Unique princess cut diamond rings

Unique princess cut diamond rings

Diamonds are not only the hardest Material in the world, but also as a Symbol of undying love – be it romantic, familial or friendly. Diamond rings are therefore perfect as a symbolic jewellery gift for the most important people in your life. Discover in DIEMER now a unique model with flawless diamonds, matching bracelets, chains and necklaces with diamond pendants, with a Sparkle in the eyes of your favorite spells.

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Diamond rings: luxury jewelry pieces in a variety of Design

Bronze, silver and Gold – which Material suits you?

Diamond rings: luxury jewelry pieces in a variety of Design

Diamond pieces of jewelry are not without reason, the most popular jewelry gifts for women. Whether sparkling diamond earrings, a dainty diamond bracelet or a precious diamond chain: a flawless diamond gives every piece of jewelry is a very special magic.

Especially diamond rings, with their unique Sparkle to a unique stimulus. Thanks to the wide choice in terms of shape, jewelry Material , and color the Designs of precious stone rings of luxurious and eye-catching to simple and elegant. Which models come with a diamond ring for ladies in question, you can find here:

In Focus: Solitaire Rings

The classic diamond rings include models in which a

diamond solitaire, so individually, in the middle of the ring sits, and the whole attention draws to itself. A holder for a secure Hold, which highlights the valuable stone literally creates. Whether you eye-catching rings with big stone and fine grinding prefer or prefer to use subtle clamping rings with clamped stone set: in case of DIEMER you will find a high quality diamond rings for every taste.

In good company: Multi-diamond rings

You prefer glamorous finger jewelry? Rings with multiple diamonds appear to be at the same time luxurious and noble

. If you prefer a simple Design, uses models with side-lined, the same large stones. Classic-extravagant rings with brilliant-cut diamonds, framing a large diamond on the other hand are. Even more striking design, in which the diamonds peppy over the entire Ring distributed and exciting geometric pattern to generate.

Symbolic: Ring with diamond for women and men in the extraordinary Form

You want for your loved one or your Dearest meaningful symbol jewelry instead of the traditional Designs? In DIEMER you will find popular motifs such as stars, hearts, and flowers, the match of your favorite people, and thanks to the unique Details that draw attention.

Particularly unique beaded rings, which are additionally decorated with diamonds or a Ring with diamonds in combination with other colorful gemstones are.

Tip: For a change of pace combinations with colored gems or pearls rings, the addition of diamonds to be filled.

Bronze, silver and Gold – which Material suits you?

Besides the Design, the Material of the ring decides to stark about how this works in the end. Here, you can choose between Gold, silver and various alloys:

Gold ring with diamond: hot and glamorous

Gold rings have a traditional, particularly valuable charisma – a diamond ring made of Gold with its warm luster especially good on tanned skin effect. Gold is also particularly hard-wearing Material, that not only classic yellow gold is available, but also in alloys such as Red or rose or white gold, which is cooler types.

Ladies ‘ ring with diamond, silver: precious and cooling

While a diamond Ring for ladies Gold rather warm, luxurious Flair, radiation silver rings a cool elegance , which, especially pale complexion, light hair and eyes. Clear gems have a fresh and delicate effect, which is reminiscent of sparkling ice Crystals. The silver can be both matt and polished to a smooth finish – great visual effects produce our rings, where both surfaces have been cleverly combined.

Platinum: the value of modern

Increasingly, classical Gold and silver rings models from the precious jewelry can be replaced with material of platinum. This is reminiscent of silver, is one of the most durable precious metals at all. Platinum rings with diamonds are significantly more robust and durable and therefore also of the male ring bearers are often preferred. In addition, the modern Material is also suitable for people with allergies, as it contains no Nickel.

Diamond rings: brilliant gifts with symbol value

Diamonds are among the toughest in the world of fabrics – probably this is the reason why you are already used for years as a symbol as a sign of eternal Faithfulness and endless love. A diamond Ring reinforces the message, otherwise his shape – a circle with no beginning and no end – is also a symbol of infinity. So are the luxury jewelry pieces on the one hand, ideal as a romantic gift idea for couples (not without reason are diamond rings classic engagement and wedding rings); in particular, diamond rings, heart-shaped delight for Valentine’s day or the anniversary of great popularity. But also for other loved ones is a diamond ring deep friendship, Affection, or a particularly close relationship with his family can symbolize.

Ring size: as your ring fits like a glove

Make your diamond ring does not slip, but rather on the Finger sits, at the same time, however, easily remove, is the proper ring size is important. This depends on the size of the finger, the diamond ring will be worn. Theoretically, the Ring can be worn, of course, on each Finger, and the majority of people prefer, however, as the Name suggests – the ring finger of the left Hand, since this is the heart of a particularly close.

To determine the ring size, just put a piece of string or yarn for each Finger and then measure with a tape measure the length of the cord. Make sure that the string is neither so tight that it constricts your Finger, at the same time, however, even just over the knuckles can be drawn. You can then convert the circumference by using a conversion chart in the size of the ring.

If you already have a gutsitzenden Ring, you can measure alternatively, its diameter and, using a conversion table you ring size. Many manufacturers indicate the size of the ring is also in the item description. Keep in mind, however, that the ring size of the right Hand may be different from the left.