Wedding rings 2022

Wedding rings 2022

Rather, The Trends in 2022 Inge - edenly - titleThe perfect wedding rings are one of the most important components of a wedding, after all, you are one of the few things that remain forever. But even if you are wearing his wedding rings for a lifetime, you want to choose rings, like immediately. We present you here the most beautiful Trends on the topic of wedding rings.

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Wedding rings 2023

Wedding rings in 2023 reflect the General Trend in weddings is clearly reflected: personality. Couples no longer want to be engraved only simple rings with the name of the Future or the Future. This classic has been very well yet, but rings that play with shapes and stones are added. Wedding rings, and other engravings, or which, from a Ring of balls exist. Is allowed, what is like, is the motto of.

Wedding rings - wedding rings Trends beads - edenly
The delicate rings, which are formed from each of the balls, there is no way currently. These trendy wedding rings we have in edenly seen.

Every year some of the big Trends in the wedding world emerge.

This year, we just see the wedding rings has many extraordinary models. Colored stones, and personal engravings dominate the wedding ring trends. For now, it is high times to create Something, what one has not seen others do.

In times of Instagram, where everyone using the Hashtag #Instabraut his wedding, and then just look for specific directions on how to Boho or luxurious, in order to show: This is us, this is our Lifestyle and our wedding suits the wedding ring to the bride’s bouquet perfectly in our colour of the selected concept.

Wedding rings with exceptional engraving

One of the major Trends in the wedding rings of the game with unusual engravings, is. Symbols and floral patterns on the Ring engraved, or as a personal Symbol to each other in the inner surface. One of the trendy rings of the past years had an engraved heart, which is only seen when both rings are on top of each other.

In engraving, it is now: more is More. You want an unusual Ring to wear, or even several words in the Ring to bring. Also popular are the coordinates of a special place or own unmistakable fingerprint are.

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A great source of inspiration to rings with individual engravings can be found in the numerous Shops of Etsy.

Reading tip: for More ideas for the engraving of the wedding rings can be found in this article in our magazine. Your creativity, there are really no limits.

Floral Wedding Rings

Not only wedding rings with floral engravings, but also rings, the shape of leaves and flowers are formed, are on the increase. With such an exceptional Ring, her carry a trendy and yet timeless, beautiful wedding ring. In pretty much all cultures, plants have always been of the importance of growth and fertility. And the way this wedding ring your love bloom forever and thrive.

Wedding rings - wedding Trends - Floral pattern - edenlyWedding rings - wedding Trends - Floral rings - edenly

Discovered by edenly: Unusual wedding rings with floral elements

Not many couples select a wedding ring is a statement ring. Your distinguishes you from the crowd and you can be sure that your exclusive wear wedding rings. We find that each one should select the rings, which fit as a Couple. It is again important that both rings to form a Set, but that the rings of the respective carrier and you as a bride and groom match, and your marriage to reflect.

Wedding rings in a V shape

A relatively new Trend comes from the large wedding trend of Boho-wedding. And although it’s quite delicate rings, sometimes several together, in extraordinary forms. Asymmetric, curved, with a moon stone, and, above all, not classic. The most Popular is the wedding ring in a V-shape.

Wedding rings - wedding rings Trends - V - edenly
Even more trendy rings in a Boho-Look, can you at edenly find.

The Trend: wedding rings forging

A Trend of big wedding trend with Green wedding has sprung, it’s the wedding rings, a self-forging. For this you can an old inherited piece of jewelry to be melted down and makes it his own personal wedding rings. The process is also really fun and you can afterwards is sure to impress many of the family in order. In addition, you can make it completely according to your own Wishes.

Wedding Rings - Wedding Rings Trends - CADIjewelry - Etsy
Custom rings can you self-forging or in an Etsy Shop for you-made.

Some goldsmiths now offer courses to wedding rings forging on. This activity weld you together as a Couple and the memories you carry Your life on your Finger. And may your heirloom can familiarize and more to wear. A romantic’s not the point!

Wedding Rings: News

In addition to the Look of the wedding rings there are some beautiful Trends that put your wedding rings, particularly in the scene. You can, for example, on an extraordinary ring pillow place. In Trend ring pillows are made with love for you. Whether glass box with Your name on it, stick frame with personalization or pottery bowl – personalized ring pillows are absolutely in!

Wedding rings - wedding rings Trends - talking - loves- etsy
Small manufacturers will offer their hand-crafted Bridal accessories at Etsy.

Popular at the present time, the rings focused in your ceremony Shine through. There are the so-called ring of ritual in the outdoor wedding Ceremony, with your rings by means of a long Band along the guest series will be drawn to. Every wedding guest is holding the wedding rings briefly and thinks of his wishes to the bride and groom. As soon as the wedding rings are arrived at the Couple, it may infect the rings full of good wishes.

The most beautiful rings in the world?

We find: The most beautiful rings in the world are, what you as a Couple, the most mean and welding. Ye are of Your life, enjoy it, and even in difficult times by you to the most beautiful day in Your life, and the wonderful reasons for your wedding, to be reminded of. With a classic Pair of wedding bands, in your name are engraved, making her definitely nothing wrong.

Wedding rings - wedding rings Trends - devoured - edenlyWedding rings - wedding rings Trends - Eheringset - edenly

This trend rings in the tri-color Look , or ultra-feminine and delicate wedding rings, which together with the engagement ring to be worn can be found at edenly.

Trend ideas for wedding rings in the Overview

If your still not made a decision, you’ll find here the major Trends in the wedding rings are still in Overview:

  • An exceptional engraving
  • Colored Gemstones
  • Delicate and minimalist rings
  • The classic slip-on ring
  • Wedding rings forging yourself

Wedding rings - wedding rings Trends - wedding nature photography
Real couples decide not uncommon for different materials and different Looks for your own wedding.

Our conclusion: Unusual wedding rings are on Trend! Shows your personality and dare to wear a unusual ring, if you like. It is especially important that the Two of you and Your wedding rings a hundred percent comfortable. Compare, get inspired, and then select a wedding ring that suits you best. Let yourself be here in no case by the Partner or the family talk. Finally, all you want to do after the wedding every day, Your wedding ring please.