How to make your own wedding programs

How to make your own wedding programs

Mostly forgotten in the wedding planning, the wedding program – wedding is part of games and Talk to the moments, to which most of the guests will definitely remember. Therefore, we have selected for you the best ideas for the framework programme to the wedding and for the entertainment of the guests.

If you’re on the search for the program booklet or Church Bulletin, click here.

Wedding program booklet
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This article has been split into the following areas:

  1. Special moments to celebrate, to provide entertainment at the wedding
  2. Show deposits in the wedding program
  3. Games as your wedding entertainment
  4. Quiet the framework program, wedding entertainment for a snack
  5. The program for the wedding: movement in the guests bring

Tip in advance:

Fan wedding personalized
© Cariñokarten

Your guests informed on the best at the beginning of the Celebration of the end of the day. Well, most people like to know what is in store for them.

To do this, you can set up a table, or even such a beautiful program subjects and build.

1. Special moments to celebrate, to provide entertainment at the wedding

Customs according to the Registrar's office
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It is the classic, and yet, they should be at every wedding and again put in the spotlight. Our tip: Leave the wedding guests of the special moments and after the ceremony, by taking over a small task and if it is

Entertainment during/after the Ceremony

Soap bubbles for the wedding

During the Ceremony, the wedding guests are more likely to be passive, to listen and behave still. This can be boring in the long run.

Depending on the type of the wedding Ceremony (whether in a registry office, Church, or free), you can celebrate your special moments, such as the Ring or the the extract of the bride and groom with the guests. This spread:

Soap bubblesWedding WandsBreak lightsLight WedelSparklers

Bridal bouquet-throw & Alternative wedding program ideas

Bride-to-be bouquet toss differently
© Jasmine White Photography

Whether the bride to throw the bouquet classic or him in quite a different way to any other lady would like to pass this Tradition involves a lot of guests and is definitely a conversation if you puts you right in the scene.

Wedding traditions to bring variety

Custom wedding Switzerland kissing on cake

Many wedding customs are falling into disrepute boring or embarrassing. But there are also so many great ideas to customs to raise witty, creative, and fun, so that loved ones don’t get bored.

Make sure you check out our great Overview!

The wedding cake as the entertainment for the wedding

Wedding Cake Fountain

The wedding cake costs in most cases, a lot of money and is a real eye-catcher. That’s why you should get your Grand entrance and the guests to be surprised.

The right music and some of the effects, we present you a detailed article.

Tip: here, Too, play with Sparklers and co. an important role!

Important Wedding Program: The Dance

Wedding dance differently

The wedding dance as well as the father-daughter dance are so romantic, and emotional highlight of the Celebration!

Your equips the viewers with stylish accessories, is the Whole thing for all the beautiful photos…

Soap bubblesBreak lightsLight WedelSparklersConfetti cannons

Wedding Business Directory Entertainment

2. Show deposits in the wedding program

Christian wedding program
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Important during the evening’s program with a Talk and co. is not that the deposits follow all hours of each other, so that the audience have to sit in the feeling forever around. Therefore, groomsmen or wedding moderator should rethink this well-cycles and the flow of the wedding program. Good planning is crucial in this, the mood of the guests.

A coordinator must be!

Here are some shows to wedding ideas:

Wedding speeches

Wedding Speeches Examples
© mastering –

Most of the persons who are responsible for the programme are the people who keep talking wedding. The wedding will usually talk of the bride, the groom, the bride’s father or the groomsmen kept.

If you’re up for the program on the wedding responsible, then you can be with the people of requests, if you do not want to make a speech.

Skits, plays, and other performances

Sketch Wedding

No matter whether the football buddies, the uncles and aunts or other bold wedding guests would like to do some tricks – most of these interludes provide a lot of entertainment.

The best examples for a wonderful Celebration we have for you!

Showact Wedding Ideas

Sand painting, Video, or Live performance

Program Points Wedding
© Sandy-Kind Creative Agency GmbH

To whom a dance, or a fireworks offers to little Surprise, for a sand painting-Video, or Live-is perfect!

Your wedding adds a touch of So a performance you and your guests are guaranteed to remain in memory – the emotions are to be compared with anything.

Look at the examples, such as a sand painting Show about you and your sweetheart can look like. The price starts from 800€.

