Most popular wedding rings 2020

Most popular wedding rings 2020

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In our guide we go in detail on each of the materials for wedding rings and show you which factors played the greatest role to play. So, you can decide at the end of which Material for wedding rings for you the best is.

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Factors influencing the choice of the appropriate material

The selection of the suitable material for the rings depends on your personal taste. At first glance, the color shade is. But it’s not just the color plays a role in the choice of the material: the nature of the surface and the desired quality of a flow.

The most important criteria in the selection of the suitable material:

  1. Hue (Yellow, White, Red, Pink, Grey)
  2. The fineness of the alloy
  3. Production
  4. Exclusivity
  5. Stability and lasting value
  6. Price

Below you will find a list with questions. To each question the right answer with the recommendation, which Material is for their wedding rings at best.

What are the bright of materials for wedding rings there are?

You have four materials for your wedding rings to choose from, if you don’t want a light Material, which changes its color:

  1. Platinum 950 is the brightest natural Material, which is in the 950 purity in addition, no material abrasion has.

    Due to the high density of platinum is also good for those who want a heavy wedding ring.

  2. Palladium 950 is ideal for your wedding rings the best, if you have a very bright Material-like performance, which from the Budget and from the weight in the middle of the range.
  3. Silver is the third Alternative, as it is a very light Material and in virtually any Budget.
  4. Stainless steel is very popular with our customers, which is a very light Material, would like to have, without too deep in the pockets to have to.

Since the natural color of white gold is more of the grey and the bright Rhodium wears off with time, is not designed white gold in this Question, unfortunately, as a Material for wedding rings.

What is the Material for wedding rings without abrasion?

Here are the materials in Palladium 950 and 950 platinum at best, since both alloys have no abrasion. Palladium 500 and platinum 600 have good abrasion properties as yellow gold, white gold, Rosé and rose gold.

Hardness & scratch: What kind of Material is particularly robust?

You want a bright and at the same time rugged wedding ring, then you can grab instead of silver, better, white gold and even better to stainless steel or titanium.

Both Gold and silver are known not for their exceptional hardness, so fast scratches and quirks arise.

What wedding rings-Material, the surface does not change?

Here, we have to tell you in all honesty that the surfaces of all materials, with the exception of the Carbon – forming with time. Also alloys such as Palladium 950 or 950 platinum, the abrasion-no material change in the surfaces. This is because the Material moves to the left and to the right on the Ring. Of course, all of our wedding rings cutting and so back in shape.

What is the Material for wedding rings is not running?

The materials for wedding rings, you should make sure that there is no silver beige is not mixed, so that the wedding rings tarnish. Because even wedding rings made of silver have a tendency to discolour. With a jewelry polishing cloth or a silver bath, you can refurbish silver rings, however.

If you want to have a wedding ring, which can start, you should refrain in addition to materials such as 333 Gold or 375 Gold. Due to the low gold content silver is very much fine in the alloy. This may come with time as well to tarnishing and Oxidation. Here it is important to know that it is a Can: We have seen in our many years of experience already 333-rings, which were, after many years, still very nice.

As an aid to decision-making, which Material is right for your wedding rings, we have here the advantages and disadvantages of the materials, are summarised for you:

1. Yellow gold: a sensitive classics

Our recommendation: For all couples looking for a timeless traditional wedding band search. Particularly suitable for the application of the warm yellow gold on olive skin.

Cost: 500 to 2,000 euros


  • valuable Material
  • very popular


  • very soft
  • prone to scratches

Yellow gold as a Material is very popular among wedding rings, although the precious metal in the jewelry making rare.

This is because the metal is very soft and not very robust. You want to wedding rings made of yellow gold, we recommend you therefore to reach a high alloy. So you can minimize the signs of wear.

By the way: you Are still unsure if wedding rings made of Gold in the alloy 333, 585, 750, or 990 better? Then you will find in our article What is the gold content for wedding rings is the best?the right answer.

2. Rose gold: the bold Alternative to rose gold

Our recommendation: For all pairs, the Particular look and warm colors, love. The big advantage is: red gold fits to almost all types of skin. Light complexion it flatters most of all.

Cost: 700 to 1,500 euros


  • modern
  • exceptional color contrast
  • hardly any wear


  • not timeless
  • don’t like any

Who likes to wear a eye-catching Ring on her Finger, for the rose gold is a matching wedding bands Material. Rosé and rose gold created by the addition of copper. The more copper in the alloy is, the redder the rings.

3. Rose gold: the wedding Trend in 2020

Our recommendation: For all the couples who are safe, even after years of an extraordinary Ring on your Finger wear to. Rose gold is a bit warmer than yellow gold and fits to every type of skin.

Cost: 700 to 2,000 euros


  • Trend for 2020
  • Hardly Any Wear


  • not to everyone’s taste
  • no Evergreen

Rose gold contains less copper than gold, and is therefore in its color less intense. Also, wedding rings rose gold will be added to Color nuances arise from bright Pink to subtle Apricot.

