Latest ring design in diamond

Latest ring design in diamond

Put a radiant accent and fall in love with you now in our The Icon Diamond Ring! This fine accessory is a stylish jewelry icon and an absolute Must-Have for your collection. Lovingly handcrafted, our diamond ring is made of the finest is made of 14 Karat Gold, with a Lab-Grown Diamond is refined, the unique brilliance sparkles and Amaze invites.

For even more Shine, you can wear our genuine gold rings are not only individually, but also as a minimalist Stacking in combination.
You can use our real gold jewelry for every day wear without worry to have your favorite perhaps, in time, become discolored. We use high quality, recycled 585 yellow gold and white gold (14k) and design timeless Designs that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.


For the jewelry pieces in the collection, The Signature Edit, we only use Lab-Grown diamonds. These sparkling beauties are a real Innovation – both physically and visually, so to speak, twins of a classic mine diamants. The only difference lies in their creation: lab-grown diamonds are grown under controlled conditions and do not support the conventional Mining, by the hand of man. For us, a brilliant Alternative!


Size overview

50 (Ø approx. 15,9 mm)
52 (Ø approx. 16.6 mm)
54 (Ø approx. 17,2 mm)
56 (Ø approx. 17,8 mm)
58 (Ø CA. 18,5 mm)

Ring width: approx. 1mm, Lab Grown Diamond, Ø approx 2mm, approx. 0,035 ct.

Recycled 14k yellow gold / 14k white gold (585)
Lab Grown diamond: color D-F, clarity VS, cut: brilliant carat: approx 0,035 ct.

If you are not sure what size you need, take you to one of your favorite rings and measure the inner diameter with a ruler or scale to. Otherwise, you will also find here a ring, which you simply order a can.

Complete in Spain.