Facts about marriages

Facts about marriages

Prince William from the UK is doing it next year, some of my friends from Germany have done it this year, already – married. Here are ten psychological facts about marriage.
1. Marriage makes you happy: The Dutch scientist Judith Soons and Matthijs Kalmijn analyzed for their study (.pdf) in the past year, and the details of over 31,000 Personan from 30 European countries. Result: Married couples are happier than those without rings, and common law Apparently, it makes us already satisfied to have a relationship than to be Single, and the binding and official this binding is, the happier we are.

2. The woman should be more attractive than the man: The comes not from me, but from James McNulty of the University of Tennessee. Together with his colleague Lisa Neff of the University of Toledo where he won for his study (.pdf) 82 pairs, less than three months were married. Six academic staff first assessed on the basis of video recordings of the attractiveness of all the participants. Then respondents McNulty and Neff, couples, how happy they were with their partnership. And lo and behold: The more attractive the wife was in comparison to her husband, the happier both of you were in the relationship.

Critical of the handling was, apparently, with each other. When the scientists examined how the couples are communicating with each other, they discovered: the woman Was more beautiful than the man, were both partners in discussions, usually in a constructive way. The man was more attractive than the woman, were both partners tend to deteriorate with each other.

3. School photos predict the duration of marriage: do you Want to know whether your marriage to be crowned with success is? Then you dig it out in old-school photos – sounds bizarre, but it works according to Matthew Hertenstein, actually.

The scientists from the American University DePauw analyzed for its study (.pdf) in 2009, the school photos of over 700 Americans and rated on a scale of One to Ten, how hard you are on the images smiled. In addition, he noted the relationship status of the participants and noted Who was divorced, had smiled as a pupil less. More: Who looked, was at the time divorced seriously as an adult with three Times more likely.

4. Married couples are not always similar: One of the oldest prejudices about married couples is that in the course of the years, are becoming increasingly alike.

But is it really? No, summed up Mikhila Humbad from Michigan State University this year. For their study, (.pdf) analyzed the information of more than 1296 married couples, at least ten years were married. All of them had participated in a previous study at different time points to extensive personality test. Result: Hardly a Few have been with progressive duration of the marriage is always similar. Apparently, people tend, rather, to be a Partner with similar traits.

5. Understanding makes the wife happy: What hope for the women of your husband? Bradford Wilcox and Steven Nock of the University of Virginia found in 2006, is a response to.

For their study, (.pdf) evaluated a main survey of 5010 pairs. Conclusion: in Order to make the wife happy, need men neither money nor a special appearance. Most important of all emotional Engagement was to be so warmly, and to act with understanding and to take time for your partner to be.

6. Arguing wants to be learned: In every relationship, sooner or later, to confrontations – crucial conflict constructively to solve. This also affects the Eheerfolg. Kira Birditt of the University of Michigan analyzed for their current study, the conflict behavior of 373 couples over a period of 16 years.

Reassuring: 29 percent of the husbands and 21 percent of the wives reported in the first year of marriage no conflicts had. Nevertheless, were in the 16th century. Year of the study, 46 percent of the couples divorced. According to Birditt, it was especially fatal when one of the partners had a habit, in a call to withdraw, while the other was interested in finding a constructive solution. This could be interpreted as a lack of interest and lead to even more misunderstandings and disputes, warns Birditt.

7. Infatuation lasts for a maximum of a year:

Some people get married after a short duration of the Relationship. Also, where the butterflies are in my stomach, and after exactly one year. This is the result of Italian researchers Emanuele, Enzo from the University of Pavia in the year 2005. For his study (.pdf), he investigated the 58 people who were recently in a relationship. When you measure, Enzo at the beginning of the values of the so-called Neurotrophins – the body’s own signal substances that connect our nerve cells to each other. Those values were the love Fresh significantly higher than participants in a control group, the lived-all of them in a relationship.

A year later, under Enzo looked fresh in love again. You guessed it, perhaps even now he was no significant increase in the Neurotrophin-fixed values and more. Obviously, these are not a commute after some time on normal values – but what is that bad. It is simply a body stabilization: After a year of a relationship is strong enough to survive even without hormone-to-noise.

8. Stress is a Ehekiller: That the stress of everyday life, a relationship does not necessarily strengthens, you can think of. But Lisa Neff could in their study in 2009 to demonstrate how the everyday stresses also the marital bliss that can interfere with.

146 couples should record over a period of four years, your General daily Ehezufriedenheit. Result: the stress of everyday life had both men and women have an impact on the relationship. The more Stress had a spouse, the stronger they were supposedly normal events, such as a small difference of opinion interfere with women way more than men.

9. The first child is charged to a marriage, especially: A Baby makes the marital bliss perfect – ass. An American research team led by Brian Doss of the American Uni Texas A&M warned in the past year, Especially the first child is charged to a partnership, in particular.

For the study, (.pdf) interviewed in the course of an eight-year-long longitudinal study of 218 married couples to their relationship before and after the birth of their first child. Nine out of ten couples gifts, their relationship has suffered especially. More importantly, This deterioration was not of short duration, but stopped in most of the pairs during the entire study.

vered: Religion. While the unhappily married Religious within a year, 1.5 percent were foreign, they were atheists five percent.

Pregnancy increases fling risk: this result came Mark Whisman from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2005. For his study, he evaluated the data of 1250 Americans. Bitter: Almost twelve percent of dissatisfied husbands leave, if your wife is pregnant. In happy husbands, the probability of a page jump is increasing due to the pregnancy of 0.2 percent to 1.2 percent. Whitman also conducted research to find the causes which reduce the infidelity risk – and discovered: Religion. While the unhappily married Religious within a year, 1.5 percent were foreign, they were atheists five percent.