Lesbian wedding reception ideas

Lesbian wedding reception ideas

She loves you, and he loves him. There is nothing to find Better than his perfect counterpart, and to celebrate his love. Since gender, Religion, age and other factors no longer play a role. Since the summer of 2017, it sees the law as well. Thus, gender was the same for many purposes-loving couples, a decades-long struggle for greater tolerance to an end. The Bundestag introduced the same-sex marriage for all in Germany.

We are very excited about the many new colorful weddings. Planning a wedding is generally not very easy. You have to organize a lot of concerns, and want all Participants to have a wonderful day.

In the case of a same-sex wedding can still have a few more difficulties.

But don’t worry! What you should look for when planning your same-sex marriage, pay attention, read this post.

More and more countries allow the same-sex wedding

The first country in the world that has opened up for the same-sex marriage was the Netherlands. In 2000, she continued the wonderful example, in the meanwhile, many countries in the world to follow.

Since October 2017, Germany allowed the marriage of same-sex couples. A full 10,000 same-sex marriages were closed in the first year of the new draft law, so that numerous registered partnerships were forwarded to marriages over.

This means a big step in the direction of equal rights for homosexuals. You have – at least in Germany – to adopt different than it used to also have the right and can start a family of their own


Where can same-sex marriage?

Currently, same-sex weddings in a total of 39 countries, including: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, new Zealand, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, United States, the United Kingdom, as well as in areas of Mexico and Uruguay.

In addition, there are in many other States, at least, efforts to create the same-sex marriage as a possibility.

But it does not mean that they are permitted in 157 countries and often even punishable. In terms of tolerance is happening so much, but there is still work to do.

Same-sex marriage in a foreign country is valid?

If you are getting married in Germany, and then abroad want to go, it is basically no Problem. However, the same-sex marriage is not recognized in every state of the world alike.

In some countries it means the same as in Germany, in other countries, it is non-existent in turn.

In some countries, same-sex can’t adopt couples in others. In some places, Married to the same sex have the same tax benefits as heterosexual couples, somewhere else but here, too, still pent-up demand.

What is the difference between a same-sex wedding?

A big difference between a heterosexual and a homosexual wedding is that the latter is not a Church Wedding. If you want it to be, granted to the Protestant Church, however, are a blessing.

In order for a partnership, but is legally valid, must each Pair to the

Registrar’s office. In matters of ceremony, the focus in the case of lesbians and Gays, but clearly on a freien wedding Ceremony. So can all the ideas about Wedding a reality.

Also, more and more heterosexual couples are increasingly coming to the taste of a outdoor Wedding and drag this to a Church.

Most of the weddings of same-sex couples are much more individual and have a stronger personal connection. This could be due to the fact that the traditional roles of a man and a woman at this point, just put it in.

Our 3 tips for your same-sex wedding


1. Think about a Wedding planner

Especially when planning a same-sex marriage, a Wedding can save you a planner, a lot of time. A wedding coordinator knows exactly what the pastor, priest, Locations, service providers, etc. open to same-sex couples are. It is advisable to inform all participants at a relatively early age, that it is a same-sex wedding. In the normal case, service providers and co. to act in the name of love, and are very open. However, it is not the damage, in order to save any disappointment.

Also, when it comes to your honeymoon, you can save yourself a lot of Research when hiring a wedding planner.

Not every country has the same level of legal protection, and cultural acceptance. A Wedding planner ensures that your honeymoon will be just as beautiful as your wedding.

2. Pull the old Shoe

Instead of thinking, how to make your wedding Ceremony, traditionally, can align, you will see your special marriage better than Chance. You can organize everything in your sense, without the requirements of the old school match. You reinvent the wheel the wedding, simply new!

Who says only brides-to-be bride must be young have a remote? You decide for yourself who stands with you in front of the Altar, and whether there should be such at all!

You can also simply move together to the Altar. If you want to be in a very different way! Or just drop a coin and you can decide who goes.

3. Think early enough about your Outfit

If you are two men who both want to wear a suit or Tuxedo, then the matter is quite simple. But they are two ladies who prefer both, a dress, then Research is required. If the Budget allows it, tailoring is worth it, to make it come true. This takes but a few months time.

Want to wear both of the brides dresses that should not see the partner before the wedding, then give them both a picture of your dream dress, a friend, or a wedding planner.

This can assist you to select the right combination.

In our Bridal shop you will find a lot of different accessories, your wedding outfit will certainly enrich.

If you prefer the color accents you want to, like red Bridal shoes under the dress peeking out of a blue Bridal bag or other colorful features, then our professional Färbeservice is just Right for you!

More and more marriages for All!

It took a long time, but finally, sentences are like Today, more and more same-sex weddings to be celebrated. We are sure that in future there will be no real difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriage.

So a lot of colorful happiness in love, we are very excited.