New style of wedding rings

New style of wedding rings

werkzeuge der goldschmiede von hestermann und sohn

You want a makeover of your existing wedding rings? The go! We show you in this post how we hold your wedding rings a custom and new design, you can. As your jeweler of trust, we look forward to welcoming you in this matter of the heart and inspire you to accompany.

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From the existing wedding rings new make

To inherit a piece of jewelry, it is always an honor. It is all the more poignant for heirs, if it rings a Few more. They are of high emotional significance and tell a love story. They are companions for Life. Would you like to inherited family wedding rings to wear? We can help you your precious jewelry pieces in such a fashion that you are stuck with the joy of the Finger.

The new rings can take up the old piece of jewelry in the Design by be modified only worked up easily. Or let the heirlooms of smelting, and, for example, by the addition of other materials new wedding bands from them. However, not only heirlooms you can rework – even your own wedding rings Shine in collaboration with our creative goldsmith in a new light.


5 ways the makeover of your wedding rings

There are numerous options for the makeover angejahrter wedding rings. Some jewelry pieces are timeless and beautiful, and may have to in your ring size is changed or reconditioned. Other rings may not be entirely up to the personal taste of the new owner and may be due to the binding of a precious stone or makeover into a stylish pendant to your new favorite piece of jewelry to be made.

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1. Ring size

A Ring can almost always be changed in its fit. He is too small, it either has to be a little stretched, or additional Material inserted. The piece of jewelry is cut at the solder joint and an extension piece is used. At the Transition shows the quality of the craft work – an experienced goldsmith zooms in on the Ring so that the adjustment has no traces of leaves.

A Ring is too large for the new carrier, it can be compressed and reduced in size. The subsequent grinding ensures that, even in this case, the adjustment with the naked eye is not visible. The Ring is marked with stones, must be discouraged from compression, however. Instead, a professional goldsmith can separate the piece of jewelry at the solder joint, Material is removed and the Ring close put it back together again.

2. Wedding rings together

A Set of two rings can allow you to work a piece of jewelry or wedding ring Umar. Creativity has no boundaries. For example, it is possible to integrate the individual elements, such as a stone or a ring made of one of the rings in the other Ring. One of the rings could a bride-to-be also as an engagement ring , while the second to a size adjustment as a wedding ring to be used. Our experienced goldsmith in this case, ensure that the engagement ring, and later as a flush ring in perfect symbiosis with the new wedding ring harmonized.

Zusammengefügte Eheringe aus Platin mit Diamanten

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3. Rings to pendants fashion

A jahrten wedding ring, you need to wear inevitably continue as a Ring.

It can be also to be a trailer reworked and on a chain around the neck are placed. You can customize the trailer to your ideas. Whether to simply as the Gold or Silver leaf, or unusual heart-shaped, such as in – after the smelting of each Ring can be fashioned into a beautiful unique piece. The jewelry pieces can be customize, edit, and re-design, so that you will wear with joy. Special requests, such as a special engraving or the incorporation of new materials are possible. You immortalize, for example, the name of the previous owner, or a significant date on the back of your new trailer.

4. Gem incorporated

Each piece of jewelry tells a story. A wedding ring is accompanied even the possibly most emotional section in a person’s life. He inherited after a marriage or a widow, left, wins, he usually even more emotional value. Straight women often decide to do this, the wedding ring in a jewelry ring fashion and a gem to add. The sparkling treasures have different meanings, which may be the choice for you.

Gemstone Downstream Of Said Meaning
Diamond Freedom, purity, eternal love
Ruby Love, Passion, Loyalty
Amethyst Peace, Happiness, Intuition
Sapphire Will Power, Clarity, Devotion
Emerald Beauty, Balance, Harmony
Topaz Self-Realization, Wisdom, Happiness

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5. Rings smelting & new piece of jewelry make

A Ring can be melted down, reshaped and, if necessary, with a further alloy added. It creates a new piece of jewelry – it is the previous owner of a symbol, however, continue to be.

Just then, when the style of the ring deviates too much from your own personal taste, you can offer the smelting and Rework a good solution. It is a Set consisting of two wedding rings, they can also be melted down and molded into a single piece of jewelry or wedding ring.

You want your Ring fashion?

Our goldsmiths jewellery gives a new life – and-crafts, perfect and according to your Wishes.

Wedding rings fashion can: ideas & examples

Any reason to makeover angejahrter wedding bands has its own Background. Once the makeover of a very creative project, a particularly joyful event. When Hester’s husband & son, our gold Dominique Foltin blacksmith sensitive and creative in the implementation of their ideas. Unusual and unique she makes them accurately and with attention to Detail.

Wedding rings to the silver wedding fashion

25 years of marriage is truly a performance. Together, UPS and Downs were carried out, decisions are made and formative experiences.

Always your faithful companion: the wedding rings! They are witnesses of the time and win from year to year to emotional value.

However, just as her life in 25 years, and greatly changed, is changing, probably to your taste. For this reason, consider the numerous pairs of the silver wedding anniversary is a makeover of their wedding rings. Add a new engraving added, let you adjust the size or leave your rings melted down and completely re-interpret almost any idea can be implemented.

ringe der goldschmiede von hestermann und sohn

einfuegen eines diamanten in der goldschmiede von hestermann und sohn

Engagement ring wedding ring fashion

Usually, a wedding ring following the engagement ring. However, the makeover of the engagement ring to the wedding ring has many pairs of its appeal. The development of a piece of jewelry symbolizes section of the Transition in the next life, represents the first step in the marriage, and the associated change.

Exactly how this change looks like, you can set the Pair in close consultation with our master goldsmith. The ring can be supplemented, for example, another alloy, or with a ornament provided.

Stones can be used or removed.

Cost for makeover your wedding rings

The makeover of the existing wedding bands cost with varying degrees of intensity. The price, the following factors determine this:

  • Material cost
  • Value of a precious stone (if desired)
  • Hours of work of the goldsmith

To be as transparent as possible and being there for you, we at the Hester’s husband & son after the common planning the makeover first, a clear estimate of costs for you.

Wedding ring-makeover when goldsmith

As a jeweler is Hester’s husband & son, not only for gems and hand-picked treasures exquisite jewelry brands in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. We also perform precise, custom designs and feature a comprehensive list of your own jewelry collection. The best materials, perfect craftsmanship, and timeless Design in our Studio Hand-in-Hand.

In of our high-quality goldsmiths manufacture we are unique according to your Wishes and go in close Dialog with you on so detailed ideas.

Just in their wedding rings, they finally re-find. Come with your ideas to us or let our ideas inspire you and transform your wedding rings in style and in cooperation with our experts. The makeover is done in 5 steps.

  • 1. Collection Of Ideas + Planning

    Bring your rings and (if available) your own photos or drawings for the makeover.

  • 2. Outline

    After an intense exchange with our goldsmith to produce a professional drawing according to your requests.

  • 3. Cost calculation

    We create a quote for you and get your final approval before the makeover begins.

  • 4. Makeover

    Our professionals get to work and edit your wedding rings to the highest quality standards.

  • 5. Pick-up

    Depending on the complexity, you can pick up your custom order within a few days or weeks.

In addition to revisions and adjustments to the size of our goldsmiths and for individual special orders, for the production of seal rings and for the professional cleaning of your jewelry pieces available. Visit us anytime at our premises on the Königsallee or contact you by telephone with us in contact.

Here is a selection of jewellery from our Hestermann & son collection: