Facts about wedding

Facts about wedding

In love, engaged, married – to a long happy relationship, many couples choose to, the Covenant of marriage. In Germany, per day, an average of 1300 weddings. But around weddings, there are a lot of quirky and fun facts. We have collected ten of them for you. Did you know all of this?

1. They lived happily until the end of your days

This fabulous set is indeed true to some couples, but on none more than Karam and Kartari Chand. After 90 common years of marriage, she divorced the death. As a Teenager, she gave in 1925, the Yes-word. At the age of 110 years, Karam Chand 2016 died – his wife Kartari was 103 years old.

The two saw the parents of eight children and 27 grandchildren grow up.

The secret of their marriage, they gave up in 2014, in an Interview with the healthy diet (especially Butter, milk and fresh yogurt), and occasionally a glass of Whiskey or Brandy, and daily cigarette.

2. The Shortest Marriage In Germany

In contrast, the shortest marriage lasted in Germany, only a measly nine hours. In 2011, a couple in Munich, which is previously been in a relationship for five years married. However, already at the Party were flying so violent, the scrap of that disconnect was.


3. No later than twelve months after the engagement, they should get married

Have you heard this record before? A loving couple from Mexico exceeded the period of time more than. Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez were engaged to be married 67 years. The wedding, there was still, at The age of 82 years.

4. The most expensive wedding of all times

2016 took place in Moscow is probably the most expensive wedding of all time. The Celebration of the Russian billionaire Said Guzerijew and Khadija Uzhakhvos tasted fabulous 880 million euros. The precious stones-the dress, the 20-Year-old weighed as much as 25 kilograms.

As if that wasn’t enough artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias had a gig.

In comparison, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981 was a bargain. It cost Funny supplementary info: Alone, the Work on the wedding cake have lasted 14 days.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981 married Prince Charles and Lady Di. In 2005, the British heir to the throne has taken his longtime mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles for his wife.

Photo: epa-PA (PA) | 1981 Prince Charles and Lady Di were married. In 2005, the British heir to the throne has taken his longtime mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles for his wife.

5. So a lot of the German type

A normal mortal can probably spend hardly so much money for his special day.

According to a survey of 1000 German by means of the Online market research Institute promio.net (in the order of the Cashback portal Qipu), the Germans spend an average of 6500 euros for a wedding. The British put to the average of 27,000 euros.

6. Drive-In-Wedding

Especially splendid weddings in Las Vegas are not. The small chapels with Elvis-Presley-blend and cheesy means everyone has seen at least once in a movie. But there is even more extreme. As in Fast-Food Restaurants couples can Thrus go to a

7. Barbie as bride

Barbie-doll - dolls-icon Barbie is actually on the side of Ken. But in real life she married already: the Taiwanese Chang Hsi-hsum.

Photo: Caroline Seidel (dpa) | The dolls-icon Barbie is actually on the side of Ken. But in real life she married already: the Taiwanese Chang Hsi-hsum.

In December 1999, the Taiwanese Chang Hsi-hsum married a Barbie doll. He was of the firm Conviction that the doll is the soul of his deceased wife would live. The reported BBC News. 20 years earlier, his wife had committed suicide because of the man’s family was against the marriage of the two.

8. Post-Mortem Marriages

Speaking of spirits: In France, it is even allowed to marry a Dead Person. Of course, this is only in justified individual cases.

Behind it is a high bureaucratic effort. About of the surviving Partner must prove that the deceased Companion has yet expressed during the lifetime of a marriage request.

9. Inter-family marriages

In the case of inter-family marriages, both partners are alive, less whimsical, but they are not necessarily. For example, 80 percent of the weddings of Relatives held in the Middle East. Depending on the user related to the risk to bring a disabled child into the world is rising in relationship love relationships shown by a study in the UK.

In Germany, relations between the body, for example, Relatives of the first and second-degree prohibited.

That would be between parents and children or siblings of the case. But, Cousin, and cousin of the first degree may be in this country, the Yes-word. But even with these partnerships, the risk for a sick child is on the rise.

10. The longest veil

Probably the longest veil in the world is around 4.1 km away. Anything other than practical and also inexpensive. After all, who wants to marry in the gigantic bride robe, you must pay 51.000 Euro.

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