Photo Presentation/Film

Wedding game that program point photo presentation
© WavebreakmediaMicro/SSilver – Fotolia

With beautiful ideas for-the framework programme for the wedding, which make the personal connection that the guests are able to make the bride and groom very happy.

A beautiful photo presentation, or a Video is probably the most beautiful Form, to enrich the wedding program. Certainly, it is also a bit cumbersome, but it’s definitely worth it.

With Powerpoint or easy video software as a presentation is to create easy-to -. Most computers today have a standard software, you can simply only together, the images and Videos.

Wedding magician

Wedding magician
© Angguna Wedding Stories

A good magician is not only something for the kids birthday!

We have already seen an enchanting and thrilling Show of a wedding magician, so that we can recommend this program point highly enough!

Wedding ideas: programme item from the bride and groom

Wedding Ideas Program

The bride and groom are the main characters of the day are because all you want to but as much as possible, you see, and the (unexpected) talent to discover.

The Bridal pair play an Instrument, sing or dance is your passion? These and other talents should give the two of them or one of them at the wedding for the Best.

A great Surprise for all the guests, the two get to know better.

Entertainment for the wedding, with a live stream via a projector

Entertainment Wedding

The guests take some cell phone photos – let’s all participate with a photo presentation in real-time. With the imiji App to capture and Share wedding photos you can play all pictures via live stream.

A really cool Highlight, for more funny photos, plenty of spontaneity and good mood.

Guests Surprise: pink glasses with heart effect

Guest Gift Wedding Gift Wedding Surprise
© gifts-bestellen24

The special feature of these glasses: Who touches you and through you looks, looks every point of light as the heart!

Beautiful candle lighting, and a great effect, enjoy.

Fireworks or fire show

Fireworks for wedding
© Paul Carrier

Fireworks in the sky, or a light image on the ground are real Highlights in the fields of entertainment and can also be used as a Surprise for the bride and groom used.

Discuss the Details, but not necessarily with the wedding location.

In any case, all the spectators will be amazed!

The best entertainment for guests of The Party!

DJ for wedding

So your wedding will be a celebration in the memory, should be the Party on the evening really well. This includes a very good selection of music from a DJ or a live band, the mood is heating up.

Also music request cardsby the wedding party-during the day, to fill, make sure that the songs will be played, all like and want. So, the dance floor will be filled in the ideal case always!

3. Games as your wedding entertainment

Bride and groom pursued wedding sketch
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Wedding games are an important part in the wedding program, even though many couples shy away from the wedding games. Often they think the games would be too old-fashioned, or you would have to do something you have no desire to.

With the right selection, but each wedding program can be a success.

Classic Wedding Games

Wedding Game Tree Saws
© Yantra – Fotolia

From the trunk of a tree saws on the Ehetest up to the coachman’s game, but also many lesser-known and funny wedding games, we have summarized in our Top 50 for you.

This Overview you should absolutely read. – for sure a game you like at least!

Garden Games for Outdoor entertainment

Entertainment Wedding

Especially for an Outdoor wedding some cool garden games on offer.

This can, for example, typical Funfair games such as Darts at balloons, cans, throw, Hula-Hoop or ducks fishing , but also croquet, giant Jenga, XXL Domino, garden chess, Mega Four in a row or a Piñata.

Wedding Reception Ideas Entertainment
© Nikk Nguyen Photo
Wedding guest employ
© Nikk Nguyen Photo

Children’s program for relaxed parents

Children at the wedding
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Guests with children can relax and celebrate, there should be a couple activities for kids. The special program must be points, but better to have a consistent supply of entertainment opportunities.

We have collected a lot of tips for you!

4. Quiet the framework program, wedding entertainment for a snack

Wedding Guests Engagement Party Guest List
© Comaniciu Dan – Fotolia

So, the wedding company during the quiet times, for example, as long as the couple at the wedding shoot, or when Waiting for the food at the table, no boredom, get some small jobs in the Sitting ideal.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Original Guest Gifts Wedding
© Etsy/the Lotta

Entertaining and always nice: With this little game that you can lay on each table, making sure many of the guests is a joy.

As simple a Wedding can look like for the side.

Wedding puzzles

Wedding Puzzle Wedding Game
© Geschenkrä

The wedding puzzle is a unique crossword puzzle with questions about the bride and groom, to be filled out by the guests.

