwhile, the marriage is regarded as an equal relationship at eye level. Long wedding rings are not only made of Gold. Materials such as Palladium, platinum, and other precious metals are in high demand. In conservative circles, however, it is still usual, Trust and wedding bands exclusively of Gold.

Ring to Form and use

Alliance Ring

A Ring with its three -, five -, or seven stones are set in a cross over the course of the fingers.

Band ring

The band ring is the classic shape of each ring. He has a uniform width of the ring rail. Most of the time he keeps a framed colored gemstone that is edited in the cabochon and surrounded by two diamonds. The gems are integrated stones right in the Ring or to be held by a rubbed-making.

Most often for the manufacture of tape colored precious rings stones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds used. The accompanying gemstones are usually cut diamonds brilliant. The main feature of the band ring is, however, a rail, a width and a uniform ring. Variants with a laterally tapered ring rails are available. Often, the ring rail of a uniform and circumferential is surrounded by patterns.

The cabochon in the middle of the precious stone is arched at the top and flat on the bottom. However, there are also many center stones that are faceted, and not in the cabochon worked. The stones are attached directly to the exact matching recesses in the Ring. The so-called low-cost level version is very stable and suitable for everyday use. In addition, it enables an optimal light, which has a positive effect on the Sparkle of the stone.

Band ring as a wedding ring

Very often, the wedding rings are chosen in the Form of band rings, because in their Interior is enough space for the engraving and as they are comfortable to wear. The built-precious stones sparkling to catch the eye is. Also the comfort of the band of the rings is very high. The everyday practicality of the band ring is granted by the fact that the precious integrates stones and therefore resistant.

Cocktail ring

As cocktail rings women’s rings are referred to, are very striking and opulent. They usually contain a very large jewelry stone. Great fame and popularity, they reached in the twenties of the last century, the Roaring Twenties. At the time of the Prohibition in the United States, many things were regulated by law, and as has been demonstrated elsewhere in the Pomp. In order to defy the ban on alcohol, were celebrated, of all places, private and illegal cocktail parties. The ladies were always here, and demonstrated not only by the fancy clothes, but also the extravagant cocktail rings in its penchant for luxury, to the forbidden and waste.

Thus, cocktail rings were fast as an outward sign of luxury and extravagance, and were used as Statements. Since you are still fashionable, they are now in many finishes available. Similarly, the segments vary. Cocktail rings with genuine gemstones, with a cheap glass stones, or with Murano glass.

The design options for cocktail rings are virtually unlimited, and the jewelry designer can play with them really going. Some of the rings to wear animal motifs, others are decorated with flowers. Most of you shimmer in all the colors. As different as they are, are United with all cocktail rings in its opulence. The anomaly is the Supreme criterion and a unique feature. It is usually achieved by an over-sized jewelry stone.

Any Outfit can be enhanced with a cocktail ring, because he is a real all-rounder with undeniable impact. So, it can also be worn on any occasion. To overlook him is simply impossible, and not even the sense of the thing. The cocktail ring is the eye-catcher par excellence and can be combined both to the evening dress as well as casual clothes. Today, he is no longer considered by default as a Symbol of the luxury life, as cost-effective materials are also used. Popular synthetic crystals and the high-priced Swarovski crystals.

Thumb ring

Jewelry rings worn on the thumb, are both larger and wider than other rings. In most cases, they are made of stainless steel, but other materials such as silver and Gold are very popular. Thumb rings are really Special and differ only slightly from other rings. However, in principle, rarely worn rings on the thumb. This is not in the traditions, but also simply in the fact that the thumb as a Finger is for one Ring as well. Unlike the other fingers and the thumb limbs has only two instead of three fingers, and is much shorter, wider, and stronger. The muscles are very pronounced much more clearly, and as soon as it is tense, change the thumb to its scope considerably. This is the Wearing of a ring of power quickly inconvenient, especially physical work.

