Ideas for a wedding reception at home

Ideas for a wedding reception at home

Last updated on 30. May 2021 of To celebrate their wedding at home, saves you a lot of money. In the usual environment of the bride and groom and guests to the most beautiful day of your life can, under the roof of celebration and but in a cost-effective celebrate. In order for the project to be successful, should bride-to-people invest sufficient time in the planning and decoration. Valuable tips for the organization of the framework programme and eating facilitate the preparations for a relaxed Party how you want to celebrate the wedding of your home.

The Surprise of an Ambush Wedding is guaranteed to be forgotten no guest ever

Wedding home to celebrate: organization is everything

In order to stage the dream wedding in your own four walls, it is necessary in advance of a precise planning. Allow all guests fit in your own four walls, you need to provide the space with sufficient space for tables, chairs, or a Buffet. At the wedding preparation and on the big day, it is true, members of the family and friends involved. Little things like the Crafting table card or the baking of cake with the many hard-working volunteers quickly from the Hand. These five aspects should be considered in the organization of a wedding at home is taken into account:

1. Inventory

Tables, chairs or tents timely request. Especially in the summer months, vendors are booked up quickly. Depending on the size and design ideas you should order the appropriate furniture. Some companies offer a comprehensive Service, which includes the set-Up and Pick up of the inventory. Table sets, as well as plates, glasses and Cutlery, it is considered to host in a sufficient quantity to provide.

2. Food: in a professional or self-cooked

Homemade food is a lot of work. Different tastes, intolerances or dietary habits need to be brought under a hat. In this variant, support and early with the preparations begin.

Therefore, there is no menu to choose, but, for example, a garden wedding with a barbecue party combine. Small homemade cake dreams like Cupcakes, Mini-tarts, or wind pouch with a little skill, a good cook.

Since this aspect takes the most time, creates a Catering Service. The companies have different menus and Buffet options in the range. A tasting of the food part of the Service. The Buffet will also find space to invite the Catering Team beforehand so you can discuss the preparation. So the course can be introduced to avoid paths.

3. EntertainmentClassic Entertainer

The simple playing of a CD is also available for a wedding ceremony at home a No-Go.

In a spacious living room plays a DJ in the music needs of the couple , and with a good mix of current and old Hits for your mood. Small wedding groups, with musicians in an intimate mood. No matter whether you are on the guitar or a saxophone: Live music creates an unforgettable moment.

4. Accommodation of guests

If you don’t have a Villa with several rooms, should bring his wedding party in nearby Hotels or pensions under. Moreover, close relatives and friends may have a guest room, where one or two people to spend the night.

5. Legal rules

Fireworks for wedding

Thus, the Celebration is not charged by the police, neighbors, about the planned project inform, or to invite to the Party. For some of the Highlights of the bride and groom often need a permit. Who wants to ignite fireworks for the Grand finale of the day, you need a permit. This must be submitted four weeks prior to the wedding. In the official rules can be set how loud the fireworks of category 2 and maximum may be. Also, fire safety provisions, or certain Pyrotechniken that may be used are, among other things, in the certificate.

Wedding celebration in the countryside

If you own a garden with a large area to be able to celebrate in the spring or the summer outside. A gazebo creates a protection from the sun and from the borders, so to speak, the wedding table from the Party flooring. A tent is also possible and makes the wedding reception even in bad weather, not to fall into the water. The terrace is developed for the pitch for the Buffet and the grass acts as a dance floor. Especially weddings, in a 70s-style benefit from this Option.

DIY decoration for wedding at home

A self-created decoration reduces the Budget for the wedding celebration home even further. The Material for table cards, garlands or floral arrangements is usually the most expensive point in Decorating if you want to celebrate the wedding of your home. Depending on your preferences and Motto to the apartment romantic can be designed, playful or extravagant. It does not apply to the embellishment to cluttering the space. Narrow vases with matching flowers and tealights open views of the entire wedding party. White tablecloths and high-quality porcelain, of course. Personalized table cards, for example, in the Form of a small package, integrate the guest gift. The principle of a wedding at home is summarized, therefore, less is more.

Wedding home celebrations: More ideas for the decoration of the house or apartment

  • small bistro tables
  • Garlands with light bulbs
  • floating candles with roses
  • delicate flowers such as orchids or vervain choose
  • natural elements with wooden tables combine

FAQ – frequently asked questions for wedding home party: tips for organizing and decorating

The dream wedding to get a detailed planning is necessary. Especially if this takes place in your own four walls. Plenty of space for all guests must be present, as well as tables, chairs, and a Buffet.

Decorations, how to build a table card or the baking of cakes and sweet Treats with the hard-working helpers done quickly.

Because a wedding is not exactly cheap, should money be the Location saved. Where is it cheaper than at home? In addition, the bride and groom as well as guests on the most beautiful day of your life in the familiar surroundings. Nevertheless, the planning should be done as accurately as possible, in order to experience any nasty Surprises.