4. White gold: a timeless Evergreen

Our recommendation: For all pairs of medium-Budget, high-quality and timeless wedding rings for your choice.

Cost: 700 to 2,000 euros


  • timeless
  • less wear of the material
  • medium weight


  • more grey than white and bright
  • not color stable under 585 white gold
  • Yellow spot 585 white gold

In the case of white gold, a distinction between rhodium-plated and don’t rhodium-plated white gold, – in the latter case, one also speaks of grey and gold. We recommend that you white-gold from a gold content of 585 as including rings, tarnish and oxidize. Wedding rings white gold 333 or 375 not colour stable, so that by the time the Rhodium is removed and a slightly yellowish sheen.

However, these are not wedding rings affordable than wedding rings with a very high gold content.

Our recommendation: For couples with a high Budget, very light, durable and hypoallergenic wedding bands wishes, 950 platinum is the best Material for wedding rings.

Cost per Couple: 1,500 to 3,000 euros


  • moon light color
  • no material abrasion
  • robust and resistant


  • high-priced
  • high weight

Wedding rings made of 950 platinum are suitable for all couples who are in search of a beautiful

The very rare Material, platinum is particularly suitable for Allergy sufferers, since wedding rings made of platinum 950 hypoallergenic. This is due to the fact that most of the platinum alloys are 95% made of platinum. Other additional metals are tungsten, for example.

6. Palladium: a rugged wedding rings-Material

Our recommendation: For all couples looking for a cheap yet high-quality Alternative to platinum are looking for.

Cost: 800 to 3,000 euros


  • hypoallergenic
  • very robust
  • beautiful bright color
  • low weight
  • no material abrasion


  • high-priced
  • not as bright as platinum

Palladium is in the Moment as expensive as never before, but nevertheless, a good Alternative to platinum.

Palladium 950 platinum 950 hypoallergenic, and has abrasion-not material. The density of Palladium is much lower than that of platinum, thus the rings are much lighter. This is especially for newlyweds pleasant, accustomed to no jewelry.

7. Titanium: a very good price-performance ratio

Our recommendation: For couples with a smaller Budget, a grayish-white, hypoallergenic Material and rugged wedding rings your choice.

Cost: 200 to 800 Euro


  • inexpensive
  • very resistant
  • hypoallergenic


  • not in the Wide changeable, however, is a far-exchange is possible
  • Design can not be changed, for example, stone trim
  • gray stainless steel

Titanium as a Material for wedding rings has amazing properties: in addition to its high hardness titanium is also hypoallergenic and is suitable especially for people with sensitive skin. Furthermore, the Titan absorbs the heat of the body very quickly and is very comfortable to wear. Titanium as a Material is from the price is significantly lower than white gold and is ideal for couples, with a smaller Budget.

Due to the high hardness, rings made of titanium does not change the length.

8. Stainless steel: bright color, low price

Our recommendation: For couples, a light metal with a high hardness to a reasonable price, stainless steel is a great wedding rings-Material.

Cost: 150 to 600 Euro


  • very bright
  • very inexpensive
  • very resistant
  • high skin tolerance


  • not in the Wide changeable, however, is a far-exchange is possible
  • Design can not be changed, for example, stone trim

Most of the stainless steel alloy 1.4404 is used for rings.

This is also used in the medical and dental industry. This stainless steel skin is highly tolerated.

A small drawback in the case of stainless steel is that you can see the rings in the Vastness of change. If your Hand has changed in the course of life, it must be replaced the Ring in size. Another disadvantage of stainless steel is that the rings can not be changed in most cases. For softer metals such as Gold or silver, you can vary many of the models, the width, the height, and the stone trim.

9. Silver: an inexpensive Material

Our recommendation: For couples, for which the Budget is not high, and the bright metal, your choice, we recommend silver as the Material for their wedding rings.

Cost: 100 to 500 Euro


  • very bright
  • very inexpensive
  • great surface possible
  • the Width can be changed


  • very soft
  • start
  • deform can

Silver has a brilliant white color, and can be easily processed. Thus, silver is the Material of special finishes possible. Another advantage of silver is that the rings are made of silver can be changed in the range.

Unfortunately, silver as the Material also has some disadvantages. How do you know it is safe from silver Cutlery, you can also start in rings made of silver and with the air to oxidize.

Silver as a Material is very soft and gets very fast signs of wear. It is also possible that the rings deform after a few years. The Ring is not quite round, but slightly oval.

10. Tantalum: an extravagant Material in dark grey

Our recommendation: For all pairs with a high Budget, which is an unusual colour scheme for your wedding rings looking for.

Cost: 1,000 to 2,500 euros


  • very rare
  • extravagant color


  • very hard
  • not as black as Carbon
  • not in the Wide changeable, however, is a far-exchange is possible

Relatively new and still somewhat unknown, the Material is tantalum. The Material is tantalum incredibly rare and incredibly difficult. Our materials only Carbon is darker than tantalum. So who is in search of an incomparably rare, dark, and difficult to be processed metal is removed in the case of tantalum to the right place.

