Planning a home wedding

Planning a home wedding

Mandy Pomplun-Mesters in Düsseldorf, makes the dream of couples true or Lovers takes, if not the heart-pounding, but then, at least, the planning stress. Since 2003 she works as a professional wedding planner.Düsseldorf. Since 2003, she has worked with their Team to realize the dreams of a couple in love from the most beautiful day in life and not the heart-pounding, but the planning stress off.

Your Service is based on a network of many small to medium-sized companies.

It took a while until the düsseldorf woman has found the right Partner, but now it all fits together:

Getting married is not Exclusively have to be expensive

Two to three months of high season, then the tips and the negotiating skills of the Experts have been in high demand from morning to evening. Psychology that is not often: If it does not fit to the customer, we make everything, we need to keep the dreams of a slice of life and we are only the companions.

Marry“ is Exclusive to the Wedding planners don’t have to be expensive, just different. For example, when it comes to the places: So hours with campfire romance are straight up great demand. Out with a fire basket, sausage and shrimp, similarly, a guitarist under the tree.

A wedding film as a screenplay

We have a lot of Open-Air ceremonies,“ says the wedding planner. The high administrative Job calls before every wedding its toll: It comes to printing materials, agreements with photographers and stylists, the couple is, of course, the focus is: Who is it, what type of person, what are the preferences of the wishes – and then it goes into more Detail.

Finally, the expert has written a screenplay that is presented to the bride and groom as wedding film – with photos, times, and music.

Stress free wedding consultation is everything

Several hundred pairs has accompanied the Service in the port of marriage, some people want to the wedding planner also during the festivities not to be missed – then you virtually takes over the office of master of ceremonies, welcomes the guests, opens and closes doors, is the use for the music.

A wedding planner to fit into any purse, consultation and many wishes of can be a reality – only, as I said, conjure up, the Experts do not (yet) able to…