Thumb rings have to be bigger, wider and more stable than traditional rings to fit over the fingers and then also sit well. High-quality ornaments are extremely impractical and, therefore, thumb rings, as well as not. In total, thumb rings continue to be among the most exclusive and unique jewelry pieces and are often worn by men. Its simple look is very masculine, and the carrier emphasizes his very own male individuality.

Wedding rings

The wedding ring is the most visible Symbol of the marriage of two partners. In the year 850 to Christ, he was established by Pope Nicholas I. the feast as a sign of Loyalty and permanence of the marriage. In contrast to that time, is now mostly an engraving on the inside of the wedding ring. The most common engraved texts are the date of the marriage and the name of the spouse. A very modern wedding bands may also contain engraved Merksprüche on the outside.

Since the wedding rings must at least in theory, a whole life long, to be used only the best materials for you. Sterling silver and high quality of gold alloys are the most commonly used materials, and occasionally platinum is used. In the recent time also materials such as titanium, ceramic, stainless steel or even tungsten to use.

The common life of the married couple from the date of the marriage to symbolize the rings. Already in ancient times, the wedding ring was a sign of the commitment of marriage. Egyptians and Romans wore it on the ring finger of the left Hand. The left side is considered the side of the Heart, on the so-called love-vein should be. Meanwhile, the wedding ring is worn, however, in many Western cultures, on the right Hand.

The Ring is without beginning and without end shows the classic metaphor of infinity. No other sign says it so clearly. Like the Ring, so to be in love no end. The wedding ring as a piece of jewelry should be stored in the ideal case, the whole life of the long worn and never. However, there are a number of professions, for example, craft occupations, in which the Wearing of rings for safety reasons is not allowed. A carpenter could stay with the Ring in a machine to hang and the fingers lose. Also for hygienic reasons, must be worn in certain Professions, not a Ring, for example, in hospitals and in care.

Eternity Ring

Ring of infinity

When infinity ring or Eternity Ring is a symbolic Ring. He should hold the eternity and infinity of a very special Moment and symbolize. Because of the eternity ring is also a memorial ring, it is also referred to as an eternity ring (memory = memory).

Visually, the Eternity Ring is evident from the fact that he has a very ornate and decorated ring rail. Most of the time he is busy all around with stones. Very often Eternity to be paid-rings on the occasion of the engagement. Many beautiful pieces of jewellery with the topic of infinity, you will find in the Online-Shop of JUWELLE.

The stones are Eternity rings very often diamonds. The diamond is like no other stone for the infinity and eternity. This is the symbolism of the already closed ring reinforced. The beginning and the end are not visible, this icon stands for the eternal and infinite love of the couple.

Very often, the Eternity is used Ring also as a collector ring. In the case of the Transfer as a gift, he is decorated mostly with one or three stones. More stones are added as gifts and are, in turn, for special occasions and memories. So it was normal for a woman that received focus for the birth of every child, a new stone in the Ring. In times of smaller families, this Tradition is giving way to something, and stone instead of gifts can also find other occasions. So the stones can be paid to birthdays to Wedding anniversaries, and other holidays. For these reasons, the Eternity, will be referred to a Ring, often as a eternity ring.

He is considered to be emotionally charged piece of jewelry with a uniquely individual character, and has for its owners a very large memory value. The Eternity is a gift-Ring as an engagement ring, so it is suitable to the wedding very well as a beisteck ring on the ring finger next to the wedding ring. The order of the rings is not fixed and is usually defined by their size.

Friendship rings

Friendship rings not have a material value, and a decorative character, but are much more. High moral values are tied to you. With the Gift or the Exchange of friendship rings the importance and the depth of a friendship is emphasized. The rings are worn as for all the people visible sign of solidarity. Only a very special person wearing my promise ring. Very often engraved with a message or a date for the two friendly people of particular importance are also found in the friendship rings. As a result, the friendship ring is individually and uniquely.

Here, too, the symbolism of the circle plays a very important role, because, again, the shape of the circle as a Symbol for infinity, in the case of friendship. With the Wear of the friendship ring, a condition is expressed in terms of a seamless and endless ties and familiarity with the Other.

