Trendy engagement rings 2021

Trendy engagement rings 2021

It all starts with a first, a first greeting, and a first kiss. Love emerges and it comes to engagement, so some of the Few important question: Which Trend is fashionable at the rings for 2021? From Material to Design, the size of the stone there are a lot of exciting new products, give you suggestions for the Ring to be desired. From engagement rings to wedding rings, we put you in front of said rings for 2021.

Trendy or classic? – That is the question!

Whether your engagement ring or wedding ring – the Ring as a Symbol of love and mutual attachment expressions. In the election in the first place so that it fits to the wearer.

Various factors should be taken into account.

  1. Width: A very narrow Ring can look lost to stronger fingers, while width models contribute to tender fingers may be clunky. Therefore, it is important to wear the wedding ring in the run-up to trial.
  2. Color: is it To be yellow gold or maybe rose gold? Shiny silver or matte platinum? A single Material or a combination? In the year 2021, there is a Trend to choose individual Designs. This can be a engraved fingerprint, or a combination of various metals that make up a pattern. Bicolore, and even tricolore variants are possible.
  3. Shape and Design: Classic and round shapes are no longer a Must. Tips, corners, or even the shape of a nut are possible.
  4. Material: The Material is crucial not only for the optics. Although the Trend of classic yellow leaves gold and 2021 rather silvery materials to be used in Front of each metal has its own advantages and disadvantages. The softer the metal, the faster scratches and dings caused.

However, not only the practical realities of a ring are important, but also the Trends that are emerging one after the other. The year 2021 has quite a bit of news that might be for some, a Couple of interesting.

Asymmetrical wedding rings - trendy rings

Trendy rings said to engagement in this year

Before the wedding, the engagement, of course. The well-prepared woman, or the well-armed man, of course, planned it all wonderfully. Food and drinks for this romantic picnic on the lake are Packed. The champagne is on ice and the most Important thing is stowed safely in the bag: the engagement ring.

Who wants to surprise his Partner with the perfect Ring that has found out over time, what may be the Dearest jewellery, particularly. Should it be more of the gems on the engagement ring? Or a beautiful solitaire ring with a high-carat diamonds? The basics are there, you can make use of the search to the requested ring trends 2021 said.

Marriage proposal at the beach - fashionable rings

Metal trend: rose gold and platinum

Who, after appropriate metal alloy for engagement addiction of rings in rose gold, a closer look at. Here it is mixed with the metal copper, but much less so than in the relatives of rose gold, a delicate shade is achieved. The Nice thing is that rose gold can be combined with many other colors. A strap with a rose gold engagement ring is a wedding ring made from platinum or Gold beautifully. Decorated with diamonds, the piece of jewelry on my Finger all the attention.

Platinum, a rare and noble metal, has a strong charisma. In combination with a diamond piece of jewellery sparkles, finally, to the bet! Especially on darker skin complexion comes in a platinum ring beautifully. Due to its robust properties, and of its rarity, the metal is nowadays even more expensive than Gold.

Engagement ring in a white Rose

Filigree Designs and unique diamond shapes

Also the Design in this year to watch some ring trends. So delicate fashionable design with curved ring rails, and beautiful to look at. Fabulously, it is, if the gemstone is framed between the looped thin ring and especially on delicate women’s hands comes to the fore.

Who is a brilliant than classic stone trim isn’t enough, you can also rely on new forms: for example, rings with a heart of diamonds, or cushion diamonds are in this year in fashion. While a heart is the Symbol of the diamond, of course, par excellence, is to show your love, a cushion diamond especially for the ladies who love Sparkle. Due to the high scattering of light, the cushion-cut causes, glitters, and sparkles the piece of jewelry through the eyes of the beloved to the bet.

Ring with heart diamond trendy rings

What wedding rings are 2021 in Trend?

If you have celebrated the engagement, and now, full of anticipation in the wedding preparations, falls, then the next appointment is coming up soon, in which the wedding rings choosing.

Here you should investigate at an early stage, and agree to be if you want to have rings in a partner look or prefer two unique items. Here there is of course no Right or Wrong – anything goes. But here are a couple of clear favorites in this year again as a Trend:

Minimalist Wedding Rings

Not only in home interiors, but also in closets and jewelry boxes is minimal, fashionable ISM. Focusing on the Essentials – so it is with the jewelry. Minimalist rings are made of a narrow, mostly plain ring band. The color and the metal is entirely up to your own taste. A diamond in the Ring for the woman is usually small and in the Rail edged – so it remains subtle and guides don’t.

Minimalist Wedding Rings

Several metals combine

A beautiful Trend of combining metals with each other. For example, you find a combination of two or three metals, which can be distributed either as a proportion equal to or in different proportions may be present. Also, wave pattern, or oblique lines are possible here and give your wedding rings for a unique look.

Especially beautiful rose gold and platinum, yellow gold and rose gold or yellow gold and platinum blend, for example. But, as always, all what you like is you should select a quiet conscience.

Bicolor wedding rings - trendy rings

Stack rings

Only a single Ring on your Finger wear? This does not have to be! In contrast to the minimalism of the stack rings. This can be, for example, a Memoire-Ring, which is manned around with diamonds or other precious stones. This will then be worn together with the wedding ring on a Finger. Perfectly matched, a wedding ring and locking ring, a beautiful connection with each other.

Also an engagement ring you can wear as a stack ring. If this is desired, it makes sense that marriage and engagement ring go well with each other and, for example, have the same color.

Married Couple holds hands with the rings

Always on Trend: individuality

In the year 2021 rings are one thing above all: they are as unique as love itself. They fit to their makers, not only externally, but also in character.

Our tip for everyone in the wedding fever, however, is to take time for the decision. What is hot in the year 2021, must not have fallen for a lifetime. They were, therefore, your decision. In the end The engagement, the following applies: – or wedding rings will need to suit you and please you.

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