Funny facts about weddings

Funny facts about weddings

Here are a few amazing Numbers!

Around 400,000 weddings in the year

In Germany, about 400,000 Thousand a year weddings gefeiert1. Of which were in the last year alone, around 15.000 thousand. happy couples in Berlin2 and around 14,000 in Brandenburg3 the Yes-word. We suspect that there will be for 2020 due to the difficult circumstances, something less of wedding couples, and in the next year, the more will be celebrated.

To make your marriage legally be, you have the civil Ceremony. (Image: Borkh Photography)

Circa 3.400 Gay Weddings

Since the 1. October 2017 in Germany, finally, same-sex couples to marry. How the Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg told, found since then, until the beginning of July 2019 already

3.443 Gay Weddings in the Region statt⁴. In many cases, already existing lives have been transformed partnerships in a marriage.

And how many later divorced?

Also interesting is the question of how many marriages are divorced is it?

2019 amounted to the divorce rate in Germany, around 36 percent ⁵ .

But don’t worry – this figure says nothing about the probability that a marriage doesn’t last. To obtain the divorce rate, only in a year, completed in marriage contracts and divorces to.

The longest marriage in the world, held at least 90 years.

Many are not in a hurry

Who wants to be married, you have to start early. But a view on the age of marriage single women and reveals that The Germans have it not in a hurry to get under the hood. Quite the contrary – in the last few years, increased the age at ⁶ . So was the average age of marriage in the year 2018 at the age of 32.

For comparison, 10 years earlier, the women were married, with about 28, a further five years earlier, even with 26. Add to this that most of the couples after 3 – 7 years of relationship and marry


Meanwhile, some couples already have children when they get married. To integrate your children into the wedding Ceremony is very emotional. (Image: Borkh Photography)

Many guests are welcome

And how it looks on the guest list? According to the wedding, study it like the Newlyweds large. 26 percent of all respondents celebrated in the last year, with 26 to 50 guests. Nearly 25 percent of the participants stated that they celebrated with 51 to 75 guests, and 22 percent of the invited even between 101 to 150 guests. For a smaller round, less than 25 guests decided, however, only 12 per cent.

5.000 – 15.000 euros for the most beautiful day in life

When it comes to your own wedding, the German non-rags. So many are ready to between 5,000 and 15,000 euros for your wedding to bezahlen⁹. How expensive of the fun at the end is actually depends on various factors. The highest cost factor are usually the guests. Because food and drinks cause with an average of about 5,000 euros, the highest cost.

From my own planner experience, we can not confirm these Numbers to 100%. Our couples are in the section with all the trimmings at 18,000 – 25,000 euros.

Wedding planning is increasingly being delivered

The engagement ring is on the Finger, there is a lot to do. Of the date of determination up to the honeymoon, a wedding right plan, you can more than 12 months duration. And also, if most of the planning myself, take in Hand, always know more people with the help of a wedding planner* to appreciate. No wonder, then, that there are now numerous, highly respected Wedding planners* in Berlin and surroundings. We recommend that the chemistry between the planner and bride-to-be few votes should.

Free wedding Ceremony is becoming more and more popular

Yes, a civil Marriage is obligatory, but often, unfortunately, not really intimate.

For a long time only to the addition of the Church Wedding was a little more romantic Alternative. However, not everyone is religious, and is allowed to marry in a Church. For this reason, are free weddings becoming more and more popular. This is the wedding couple, in addition, usually, after the civil wedding Ceremony (whether on the same or a different day) by a free Trauredner at a location of your choice dared. In the last year in Germany, 10 % of respondents in a wedding the study of map making for a free Trauredner* entschieden⁸.

In the Saarland, even as many couples, it is now free to be trusted, as in the Church.

A free wedding Ceremony is the most intense and individual. However, some offices are also open to a Mix of free and civil marriage Ceremony. Ask your to stand velvet, whether to do that. (Image: Borkh Photography)

What wedding style is the most popular?

And where the day is spent? Felt was celebrated in the last time, and for any wedding, in a barn. It is the country house style for weddings only in 4th place. In fact, it is a classic and elegant Party in a Restaurant or Inn is the most popular. Closely followed by a wedding in the Vintage or Boho-Stil1⁰.

More inspiration you’ll find in our Styled Shoots or in our reviews.

What is the wedding couples want?

Many want to give the Bridal couple something Beautiful to celebrate the day. But which gift is the Right thing? The answer to the question is clear: money.

According to the study of map making wish for 62 % of the respondents are money gifts for the wedding. This is not only straightforward for the guests, but also practical for the Couple.

Honeymoon Out

After the wedding-saving mode is a must! Surprising, but true – the majority of the study respondents couples have in the past year,

no honeymoon made. There are so beautiful destinations! For all the couples want to be: the most popular are relaxed beach vacations and exciting trips. We also find, a little bit COO in the Maldives or the Seychelles can’t hurt. Other popular honeymoon destinations you’ll find on Kayak.

Take after the wedding for you! (Image: Borkh Photography)
Love wedding couples – the facts and Figures or not, you need to plan your dream wedding as you it is right to keep. Because no matter whether 10, 20, or 100 guests on this very special day, it’s just two people – and that’s you guys.


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