Wedding checklist printables

Wedding checklist printables

Wedding check list 1The most important tasks for the organization of Your wedding, here– after months of sorts. We have gathered for you over 70 points to the checklist on the way to Your dream wedding.

  1. Checklist for the wedding: 10 – 12 months
  2. Wedding Checklist: 8 – 10 Months
  3. Checklist: 6 – 8 months for the wedding
  4. Wedding Check List: 4 – 6 Months
  5. Wedding Check List: 2 – 4 Months
  6. 1 month before the wedding
  7. Check-List – 2 Weeks
  8. Wedding Check List: 1 Week
  9. 1 more day until the Ceremony
  10. The Wedding Day
  11. The day after the wedding ceremony
  12. In the first weeks after the wedding
  13. A few months after the marriage
  14. Wedding plan with free & customizable check list
  15. Our Wedding checklist as an Excel spreadsheet free Download
  16. Free Wedding checklists as a PDF
  17. Wedding guide with extensive checklists
  18. Checklists for the wedding via Email
  19. Wedding planning made easy
  20. Wedding forum and check lists

Checklist for the wedding: 10 – 12 months

  1. Decision for a wedding date
    Sets the date for the wedding for you and agreed to the appointment with the most important guests.

  2. The General framework for the wedding set
    Is the wedding Ceremony in a registry office, Church, or as a free ceremony take place? The Feast is supposed to be big, small, rustic, or elegant? Before the frame is not set, the Location is not selected.

  3. The Budget for the wedding specify
    How much money can you and would you like to spend? Think carefully about how much money you have available. If your more on the cost of a wedding know want to read our list of

    clever money-saving tips to the wedding.

  4. Create an initial guest list,
    Created a preliminary guest list. Before the guest list is, you can’t find a Location!

  5. Looking for a suitable Location for your wedding ceremony
    is Looking for the perfect wedding location by location, number of guests, Catering, etc. and to clarify whether the Venue at Your desired date is still available and what the costs are.

  6. Find and Book the perfect music for Your big day
    Bay of your Band, your musicians or DJ is best directly after the wedding location is fixed you, because the best ones are sold out fast.

    Catches up to you in a timely offers and be sure that all costs (incl. How to arrive, the desired duration of the game and sound system) in advance knows.

  7. Create a wedding folder
    So that you do not have the Overview loses: Creates a folder where all of the documents for your wedding to topics divided files. If your wedding planning is also interactive with Your guests make want to, it is recommended to start a Wedding website create. So, you can get your wedding guests up-to-date hold.

  8. A decision for or against a wedding planner

    If you are a wedding planner to help you are, you should you in the ideal case, now on the search.

  9. Sending the Save-the-Date cards
    Announcing your wedding with Save-the-Date cards at an early stage, so that your guests this special day hold, and set the can.

    Wedding checklist - Save the Date cards - wedding Plaza map shop

    Whether stamped with a foil print or transparent, with us in the card shop to find your Save-the-date cards according to Your tastes.

Wedding Checklist: 8 – 10 Months

  1. Registration for the civil Ceremony and procurement of all the necessary papers
    and The registration is at least 6 months before the Wedding possible, some offices to take earlier reservations.

    Note: Some documents for the wedding Ceremony must be requested. All the important information around the topic of Marriage we have for you.

  2. Select a theologian and a pastor
    Discuss your wedding Ceremony with the theologians, especially the sequence and the musical accompaniment. Brings you a musician yourself, or do you wish that the organ is used?

  3. Registration for Church Wedding
    register for the Church Wedding in. You should meet at least once with the theologians who you trust, and with it the process discuss.

  4. Selecting a printing house
    Ordered to the invitation cards to the appropriate menu, table and thanksgiving cards. You also asked at the fixed location to the pretty stationery.

Wedding Checklist - Card Set Floral Wedding Plaza Map Shop

Its high-time stationary in a uniform Look, is easy via search in our map shop. In this case, just after the keyword “meadow of Flowers” from the card design heading are looking for.

Checklist: 6 – 8 months for the wedding

  1. Select the groomsmen
    Ask your desire groomsmen, whether you take on the task of want, and be informed early about the wedding date.

  2. Appointment for a rehearsal dinner with Your Location and Discuss the Details

    Speak of the important points with the Restaurant and/or Hotel, for example, children’s menu, table cards, floral jewelry, the end of the menu, etc.

  3. Plan and Book the honeymoon
    Bay of your honeymoon at an early stage. Forget not any vaccinations, a valid passport and apply for the leave, the employer.

