Unique engagement ring shapes

Unique engagement ring shapes

You don’t want to make it like all the others? New Trends and unique Designs make them fun? Modern engagement rings are the right choice for you. Here’s what makes up the modern style to learn and find Inspiration for unique engagement rings.


The classic engagement ring is made of yellow gold and has a big stone in the middle. But there is also different: in The modern style, different metals, stones and shapes, to set the tone. Let’s go through the three elements of the sequence.

The Metal

A key feature of modern engagement rings, the metal from which they are made.

In contrast to the classic solitaire ring in yellow gold and silver, and come in a modern style, usually of gold or platinum white. The silvery-shining hue of these precious metals radiates attitude and cool elegance. The “cool” engagement rings sting so not quite as strong as their yellow gold Counterparts.

That’s what makes you, of course, is not less valuable and precious. Platinum, for example, is more rare than Gold, extremely robust and very durable. Gold and Sterling white and silver are also high-quality precious metals. Especially modern Mat engagement rings, brushed metal

. The roughened, textured surface looks more natural, also fit but also to the popular Industrial Style – a true Trend in the jewelry world and beyond.

A further Alternative is Rosé or rose gold. The reddish hue is caused by the addition of copper. Depending on the copper content, the shades range from silvery-pink to Apricot to rust. Rose gold has a warm charisma and, moreover, it is by its red color is symbolic for love and passion, so it’s not surprising why rose gold is becoming an increasingly popular Material for unique engagement rings.

Cool elegance or noble heat? If you are unsure of what metal is right, you can find helpful tips in our

metal guide.

The Stone
A classic white diamond does not fit to your expectations? How about a fiery red ruby or a deep blue sapphire engagement ring? Gems have a strong symbolic power, which makes them for marriage proposals perfectly. Read more about the most beautiful engagement rings with gemstones and their meanings.

Engagement rings with yellow diamonds are also modern, during a champagne-colored diamonds promise, the next Trend will be. Or select birth stones such as Amethyst, aquamarine, Opal or garnet. And who colourful jewelry does not like, perhaps on a

engagement ring with a black diamond Like.

Instead of a large Centerpieces the Ring can also adorn several small stones. Very popular are, for example, trilogy rings, so engagement rings with three stones. In some rings, the middle stone is larger than the outer two. Others have a colorful gemstone in the center and small white diamonds as side stones. Simple and modern, the variant with three stones of the same size. Of course, you can choose a engagement ring without diamonds. The possibilities are almost limitless!

The Form, style, and replaced by

The classic solitaire ring, the diamond is sanded around. Modern angular forms, such as Baguette, cushion, or Radiant are. The shape of the ring band is influenced by how modern the engagement ring. Classic rings are often relatively narrow and the edges rounded. The modern style of the engagement ring also slightly larger, or more angular fail to see in this eye-catching solitaire ring with a Channel setting.

Or you can opt for a diamond ring in a rubbed-making, the less the stone, but the Ring itself is Central. Something more delicate is this narrow diamond engagement ring with a zinc setting. Or is it supposed to be a trilogy Ring in a modern Design? Like an abstract painting this diamond Three-stone Ring in platinum and rose gold. You have your own ideas? You can set your engagement ring also easy to make yourself!


Modern jewelry can be reluctant to be subtle or fancy. It is important that there is to be a little bolder Designs, the taste of the fiance. What are the jewelry wearing her favorite person in everyday life? If gold jewelry is a yellow gold engagement ring, is probably still the better choice. Here, too, there are subtle design in a modern style.

The clothing style is another indicator. Who likes wearing ripped Jeans and a black leather jacket, like cool engagement rings in white gold, platinum or silver, probably more. A classic style with soft fabrics and pastel colors with subtle engagement rings in rose gold work better.

Of course, the everyday life plays a big role. Many people prefer modern jewelry without a lot of odds and ends, especially if you have an active life-style and, for example, play sports, are in the nature or crafts to press on. A striking engagement ring with a large stone can disrupt or, in the worst case scratch.

Lastly, you should consider possible allergies. The characteristic color of white gold is created by alloying with other metals. Nowadays it is used primarily of Palladium, however, Nickel is not uncommon. Silver jewelry may contain Nickel. In the case of a known Nickel Allergy, you should check if the metal contains Nickel, and in case of doubt, prefer platinum select.


It is not so easy to find an engagement ring that is simple and unique. Here you will find a small selection of modern engagement rings that are understated yet eye-catching:

  • Trilogy rings, are full of meaning, because the number Three is known to be magical. Whatever their personal importance: These three diamonds in a Channel setting rays of elegant restraint and convince with a minimalist Design.

  • The Princess shape is becoming more and more popular, and even for modern engagement rings. Let the name fool you: The square shape with pointed corners is more modern, as the Name suggests. This diamond Twist engagement ring brings out the shape with its exceptional version is available.

  • Ruby engagement rings have been popular for centuries. And with good reason: The red gem symbolizes the passion and the fire, and he is of Royal elegance. In connection with the cool radiance of white gold, this ruby engagement ring is the Brilliant cut , a fascinating combination.

  • Solitaire rings are a classic choice for engagement, but they can also be different. This white gold solitaire engagement ring in a plate-making seems, in spite of its classic diamond shape is very modern and the diamond is produced in the lab.

  • The Moissanit is a rare Mineral, and the diamond at first glance. This trilogy engagement ring Oval-cut has a slightly Playful. The two side stones are reminiscent of floral elements, yet the Design is restrained and stylish.

Even more Inspiration for modern engagement rings, refer to the Following.


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By the way: Suitable for the unique engagement ring you can also design your application in a creative way. Find Inspiration in our list with the most extravagant proposals of Marriage.