Funny wedding scripts

Funny wedding scripts

Short wedding poems as a Verse to the wedding and are perfect for your wedding, card or guestbook. Some nice example for a short, romantic, funny or personalized wedding verses we have gathered in this article.

Nice verses for the wedding are often adjusted by the guests or a bit of Inspiration to completely self-written, in order to adapt them better to the story of the bride and groom. Also funny wedding verses come, lifting the mood of the wedding even more.

This article has been split into the following areas:

  1. For the bride and groom: Trauverse
  2. For guests: verses for the wedding Gift
  3. More verses to the wedding
  4. The best small & great gifts for the wedding
Poems for a wedding
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1. For the bride and groom: Trauverse

As a wedding verses we like to refer to the verses from the Bible that are very well suited as a biblical Trausprüche.

If your wedding in search of verses from the Bible, then you will be on the following sites:

Ring Exchange - Wedding Verses
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2. For guests: verses for the wedding Gift

Verses for wedding are of course very good for the wedding speech, for wedding guestbook or the father of the bride speech.


Who would like to make funny wedding verses, which should take care that the wedding couple does not somehow upset or blushing. That said, embarrassing stories from the life of the groom or the bride-to-be are not wholly appropriate.

Here are some examples of beautiful wedding verses

Personal Wedding Verses

If you are looking at, you know immediately:
you go never away from each other.
Always and forever remains with her
, and will the big happiness.

Wedding verses
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As this invitation were
and saw your two names,
we have very happy
and this has never regretted it.
Because you’re such a great Couple,
you guys stay together, that’s for sure!

Finally, the two of you is clear:
marriage is just wonderful!
Therefore, we wish you all the Best
and hope to children, very arg festivals!

Funny Wedding Verses

Funny Wedding Verses
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The bride looks today super,
with veil, dress, and bouquet of flowers.
And also the groom’s right
, and takes the marriage is finally important.

We were of you are cordially invited
to the wedding Ceremony and the delicious Roast.
We would like to this great Feast with you to celebrate,
as of today, saves your correct tax.

Marriage, love, and kiss –
So that it rhymes, it must:
If you in the head and the heart’s buzzing and
what do you want to Better?
Who doesn’t love more and more wrong,
let him be buried!

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Romantic Verses Wedding & Engagement

Verses Wedding
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Connected in the eternal love,
can take no thieves,
Fidelity to all the time,
even in the everyday life.

Marriage is the love,
strong love,
that she always has on hand,
it is the Eheleut noted.

The love of the bride and groom will always persist,
you will be the road to go,
because you see,
your love will never verblühn.

Verse for wedding card

Today is finally your big day,
we hope that he will slowly go by like.
Starting today, you are officially a Couple,
we shout

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Wedding verses short

Wedding verses short
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Keep each other always connected,
in beautiful, such as in heavy hour!

This is a great wedding verse, it is also possible to purchase as a small slate heart Charms, personalized with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

Fits great as a small gift the addition to the Wedding your choice.

For more info on the wrong heart to watch…

Wedding verses for a gift

Wedding Rhymes Verses Of Money Gift
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Dear bride and groom, give a good Eight,

we have brought something for you.

Our gift of Money for your vacation,
diving, excursions or Spa.

Let’s you is so good to be,
until we will soon meet again!

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Bible verses for wedding Ceremony

Trauverse Trausprüche
© Sonja Schulz

Bible verses for the wedding

But, speaking the truth in love
, may grow up in all things into him,
which the main is, Christ.

(Ephesians 4: 15)

This is the day
God makes;

let us
rejoice and be glad
in it.

(Psalm 118,24)

A rope made of three cords is not torn so fast!

(Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Christian verses for the wedding
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3. More verses to the wedding

You want to spice it up with a Verse wedding speech or card, but you still found nothing?

Then have a look here yet:

4. The best small & great gifts for the wedding

Funny Wedding Gifts

Top 30 funny wedding gifts

A gift that will not open? 1 Million Euro? Or a soup that you must face the music the bride and groom together?

These and other fun wedding gifts, we have another article for you.

Money gifts for the wedding
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Money gifts for the wedding

Whether bought or crafted – your money gift to the wedding should not have to be boring!

That’s why we have lots of great ideas for creative gifts of Money for you.

Wedding gifts original

Top 50 original wedding gifts with personalization

To perpetuate the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date on your gift makes it so wonderful is personally and individually.

What gifts can personalize your beautiful, we show you with a practical Overview.

Mr & Mrs
© Jana Seiter


Mr. & Mrs. gifts fit great for the wedding and a lovely reminder for the bride-to-be couple.

Take a look at our ideas!

Small gifts to the wedding
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Top 24 small gifts to the wedding (under $ 20)

Under 20€ and beautiful gifts for the wedding, that you can hardly decide you will.

Now our Top 24 gift ideas at a Glance view.

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Verses for wedding
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