  4. Create a wedding table in a local store or online
    , You should be on the invitation card indicating where the wedding is to find, so guests know what wedding gifts they want.

  5. Booking a caterer or party service

    you have a Location without its own gastronomy booked? Then a Caterer and company, the tents for you, book now, Seating, etc. bodies.

  6. Planning the Night for the Bridal couple and the guests
    Organizes accommodation for wedding guests, with the long journey. Ask family members to stay and from selected Hotels in different price categories.

  7. Clarification of the guests TRANS-ports
    As the guests come from the Registrar’s office to the Church and ceremony location? There is plenty of Parking? You need an additional service for the wedding guests?

  8. To send the invitation cards
    On the invitation cards note: Who to marry, when, and where.

    Contact note to the guests, Accommodations, transportation, wedding, and dress code for the wedding. Be informed to you before the order, what in an invitation card.
    Wedding Checklist - Invitations - Wedding Plaza Map Shop

  9. Search for a suitable entertainment for the Festival
    If you haven’t already, get the latest offers and preview and buy music from musicians or DJs. The songs for the wedding, discuss with the musicians, the songs for the Wedding, with the theologians. There are many different ideas for entertainment at Your wedding. If you are planning to engage in alone or, if necessary, a magician, you should now begin to receive quotes.

  10. Booking a photo or videographers for the wedding
    Of a good photo or video count you should not save. Finally, be your wedding pictures of precious memories. Looking for a suitable wedding photographer in the vicinity of the location of your wedding.

  11. Rent of wedding cars
    In a special wedding car or a Coach you feel on the way to the registry office, Church, or of the fixed location, such as a Royal couple.

  12. Dance classes take
    To the wedding dance is a success, it lends itself to, in time, the own Dancing skills again to refresh.

    Dance schools in Your area can be found here.

  13. Wedding dress find
    The wedding dress needs of the company can often only be ordered by a cutter to be adjusted. Start as early as possible with the search!

Wedding checklist - Ophelia by-Otilia-Brailoiu - Weddista

Wedding Check List: 4 – 6 Months

  1. Review the number of guests and planning the table
    When the number of guests is, makes you think about the table order.

  2. Choosing the wedding decor and flowers jewelry
    Discuss with the florist the flower decoration for the wedding Ceremony and the Feast. Think also of Bridal bouquet, table decoration, Car decoration, flower children, and the pin of the groom.

  3. Clothes for flower children and bridesmaids
    Thinks about the dresses of the bridesmaids and flower children, and agreed to this on the bride-to-be dress. You also about their use of thoughts. Here you’ll find more tips for wedding guests

  4. Allocation of the tasks for the wedding
    is Planning the tasks for all the helpers at the wedding feast and produces lists or Info notes for the helpers. Are as accurate as possible, and hold a consultation with the helpers.

  5. Think about a marriage contract

    A prenuptial agreement gives both partners a sense of security. There are the forms of community property, separate property and marital property. In our magazine you will find more information on legal issues.

  6. Choose the wedding rings
    Worried now the matching wedding rings. If you want to use the engagement rings as wedding rings, then you can leave this engraving. Ideas for engraving Your wedding rings , we have summarized them.

    Wedding checklist - wedding rings - wedding nature photography

  7. Contributions from guests for the wedding Ceremony
    If you are from friends and Relatives, intercessions, or other contributions wishes, you should now inform you.

  8. Select the Trauspruches
    Makes you think about what Trausprüche you like, and under what Trauspruch your marriage agencies want to.

  9. Choosing the wedding suit
    that The suit should be the colour of the bride dress fit and no later than four weeks before the wedding tried on and possibly changed.

Wedding Check List: 2 – 4 Months

  1. Order the wedding cake
    Discuss with the pastry of Your choice in the wishes for your unique, perfect wedding cake.

  2. To schedule an appointment at the hairdresser’s
    Discuss and try Your Bridal hairstyle by a hair out of. In the ideal case, this also makes Your Bridal Make-up. How to be the perfect bride Make-up looks, You will learn with us in the magazine. Let You sample makeup. Note: if You prefer a mobile stylist that styles You at the Location itself? Then You should better to book 6 months or more a appropriate service provider.

  3. Print the program books for the wedding Ceremony
    Created a program booklet for your wedding Ceremony, in which the flow, lyrics, and words of thanks and let this print.

  4. The last Check of the wedding dress
    Must on Your wedding dress still Changes to be made? Then the last opportunity to do so is now.

  5. Official documents for a name change, to change leave
    the paperwork for the official documents (ID card, banks, insurance, etc.), in the event of a change of name will be rewritten to.

