Ideas for a gay wedding

Ideas for a gay wedding

How to get the perfect gay wedding ceremony planning

Gay wedding ceremony by Amir Gov © Jeremie Korenfeld

The progress of many of the more democratic and equal countries give gay and lesbian couples now have the opportunity to marry their same-sex relationship recognition. With the right to marry also a great responsibility to organize your same-sex wedding is coming!

As with any wedding, it can be planning a gay wedding a little stressful. Therefore, we have Amir Gov, a gay wedding planner, asked us a few tips to give you your own perfect gay wedding plan. Whether a romantic dinner or a drawing in the plane – the marriage proposal “will you marry me?” is definitely one of the most exciting parts of your journey to a married gay Couple. But, he also directs the “race” to exciting wedding anniversary, the can often be a stressful process.

©Dima Vazinovitch

After the “I want” comes the scary “We want”, the joint planning your gay wedding. How do you start so ever to organize your own wedding? Each Pair has its own desires and dreams, but I tell my gay or lesbian customers that the most Important thing, you should start with your guest list is. Take some time to discuss this together, and lists the people you want to invite to your big day, when your gay exchanged wedding rings.

In this Phase, it is also good to, whether you want a small and intimate wedding or a large event with hundreds of guests.

The number of guests you want to invite, is the key for the second step: the choice of the ideal Location. The number of guests planning impact on all other aspects of your wedding, therefore, you should plan well! From Catering and bar service to the printed invitations and Giveaways – everything depends on the number of guests you want to invite.

©Jeremie Korenfeld

A good, accurate list, and an agreed minimum number of guests can save you money, too.

When reeling in, for example, a cost estimate of your chosen venue and the Catering Agency, you’ll quickly find out that the price per Person is lower, the more guests you have. And why? Because not only is the food and the Service, but also the logistics and cost of the number of guests depend on who you want to invite. I advise you to be careful and to reduce your minimum number of guests to 10 %, just in case you get in last-Minute Cancellations, you still have to pay.

After the guest list and the Location is fixed, comes the real challenge of the wedding planning: How you can make the Party individually and to make it a special experience for you and your guests?

The right Balance between the flavours to find your choice and preferences of the two grooms, it can be a challenge, and compromise is the key here.

©Jeremie Korenfeld

Since gay marriage is not recognised, and no religious regulations, you have the freedom to create any type of event. Nevertheless, it is important to respect a potentially religious guests could take part in your wedding. The “Save the Date” and the design of the invitations to the menu, the service concept (Buffet or Sit-Down Dinner), the decoration or the Live performances, listen to your heart and your mind, to draw an imaginary picture of the wedding that you imagine.

If you shy a great idea to do, you’re not sure of how you want to implement, you don’t, talk about it and to seek answers or help from professionals.

Gay wedding destination

©Dima Vazinovitch

Like migratory birds, the LGBTQ Community is known to travel a lot and move, what people from different countries and continents together. In the last few years, I had the honor to work with many mixed same-sex couples: an Israeli with a Scottish, a canadian with a Parisian-and, of course, couples who live far away from their home countries.

If you invite guests to celebrate this special day in a place that is far away from your home, you should consider whether you no more than just a great wedding ceremony organizing. Plan smaller events or activities in order to meet the different travel plans to meet. The guests are likely likely to to celebrate with you, so offer them some of the possibilities.

A romantic wedding on the Mediterranean sea, the beach (Tel Aviv), Creative and event planning by Amir Gov

from tomer gol on Vimeo.

It is important that you send your Save-the-Date-invitation at least six months before the wedding, so guests have enough time to check their availability and to reserve the necessary Transport and accommodation options. In order to give your guests a help, you should provide you with a list of recommended accommodation available. From gay-friendly apartments on misterb&b to simple or luxurious Hotels – take it to your guests easier and offer you all of the important information you need.

As you facilitate the organization of your gay wedding can

The wedding market is full of affordable and simple “All-inclusive” packages, which you can use to save time and money, if you have a standard wedding suffice. Check in any case, the skills of the provider, because it may be that you are some Changes, want to ask for. Like buying a house, or a large renovation, also have the organization of a wedding is a challenging process, involving many different parameters and specialists, of which you might never heard of. All of this requires your time, so be patient and focused.

©Jeremie Korenfeld

Working with a good, experienced wedding planner will reduce your Stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy the journey to your wedding and you should too!

They will help you to feel like a guest at your own wedding! The wedding planner, manages the Budget, can you save, thanks to its good relations with the vendors and his insider knowledge of the wedding market also a lot of money. You will not be able to help you to find the best solutions, but also the cheapest. As with every provider, there are the wedding planners for different prices, so you need for those who decide that you can truly rely on.

©Dima Vazinovitch

Of all the professionals who are working on the wedding, the wedding planner is probably the Only one who will truly care about you and your interests.

He’s your secret Partner for the success of the wedding. From choosing the perfect Location to the specifications for the equipment and the smallest Details of the wedding planner is there to provide you with the best solutions for your needs and resources.

©Dima Vazinovitch

The cooperation with a gay wedding planner that gives you a comfortable and safe feeling, so that you can all discuss it openly. He is to be your closest Partner, because he’s your private life and your intimate sphere to know.

If you decide to go for a LGBTQ wedding planner, you can be sure that you have someone who understands you and your life best. Stress and nervousness can make the process difficult and can even impact your positive relationship. Take a deep breath and go for to enjoy your new adventures and make the Best of it: your gay wedding!

About Amir Gov

Amir Gov born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and grew up in. He is 38 years old and has more than 14 years of production experience. He specializes in LGBTQ weddings, Destination weddings and the planning and implementation of large international companies, events, ranging from New York, London, Paris, and Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.

Since 2016, the Amir in Paris, the capital of romance alive. His move to Europe, offered him the opportunity to get more LGBTQ couples closer, sticking his professional planning service nachf. Amir Gov was selected by the magazine Time Out-TLV as one of the 10 most talented and promising people in Tel Aviv for its famous gay parties and events in Israel, including the Tel Aviv Gay Pride.

If you have your gay wedding in a seamless and unforgettable experience want to do, which by the way also a lot of fun is guaranteed, then you can contact

Amir Gov and start together something Special to plan (he also has a discount of 20% for the misterb&b Community!).

Have you recently been invited to a gay wedding? Inspirations for the perfect gift can be found in our article on the best gay gifts for a wedding.

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