The engraved rings are available in many different materials, and therefore also in almost every price segment. Very often stainless steel is used to create a clear visual distinction from the engagement or wedding ring. But also silver and Gold, tungsten, titanium, and even ceramics can be used for friendship rings often. You can also be covered with precious stones, usually with stones, which are also for the values of solidarity and trust.

The symbolism of the rings

Engagement and wedding rings for Affection, and a sense of belonging and for the Federal government for life. The shape symbolizes the infinity and eternity. Friendship rings, however, have a different meaning and a different symbolism. You are all to yourself and other imagery. With the Wearing of a friendship rings both carrier-show your special connection to other people and to demonstrate the Security and constancy of your friendship. The friendship is emphasized as a very high and precious. Friendship rings are the Symbol, par excellence, a friendship for a lifetime view. Even unmarried couples can wear friendship rings, in order to emphasize their connectedness.

Design of a friendship rings

Friendship rings are worn on the same Finger as the engagement ring. Visually, they are both forms, but it is easy to distinguish from each other, because of the friendship ring usually contains a engraving. Are engraved the names of the friends, an important date in the friendship, or an individually suitable spell. In the women’s friendship rings be chosen usually in a more elaborate Design with a decorative, they are often extravagant and glamorous. The rings of the men are usually very simple.

Poison ring

The poison ring is also already known from ancient times. It is a Ring, in a small tank is incorporated. Most of the time he is opening with a lid or a door. In this container, a Portion may be poison or medicine is kept. Depending on the Situation, this poison has been drained quietly into the glass of the victim. Due to its absurdity and eccentricity of the poison ring is boosted up to today, the fantasies of the people. In the age of the Renaissance, he served the whole of practically the retention of Power, and was for many Schemers indispensable.

In ancient times, the poison ring was estimated on the basis of its practical advantages, but not only of gentlemen worn. Nevertheless, he is one of the primary to the genus of the Lord of the rings. Also in the Renaissance he enjoyed great popularity. In the Interior of the poison rings smaller quantities could be kept in poison. In an unobserved and opportune Moment, the carrier was able to mix the poison into the drink or the food of the victim.

Also belonging to a particular community of faith was expressed by Lord of the rings. In modern times, Lord rings were used as mourning rings. By Wearing the memories were preserved to a deceased Person.

Men’s ring

Already in early human history, only women’s jewelry and rings, but also the men wore. In the course of time, Lord of the rings are created in quite a different meaning.

Lord of rings today

The symbolic meaning of the Lord of the rings is now replaced completely in the Background. Today, most of the Lord of the rings serve only for decoration and are selected according to the taste criteria. Do you want to buy a men’s ring? Then you will find in the Online-Shop of JUWELLE a very big deal. We carry rings in Palladium, platinum and other precious metals. Search and find the Ring that fits you best.

Wedding rings

They are regarded as the most important and indispensable Symbol of marriage. Press the newlywed couple wants to ride from now on, all together. Already in ancient times the rings brought a commitment to visual expression. Romans wore inside and Egyptians inside the Ring on the Ring finger of the left Hand. Today, most are wedding bands made of very high quality precious metals, these ensure good skin compatibility and a high level of corrosion protection. Only the most durable materials such as platinum, silver and Gold to be used, since the Ring is to be worn for the Rest of your life and particularly robust, it must be. It is, however, possible to use wedding rings from unconventional materials such as tungsten or ceramic. You are since the introduction by Pope Nicholas I. to the year 850 for the infinity of love and trust.


The multiple-ring is also referred to as a triple-ring or Trinity ring. His Name suggests that it consists of tracks from three individual ring. These are connected to each other, often intertwined processes. Traditionally, the triple-ring bears the symbolism of love, Loyalty and friendship. This can be seen in its classic livery. One of the rings is made of rose gold, that stands for love. Another is of yellow gold, the Symbol of Fidelity, and another in white gold, the Material for the friendship. Due to the high symbolism of such a multiple-ring is ideal as an engagement or wedding ring.