  6. Organization of the hen night and the bachelor and the bachelorette get a surprise
    Invite family, friends, Acquaintances, and neighbours, to the hen party a and party with your friends or Girlfriends on Your bachelor party and a bachelorette party.

  7. Buy guest book
    Buys a guestbook, and more pins, so that your wedding guests can perpetuate.

Wedding check list - guestbook - austin gros photography

1 month before the wedding

  1. Collection of the wedding rings
    don’t Forget your wedding rings at a jeweler’s shop to pick up!

  2. Buy smaller gifts for the helpers
    Worried little gifts for all of the hardworking volunteers that in the preparation of Your wedding have helped.

Check-List – 2 Weeks

  1. Contact all volunteers and especially suppliers
    Retrieves all the helpers and suppliers to, if everything goes according to Plan, the correct (shipping) address and, where appropriate, directions need.

  2. Run-in of the Bridal shoes
    in order To avoid blisters: running for Your wedding shoes! If the Shoe pinches Geleinlagen help from the drugstore.

Wedding Check List: 1 Week

  1. The groom takes his Barber appointment
    Before the wedding is a hairdresser’s duty. The visit to the nail salon is advisable for a man – because of the Ring on the Finger is to be admired on Your big day.

  2. The bride takes her cosmetics appointment
    is An appointment to the beautician and nail Studio shortly before the wedding, necessarily are. Here You can find the schedule for the bride and styling.

  3. Information on the Restaurant on the number of guests
    Now have a precise track of who is at Your wedding is. The Restaurant information on how many people will really be present.

  4. Packing a suitcase for the honeymoon
    Now the time has come, the suitcase for the honeymoon to pack. Makes for you a list of what must be forgotten in any case.

1 more day until the Ceremony

Make the last preparations for

The handbag of the bride must be Packed and ready to submit to the wedding attire, rings, money, and the papers needed. Stores the phone numbers of the main contact persons for the big day.

The Wedding Day

The Wait has come to an end

Finally the big day has arrived. Go to security the expiry of Your wedding so you really have nothing to forget. Thanks to Your planning, it is sure to be an unforgettable wedding!

Wedding checklist - rather few - Matt Edge photography

The day after the wedding ceremony

The wedding is over and your revels in memories. What happened on the day after the wedding Ceremony, and what bureaucratic obligations in the next days to come, we can tell you here. With the checklist after the wedding for the Newlyweds can you not forget anything.

  1. The morning gift present
    What used to be considered as financial security, is now a loving gesture of the husband on the Morning after the wedding. In our dictionary You can find out what is it with the custom of dowry has.

  2. Name badges replacing
    Don’t forget – You now have a new name! To change this, for example, mailboxes or door signs. More to read under the name change after the wedding.

  3. Payment of outstanding invoices
    So beautiful the Ceremony was also, don’t forget to pay all of the bills – the preparations!

  4. Rented stuff will return
    Give the person from whom you borrowed the things back as candle holders, jewelry, cards, beverages dispenser, Photobox, and so on.

  5. Unpacking gifts
    Grabs your gifts, and make you a list, so that you can arrange the gifts, cash gifts and greeting cards better and better. In addition, this is very helpful for the thank you cards.

  6. Take care of the wedding wardrobe
    Let the bride dress and the suit clean patch of the Ceremony should be removed quickly. Keep your wardrobe then as a keepsake or leave them for other occasions change.

In the first weeks after the wedding

  1. Official documents in the case of a change of name change
    The paperwork for the official documents (ID card, banks, insurance, etc.) that need to be rewritten for a change of name. legal/name change

  2. Tax class to choose after marriage
    After the marriage, the tax class changes automatically. What are you doing if you’re on the, we show you in our summary: Which tax class to the wedding.

  3. The photos of the wedding will collect guests
    In the age of Smartphones, the guests shoot a lot of snapshots on a wedding ceremony. So that you can quickly and easily together, offering a Central collection point. This works for example with the aid of a wedding website. So you can, for example, in the case of WeddyBird using the photo upload feature with Your guests all the photos to share and everyone has access to the images uploaded.

  4. The wedding choose photos
    So you have the best memories of Your wedding day, from Your photographer, the most beautiful wedding photos.

  5. Send the thank you cards
    Fixed and you can thank Your wedding guests for the beautiful. Sent out small cards with a wedding photo – so can all revel in wonderful memories!

  6. Terminate
    Announced subscriptions for wedding magazines, and paid Apps, which you need for wedding planning. Inasmuch as ye do this not for the planning of the anniversary, the silver wedding anniversary or Golden wedding in the family want.

