Protocol for an engagement party

Protocol for an engagement party

In General, the engagement ceremony is a bit more formal than a hen night, but by the effort (and Budget) here a long time to have wedding celebration. How, exactly, an engagement party is organized and what you need to note, you will learn in this article.

Gift for fiancee

Previously, it was common that the parents have organized the engagement party (or a receipt).

Meanwhile, the bride-to-be couple decides however most of the time, such as the engagement party and invites himself. It doesn’t hurt but of course, when your parents ask if they support you financially for the engagement party.

Generally speaking, you should not overdo it with the style and the expenditure for the engagement party because, after all, the wedding celebration is the greatest celebration and you should be able to provide a significant increase.

This article has been split into the following areas:

  1. Time of the engagement party
  2. The guest list for the engagement party
  3. Invitation to the engagement
  4. Location for the engagement party
  5. Food & drinks for engagement party
  6. Table decoration for the Celebration of the engagement
  7. Drain and entertainment ideas for the engagement party
  8. More tips for the engagement party

1. Time of the engagement party

The engagement party should, of course, take place as soon as possible after the marriage proposal (the best way 3-8 weeks later).

Engagement parties

You shouldn’t delay too long and remember that even the great wedding indented festival is getting closer and your concentration and time for the wedding preparations needed.

Most often, the engagement ceremony will be held in the evening, but also a Meeting for Brunch or for a coffee & cake would be possible.

If your families don’t know of your engagement, you can invite the families under a different pretext, and, therefore, a Surprise engagement party plan.

Maybe a good idea for you Yes, under what pretext could be the families get together. Alternatively, birthdays or the holidays if this match timing.

2. The guest list for the engagement party

Wedding Guests Engagement Party Guest List
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At the engagement party guests is kept to a list in the most common cases rather short and most of the family circle is limited. Of course, it would also be nice if the future groomsmen could join the party.

If the families do not know, then all members of the family (parents and siblings) should invite her to the engagement party.

It is only a civil Wedding planned, then you can (instead of a large hen night), the engagement party is larger parties, if you are the more commitments should. Then you should be Fixed but rather how to organize a small wedding.

3. Invitation to the engagement

Normally will be shipped to engagement party invitation card but it is verbally invited.

Invitation Registry Office
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If you like it, of course, festive, no way around the invitation card for the engagement party. Beautiful invitation cards with great Designs but need not to be expensive. More information is available in our article on the invitation cards to the wedding.

Sent her to the engagement party is only a few invitations, but also a very classy designed to be, such as, for example, the invitation cards made of acrylic.

If your guests need from a distance, Arrive and a Hotel, then you can also in the case of the (oral) invitation to clarify and possibly a hotel to reserve your room.

You definitely have a list of To – and Cancel, so that you keep everything at a Glance.

4. Location for the engagement party

Engagement party

Your engagement party, you can celebrate at home or in a fancy Restaurant.

It depends of course on your home, the number of guests and your Budget. Only in rare cases, to rent for the engagement party hall.

Advantage Restaurant: less Stress, more formal ambience, space for more guests

Advantage home: cheap, friendly and informal

5. Food & drinks for engagement party

Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement dinner

Finger Food Engagement Party Wedding
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In the Restaurant, it is clear: Either there is a selected menu, a Buffet or à la carte options are. The menu/Buffet in the costs can be better estimated and if it is well organized, then Delicious is something for everyone here.

In case the engagement party at home can be either self-cooked or maybe each guest brings something to eat. Stress-free variant for the engagement dinner: There will be a Catering.

Wedding Business Directory Catering Party Service
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A Sunday Brunch, afternoon coffee & cake or a barbecue party in the garden offer a great engagement party, so guests can bring a lot of and it will be cheaper and not so stressful. A finger food Buffet is a great idea.

Also, of course, a combination of Restaurant and at home is possible, then combines the advantages of both. So you could meet, for example, to have lunch in the Restaurant and then there is coffee & cake at home.


Engagement Party Drinks Champagne Reception
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As for the drinks, it can go to an engagement party something festive (wine, champagne, etc.), but this is not absolutely necessary. If you’re on the drinks, there is normally at you at a birthday party, then you can’t go wrong.

In any case, you can forget the champagne and orange juice, because of course you need to drink a toast to your engagement.


A great dance party with loud music, the engagement party is not, that’s usually reserved for the hen night and at the engagement party, it’s a lot quieter.

However, it should not be dispensed with suitable background music, which can then be run during the meal,.

6. Table decoration for the Celebration of the engagement

As with any other Solid should be at the engagement party, the tables, or decorated with flowers adorned.

Name tags to print
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However, if the decoration is a little bit on the wedding theme, the engagement makes the holidays feel like the big wedding. Also, name tags give the engagement party is equal to a fixed-friendly charm.

A great idea for engagement party-table decoration: to each place a napkin on the plate and ties to napkin with a small Tie (for men) or a blue garter belt (for women).

For more creative ideas, and helpful hints you can find in our in-depth article about the table decoration.

Let our table decorations image gallery for inspiration.

7. Drain and entertainment ideas for the engagement party

garden party
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The expiration of the engagement party depends strongly on your preferences and your current budget.

Generally speaking, you can’t say For the engagement party it usually comes on time to the specified time.

Then either the bride or father of a future groom of a short speech , and the engagement is officially announced. Then, after the Bridal couple will be initiated, is usually the official Part and the Buffet is opened.

Wedding couple or the guests, then provide some entertainment with 1-2 points program.

Light image as a way to Start wedding planning

Fire Heart Wedding
© Krause & Sohn

A romantic photo, for example, with the Transition from the heart to the wedding rings makes for ambience and a Moment everyone will remember.

Look at more on this and other pictures!

Sand painting, Video, or Live performance

Surprise for the wedding of parents
© Sandy-Kind Creative Agency GmbH

Your love story in Sand painting is Such a unique Show as the

Surprise your Loved ones with the entertainment trend sand painting. The video from 800 euros for the majority of couples in love affordable, want to make the day of your engagement unforgettable!

8. More tips for the engagement party

Outfit for the engagement party

Engagement Ring Size

If you want to for your engagement party, a special dress code, then you should tell your guests are also essential.

There are engagement parties, from the simple to the pompous, it helps enormously if you inform your guests about the style of the engagement party.

Here we have a few tips for your Outfit and the Top 30 engagement dresses for a shiny appearance.

Wedding coarse defined

Because, of course, at the engagement party, each lot of questions for the wedding to be put, it would be an advantage, if you are the most important questions for the wedding already answered you, so that your guests something about the upcoming wedding will tell you. Nothing is worse than when you don’t

Also, don’t forget to ask for the engagement party or for help of the wedding planning. For one thing, you’ll need some helpers and your guests will feel honored, if they can help you and the anticipation of the wedding is increased enormously.

Engagement ring

Engagement ring buy

In no Case shall the engagement ceremony, the engagement ring to the bride-to-be is missing. If so you’ve bought engagement rings, you should have this to the engagement party, be sure to catch up.

Wedding date announce

Wedding Lights Wedding GiftIf your wedding date is fixed, then surprise your guests with a fabulous wedding lantern with engravingfor your house entrance embellished.

Or with a personalized doormat, on the your names and your wedding date to see.

If you are at your engagement party guests in a special way to welcome.

Mr Mrs Doormat
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