Who has solved the crossword first, gets a

So, the wedding puzzle is a beautiful beautiful entertainment, if nothing happens and makes all of the guests, the bride and groom even better.

Provide something to talk about

Wedding Gift Wedding Quartet

People need to learn at a table to know each other better and plenty of topics of conversation comes up, you can push in the right direction. For example, children with photos of the bride & groom as table name (table 1 shows a picture of the bride and groom with a 1-year, etc.) or let a wedding Quartet or guest-Memory with the most important members of the family to make.

A photo puzzle of the bride and groom is a beautiful idea!

Wedding newspaper for entertainment for wedding

Wedding Newspaper
© Cariñokarten

A wedding newspaper is a great reminder for the bride and groom and a very interesting read for friends and family.

You should be sold at a quiet time, if the buyer still have enough time to read on-the-spot.

A special guestbook as a pastime

Wedding Guest Book Ideas
© Pasha Belman Photography

A guestbook should be on everyone’s wedding to the future married couple can still be happy about the present.

We have the guestbook with questions, right up to an unusual guest books a lot of beautiful ideas for you.

Tip: Still quite unknown and, therefore, a surprise to the wedding guests is the Audio-book (about 250€). Your Love to take requests on a retro phone as a voice message for you. A cool idea with a high fun factor!

Guestbook phone retro
© Mailbox Memories

Special wedding ideas for entertainment

Streitbox Wedding Game Wedding Speech
© Sonja Schulz

Still quite unknown from the beautiful wedding custom of the Streitbox is. Here is a Box will be Packed, which will help in Finishing the first Ehestreits. A time capsule that to 10. or 25. Wedding day is excavated, is a similar Tradition.

Both the guests can be included entertaining by them to write down tip to Tolerate, etc.

With reading material to the wedding guest employ

Whatsapp Book
© zapptales

Modern entertainment: Let a WhatsApp-book for each table made, for example, with excerpts of the Whatsapp Chats after getting to Know the bride and groom or during the wedding preparations.

5. The program for the wedding: movement in the guests bring

Wedding Games

A bit of movement and variety to lift the spirits – that’s why it’s nice, if at all corners of a wedding venue and entertainment options on offer.

For the physical Well-being concerns

Champagne Wall Wedding
© Aimee Rossi Photography

Actually, logical, and simple: Supply the guests from beginning to end particularly well, and also offers small Highlights, in which you can use. This can, for example, a Donut Wall, champagne Wall or champagne Wall , the classic Candybar or lesser-known Saltybar, visiting a coffee bike or ice cream truck, to a later hour, a cocktail bar, and a delicious midnight snack.

With so much good food but no can be boring…

Champagne Wall
© Kathi & Martin Photography

Wedding entertainment of the guests during pictures

Entertainment for wedding

Photos from the wedding ceremony, you can’t have enough of that. And there’s so much fun taking pictures of power, this is the perfect guest entertainment. To the best disposable cameras , or is a Selfie-corner.

Collect the images by Hand and also an Instagram Hashtag can make sense.

Fotobox as an awesome wedding program

Wedding program
© foboxy

Really funny snapshots and best entertainment for the wedding party promises to be a photo booth! There are a lot of possibilities in this funny and matching accessories at the ready.

Price tip: If foboxy cost the photo booth only 248€!

Wedding missions for the entertainment of the wedding guests

A bouncy castle as a Highlight

Bouncy Castle Wedding
© Moments Of Happiness Mainz

A bouncy castle for the wedding to be a lot of fun for little guests to set up, but the Great will be delighted, and for a lot of beautiful photos worries!

Price: 350€ in the area of Mainz

Wedding kicker

Wedding kicker
© Paul Carrier

For a bit of movement and even more entertainment, there is a foosball table provides. Perfect, if it is also designed in a wedding look to bride vs groom, or girls against boys compete. Here’s your craft creativity!

Price: from€20

Video Entertainment

Marryoke Wedding

A great reminder and special entertainment program is a Marryoke® – points at the guests and the bride and groom in a music video.

Similar cool: A video booth where guests video greetings can record the video version of a photo booth, or

Service providers to the wedding employment

Fast Signatories Wedding

You can also provide special services as a wedding employment for guests.

Beautiful things you can offer her a neck massage, cartoons to draw, Henna paint, or what would you like else.

Our ideas for wedding entertainment in Pinterest remember

Ideas for wedding entertainment

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