The first model for a triple-ring was intended for a Lord. The design is almost 100 years old and was made by Louis Cartier, who designed him specifically for a French writer. Here, too, consisted of a Ring of three movable rings, one inside the other, are devoured. By the time of the triple-ring was also in the women’s popular. Many versions have been produced, with and without stones. The multi-ring look is always catching and distinctive. He is considered to be timeless, and serves the pleasure of the male and female carriers.


The Memoire-Ring is different at first glance, a conventional Ring, he has a very important meaning. It is usually made from silver or Gold and with a gemstone embellished. The special feature of the Memoire-Ring, however, is that it can be added to special occasions even more precious stones, until he is finally occupied all around the ring band with diamond. Very popular Memoire rings as engagement rings or as wedding bands. Each of the newly added diamond is an important life event. The Memoire-Ring is also referred to as Alliance-rings or as a Memory Ring.

About the Memoire-Ring

In the production Memoire rings are based on different techniques for the edging of the gems. Each of these techniques has its own charm and shapes the appearance of the Memoire-ring.

Memoire Ring – channel setting

The so-called channel setting, the gems are placed stones on two parallel rails. The diamonds of the series at the same height and in a row are positioned in.

Memory Ring with bar setting

In the form of attachment of the bar setting, the diamonds are placed directly on other gemstones. These promoters are gems laterally to each other. Between the supporting elements made of precious metal to be installed and the stones.

Multi Sizer

The multi Sizer is comparable in functionality with a belt. He is placed around the Finger, and then pulled until the Ring fits perfectly on the Finger. On the small view window, then the ring size can be read. The optimal fit is achieved if the Band constricts, and if the Ring is without effort over the knuckle of your finger to push. With the help of the Multisizers ring sizes can be determined

Partner rings

With partner rings two closely related people to show their love. The partner rings are non-binding as an engagement or wedding rings, and not with other liabilities – such as, for example, a wedding vows – coupled. They stand as a symbol of mutual Affection and a sense of belonging, which is no need for a Church or state official blessing. In optics, the partner rings are not subject to any conventional requirements and can be freely according to taste. Only the taste of their owner decides on the Design.

Partner rings are also often provided with individual engravings. In this way, you will be even more unique and personal. Very often the day is chosen for the engraving, is also the Name of the partner is often to be found. Many partner rings are engraved for decorative reasons, even on their outer sides, or with personal symbols decorated. Modern versions are made of titanium, tungsten, or ceramic and appear to be very exclusive. Classic materials such as silver, Gold, and platinum are also common to find. Many couples take advantage of the symbolism of the rings, to the infinity of your love and to show them to the environment clearly.

Rosary ring

The rosary ring is a finger ring that replaced mostly for practical reasons, the traditional rosary. 10 surveys that will be used as a counting aid for the prayer to be found in him. In addition, it is marked by a small cross. He is also referred to as finger rosary, or soldiers of the rosary. With the rosary ring, prayer, the form of the so-called Gesätzes was prayed for and counted. These are the ten hail Marys and an our father. The classic rose includes sick for Decades.

Key ring

He is not as jewelry but as a holder for keys. In ancient times, a Version was used in the various key very securely to a finger ring was forged.

Solitaire ring

The solitaire ring is the Symbol of the uniqueness of excellence among the pieces of jewelry. His ring is adorned with a single precious stone. Usually it is a larger diamond with brilliant cut. The jeweler Tiffany designed in 1886, the first solitaire ring at all. Quickly, this new Ring is the successor to the usual engagement ring, wearing traditional is a blue sapphire. The blue sapphire was a Symbol of Loyalty. Now it was replaced by the diamond, which was supposed to represent the indispensability and the uniqueness of the potential recruits. Also new is the version in which the stone by means of a six-prong setting has been fixed in this design. In the meantime, many variations have emerged of this design. The collection is today referred to as the claw making process, because the shape of the claws is often reminiscent of claws. However, when grinding, there have been numerous changes. It was initially offered only the brilliant cut, the Baguette, the heart, in the meantime, and the Princess-cut is common and widespread.