A few months after the marriage

Wedding check list – check list for your wedding - Derek Chad Photography

  1. After-Wedding shoot to make
    You should have on Your wedding day is not enough time for all the photos to a second had a post Wedding shoot perfectly. Slips in Your wedding dress and let Your photographers at select locations to photograph.

  2. Trash the Dress photos
    You want to make Your dress in your closet, but something to do with, what can’t You imagine yourself on Your wedding day even in a dream could have? The Trash the Dress Shooting you can destroy your wedding attire with paint, water and dirt“”.

  3. Sell Bridal dress
    You can use your wedding dress after the wedding in a ph-neutral Brautkleidbox not do, in order for it to fade and very well maintained. Maybe You want to sell it, however, prefer to be a part of the invested amount back. With the sale of Your dress You’re a Bride to be happy.

  4. Deco and other things to sell
    Your emotional shouldn’t hang on to the things that you can sell for you and your budget padding. Accessories like head piece and earrings, or vases, and candlesticks are offers items on the bride-to-be couples at a cheaper price.

  5. A notary public to visit
    Think of a General power of attorney to you in case of an emergency, access to the account of a spouse.

  6. Will
    A Testament governs in the event of death, the succession of the assets. This is especially important if the marriage no children.

  7. Living will create
    The patient’s clearly safe, such as is to be process after an accident. This relates to the supply or the funeral.

Wedding plan with free & customizable check list

You want the best of digital wedding planning and analog crossing Wedding checklists? Then this tip is perfect for You: The free & customizable planner incl. Check lists of KRUU!

Advantages of the planner at a glance

  • Experiences from the 55,000+ weddings bundles
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  • Wedding planning Know-How in 14 chapters to more than 160 A4 pages
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  • A practical guide with time planning
  • Detailed checklists for Budget and guests planning
  • Incl. Expert Tips & Location Guide

Wedding check list: a check list for the wedding - wedding planning with helpful checklists -
Examples of checklists from the free planner

Our tip: Especially at the beginning of wedding planning, you can quickly lose the Overview. The extensive Free planner, therefore, is the ideal reference work for ‘emergencies’. The KRUU planner, you can now simply here to personalize and download.

Our Wedding checklist as an Excel spreadsheet free Download

Are you still looking for a check list in a table format, which can be easily at home on a PC or printed out to maintain? We offer you a free Wedding checklist (developed together with experienced wedding planners) for Download. The document has the advantage of two tables. A is thought here to Fill out on the PC, and the other to Print out for Your wedding arrange. Thus, you can get your check list is always with you.

Click here to Download our free check list in Excel Format: a Wedding checklist of wedding Plaza

Free Wedding checklists as a PDF

Or are you on the Search for a practical check-lists in PDF Format to Print and Crossing? Also for this case, we have a great tip for you! Because we have here is a small selection of PDFs, which have been shaped from real wedding professionals. The topics vary from the quote, to the compilation of the emergency case in the toilets of the wedding celebration: the PDF lists

Wedding guide with extensive checklists

Of course, numerous books and guides exist around the wedding. However, many couples checklists practical as the extensive literature on wedding planning. So you don’t have to put too much time in the book research, we have here two reading tips for you. The checklist book is the popular 100 wedding checklist: The ultimate book for stress-free wedding planning. This guide has already received about 100, mostly very good customer reviews. Our second tip is to book The best wedding checklists: The perfect planning for the most beautiful day, which, among others, our forum admin Friederike Mauritz written was. This book also offers as an Extra in numerous checklists to Download to.

Checklists for the wedding via Email

Surely it is practically a wedding check list with reminder function to use, or? That’s exactly what we can offer you! With our wedding wizard, you forget guarantees an important checklist item. This is because the wedding assistant sends to you tailored to Your wedding date (it is also Your approximate, take just any day from Your intended wedding month) smart reminder emails. So that you will always know in advance, what is the point of Your wedding day check list you slowly do should.

Wedding planning made easy

Are you afraid that you grow lots of Details about the head? We have something for you! So your track in one of the many small and large decisions are up to Your big day, like have to, create a your own Wedding website. So you can simply collect all the important information, and even with Your guests discuss! Many other important information to the wedding theme you can find in our magazine.

Wedding forum and check lists

Of course, in our active Forum a lot about To-Do lists and check lists for a wedding is written, and there is a lively exchange of ideas and experience instead. A selection of interesting topics from the wedding forum, researched by our editorial staff here for you:

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For more posts and Threads on the topic you need to in the search function of the forum simply just to “check-list” to search. And now we wish you lots of fun while Planning, lists, checking and fault Bern!