11. Carbon: dark Black at a low price

Our recommendation: For couples with a small budget, the effect on the Exceptional’t want to miss out.

Cost: 200 to 400 Euro


  • inexpensive
  • extravagant eye-catcher
  • robust
  • easy


  • not polished
  • not in the Wide changeable, however, is a far-exchange is possible

Carbon is one of the extravagant materials for rings and is recognised by its deep black color immediately. The textured surface makes each wedding ring made of Carbon also unique. Furthermore, the Material is characterized in that it is, in spite of his resistance is still very easy and for a comfortable feeling while Wearing cares.

The differences of the materials for wedding rings in the comparison

We are often asked whether the Material A or B should be chosen.

In the following, we try to clarify the most important questions.

Here is an Overview of the most important properties of wedding rings-materials:

Material Color Price Abrasion property for people with allergies?
Yellow gold Yellow ✩✩ ✩✩  
Rose gold Red ✩✩ ✩✩  
Rose gold Red ✩✩ ✩✩  
White gold White ✩✩✩ ✩✩  
Platinum White ✩✩✩ ✩✩✩ 950 platinum is hypoallergenic.
Palladium White ✩✩✩ ✩✩✩ Palladium 950 is hypoallergenic.
Titanium White ✩✩✩ Titanium is hypoallergenic.
Stainless steel White ✩✩✩  
Silver White  
Tantalum Black ✩✩✩ ✩✩✩  
Carbon Black ✩✩  

What Gold is the right thing for the wedding bands?

Whether Yellow, White, Red or rose gold is the right choice of material for your wedding rings, depends solely on your taste. Because of the difference in the gold materials is their color. You have chosen a color, The higher the fine gold content of the alloy (333, 585, 750), more pure, more robust, and thus also of higher quality and more expensive is the Gold.

Wedding rings made of Gold or silver – which Material should we choose?

Even though Gold is more resistant, more rare and more precious than silver, the choice between the Gold – and silver rings is not always easy. For one thing, the price may be the difference in a major role to play, on the other, the various colors and gloss properties of their respective uniqueness exerts its special appeal.

It can be said that the decision, whether you are buying for their wedding gold rings or silver rings, depending on the financial possibilities and the personal taste. Both precious metals offer beautiful Designs with an elegant character, wherein the Gold with his resistance is a little advantage. Bridal couples that you must pay attention to the Budget often opt for engagement rings made of silver, and engage in wedding rings to valuable versions in Gold, white gold, Palladium or platinum.

Wedding rings made of silver, or white gold – which is better?

So much to the point: the question of whether wedding rings in silver or white gold Throughout are better, there is no clear answer. Both metals have their pros and cons, depending on what you put as a buyer value.

The benefits of silver: silver is precious and at the same time very effective. The benefits of white gold: white gold is high-quality, resistant, sturdy, and the rarer precious metal compared to silver. In addition, white gold does not tarnish, unlike silver, therefore, has no Patina.

Wedding rings made of platinum 600 or Palladium 950? – a question of purity

Do you want to find similar materials and compare it, you should always have the same purity of the material as a basis to take. In contrast to wedding rings made of Palladium 950, which are processed to ninety-five percent pure, is platinum 600, for example, only sixty percent of pure platinum and forty percent of additional metals, such as fine silver, Rhenium and copper. Palladium 950 is, however, mixed with five percent Ruthenium or Rhenium.
Other Differences:

  • Color: While platinum 950 brighter than Palladium 950 is, loses platinum 600 by the lower platinum share a bit of brightness.
  • Abrasion: here, Too, Palladium 950, easily the nose in the front. This is due to the fact that Palladium 950 has abrasion, in contrast to platinum 600 no material.

Welches Material für Eheringe ist am besten? – unsere Erfahrungen

Wenn man alle Vor- und Nachteile betrachtet, ist das beste weiße Material Platin 950. Bei Gold ist es nicht so wichtig, ob Sie sich für Weißgold, Gelbgold, Roségold oder Rotgold entscheiden. Bei Ringen aus Gold kommt es vielmehr auf die Reinheit an. Bei Gold ist eine Reinheit von 750 (18 Karat) am besten, da diese ein optimales Verhältnis zwischen Materialabrieb und Härte aufweist.

Haben Sie schon einen Favoriten unter den Materialien für Ihre Eheringe? Perfekt! Dann stöbern Sie doch gleich in unserem Online Shop für Eheringe und finden Sie ein schönes Design mit Ihrem Lieblingsmetall. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen auch jederzeit für eine persönliche Beratung zur Verfügung. Nutzen Sie dazu unser Kontaktformular oder rufen Sie direkt bei uns an. Auch eine Terminvereinbarung direkt bei uns im Ladengeschäft in Heilbronn ist möglich. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

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