As-solitaire is a very special Ring is referred to. He is the symbol par excellence of the classic engagement ring. A single gemstone – very often a brilliantly – is the most eye-catching eye-catching design. He is usually highlighted by a special kind of text. Decidedly simple on the other hand the rest of the Ring. This puts the diamonds in the foreground. The solitaire was designed in 1886 by Tiffany & Co. Quickly, the solitaire was so popular that he was to be the Ring of choice for marriage proposals.

The Name of this solitaire ring comes from the French. “Solitaire” is not only a loner, but also the Only one or the Only one. The Name of the ring shows that it does not have a single stone in the foreground. With the diamonds used the symbolism of the uniqueness and Indispensability connects. The traditional prong setting with six prongs completes the Design. In a variant of the single stone is set in scene. Be Glitter and lights can be admired from all sides.

Seal ring

Also, signet rings have been known since ancient times. The seal ring contains a rubber stamp. This can be mounted on the upper side of the ornament. In other variants, is stamped with the Ring itself in a round (and empty) coat-of-arms with meaningful contour. In Egypt, models with roll were used for seals. The seal plate is very often cut layers can be used agate stones.

Seal rings included rings to the first Lord. They remained the rulers reserved, and served a practical purpose. With the seal ring of the documents and the documents were sealed before they were shipped. Seals were used as security against counterfeiting. The signet ring was kept in the Hand, the institution was able to prevent a misuse of the ring. Usually the seal rings were stamped with the coat-of-arms of your vehicle, so that the seal was clearly identifiable.

First, the letter was sealed, the seal ring is pressed in red wax to seal the letter for sure. Even the ancient Egyptians used similar signet rings. These usually bore the motif of Lotus flowers and scarab beetles. In the middle ages, Lord of the rings were very common. Your carrier believed in their protective and healing effect, especially in the fight.

The seal ring has, in addition to its decorative function, but also a very practical. As with a Seal ring, the seal coat-of-arms and other subjects in wax shape. Thus, the sender of a letter is identified. Similar to a signature seals were used in some of the documents. The authenticity of the document was protected and forgery is prevented. Seal coat-of-arms are in possession of some institutions or dignitaries. The possession of a seal ring showed his carrier earlier than higher-ranking personality. To have a signet ring, was a high privilege.

Already at the time of the ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago, the signet ring was estimated. On the seal plates scarabs, and other typical symbols were found. The materials consisted of copper, silver, Gold and Bronze.

Two variants of the seal ring are used: It can be cast in one piece, or two single of the plate and the bracket parts are put together. A characteristic feature of the seal ring on his plate surface, which is provided with a special Symbol. The icon appears when the footprint is correct, it is applied on the plate as a mirror image. The so-called fisherman’s ring of the Pope is the most valuable and best-known seal ring in the world. It is produced for each new Pope as an individual item.


In the case of the award of the Taufrings it is a very old Christian tradition that is still practiced today. The godfather is giving it to the person to be baptized, so he brings him good luck. But also parents and grandparents can give Taufringe to the new parish and a member of the family. In most cases, Taufringe are made of 925 sterling silver, or 333 Gold. Crosses and images of angels are very common to see. Sometimes they are fixed in the Form of small figurines on a Loop in the Ring. The baby is still small, so the Taufring is handed over to a chain, the so-called Taufkette, and during the ceremony used. A sustainable testimony and a reminder of the special experience of the baptism occurs. Many Taufringe are life-long companion. It is no accident that the choice of the Taufschmuck had to fall on a Ring. He is the Symbol of the infinity of the faith and of the received sacrament. Not to mention the material value of the gift is.

Mourning ring, or a widow ring

A mourning ring, or a widow ring is made of a Material that dissolves and the Bear. This can take place by abrasion, or by decomposition due to environmental influences and welding. Often, the Material also contains parts of the ashes of the dead, or other materials to remember him, such as, for example, hair. The Ring is dissolved and no longer wear, he accompanied an essential part of the grieving process.

Engagement rings and wedding rings

The wedding ring as a Symbol of resistance and infinity plays a big part in early antiquity a role. In the case of the Romans and the Egyptians, the wedding ring was worn on the left Hand on the ring finger. They assumed that the love of veins, Vena amois called, would be exactly there, to the heart. Even earlier, in ancient Rome, were engagement, and wedding rings are worn only by women. The former engagement ring was made mostly of iron and has been worn as a visible sign of the bond. At the same time he was presented only after the assurance of the dowry, and was, in a sense, as a visible confirmation of receipt. In different layers of society and culture, it was circles well into the 20th century. Century is common that only the women received a Ring.

Until today, it is common to wear the wedding ring on the ring finger. In most European countries, it is worn on the left, in Austria and Germany, it has established itself, the wedding ring on the right ring finger though.

The wedding rings are engraved, often with symbols or inscriptions on its inner side, in Germany the Name of the spouse and the date of the wedding is usually found. From Roman wrestling of the ancient times, the inscription is, “You have passed on to my pledge of love”, in Latin “Pignus amoris didn”.

Golden rings with the Symbol of two interlocking entangled hands since the 2. Century before Christ. After Livinius is recorded that on the battlefields in the South of Italy, many Golden rings were found. The only explanation was that there had to have these rings to wedding rings traded.

Sacred importance within the Catholic Church, the wedding ring is, at the latest, the Work of Pope Nicholas I To the year 850 was first reported by the wedding ring, by the 13. Century, he is well-established in the Church Trauritus fixed.

The wedding ring symbolises the marital Fidelity of him wearing Person. The words “include this Ring as a sign of Your Allegiance to Wear a” fixed to the Trauritual. Also, the wordings of “Wear this Ring as a sign of my Loyalty,” and “have established this Ring as a sign of our love and Loyalty” in the ring, surrender to a fixed. The mutual Infect the same optical rings reflects the view of marriage.

In the Jewish Faith, the wedding ring also plays a significant role. However, it is used here in the Trauritual and the bride during the wedding Ceremony to the show put fingers of the right Hand.

The Pair of rings is the best-known Ehesymbol in the world. In representations of the rings are inserted frequently into each other, or entangled with each other. So, you learn an additional symbolic meaning. The circular shape without end, as well as two intertwined rings can not be separated. The Symbol of infinity represents a long-lasting relationship. For the manufacture of the rings is the most durable and most durable materials are used. They also symbolize the permanence, unity and eternity of the marriage. More ring shapes symbolize other Christian symbols. The three-piece Ring, for example, stands for the Christian Trinity.

Traditional and Modern

Traditionally, two variants of engagement are preferred rings. For one thing, both fiance wearing an identical Ring on his left Hand. Meanwhile, however, preferably, the variant in which the lady is an engagement ring as a gift. It usually is a Ring that is adorned with a gemstone. He is chosen by the groom’s specifically for the bride and then the marriage proposal presented. The Tradition of the engagement ring dates back to the USA. In Europe, it was mainly due to movies and known from the literature. The classic engagement ring is made from a white Material, which brings the Sparkle of the diamonds Shine. The most popular materials are platinum, white gold, and Palladium. In Western countries, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left Hand. The right Hand remains free for the next wedding ring.

The engagement ring is a classic Symbol that makes visible that the wedding is imminent. He testified to the promise the fiance to marry. The engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger. At the Ceremony, which is planned within the next year, he can go as a wedding band on the right Hand. The selection of the engagement ring or the engagement rings, the groom takes on traditional. You can be of two, fiance of the woman. As the inventor of the engagement ring Pope Stefan I., was as a champion of the Indissolubility of marriage is known.

The Ring strengthens mutual Trust and promise of the future spouses, and provides for a liability. The symbolism of infinity, which is expressed with the Ring, is very well suited for. Decorated engagement rings with sapphires, the color Blue symbolizing the Loyalty and reliability. The first known Ring, studded with diamonds, comes from Maximilian I of Habsburg, who gave him in 1477 to the betrothal to Mary of Burgundy. Most engagement rings are made of platinum, Gold, and silver. However, materials such as stainless steel, titanium and tungsten carbide are in fashion.