Unique promise ring ideas

Unique promise ring ideas

Different jewelry pieces symbolize currency, elegance and fashion, social Status, self-expression, prosperity, security, Religion, happiness, and prosperity, rites of passage, functional items, heirlooms, relationships, and protection. Such pieces of jewelry such as anklets, earrings, necklaces, locks, buckles, and more generally have a certain meaning. In human language, the symbolism is a vital part of the interaction, and jewelry makes a powerful means of expression.

In different cultures, jewelry plays a different role. Some cultures use jewelry to convey information or ideas, because these pieces represent an everyday object.

In the case of concealment of symbols, for example in the secret meanings, which are usually only a few people know about.

Countries, societies, religions, and rituals that depend on the symbols in order to convey different meanings.

Some people see certain jewelry symbols a talisman of power, which stands for unity and protection. It can also mean belonging to a particular group or a particular Faith, which is represented by the jewelry.

In this article, the various meanings of jewelry are investigated.

Let’s dive in!

What are the jewelry symbolizes?

Jewelry can be a symbol of wealth, social Status, protection, Religion or currency.

Before we take a closer look at what it symbolizes jewelry, we need to help them to understand its history.

The history of the jewelry goes back to many centuries. According to the International Gem Society (IGS) were jewelry pieces already in front of about 25 000 years ago, are discovered.

In these early years, there were jewelry, made of stone, wood, shells, feathers, colorful pebbles and bones.

In communities where hunting played a role, wore the hunter jewelry made of bone, Claws, horns, teeth, and bone. The Creation of these trophies meant that the hunter would have the next time you luck in hunting.

Here you can see what the various pieces of jewelry are:

1. Currency

In past centuries, jewellery has been used as a trading instrument, or as a kind of currency. Some cultures around the world, use jewellery as a form of currency, depending on the shape and value of the components or of the material from which it is made.

In other words: Some people use jewelry to store values.

2. Elegance or fashionable accent

Fashion accessories, and elegant jewellery , underline style, and a fashionable touch.

Every stylish woman should be without in your wardrobe never to elegant jewellery pieces, if you would like to lift up your Outfit out.

Under elegant jewelry, we understand precious stones and metals such as Gold, diamonds, silver, and rubies. Women in all cultures, combine your clothes with high-quality pair of earrings, anklets, rings, bracelets, and necklaces to an elegant style.

Therefore, it is important to invest in fine jewelry, if you want to stand out.

3. The richness and Lushness

Certain pieces of jewelry have long been used as a Symbol of wealth and opulence.

Turquoise is used, for example, often as a stone with a strong expressiveness, especially in jewelry.

Some ancient cultures believed that turquoise has spiritual powers. Different cultures will appreciate this stone, with its meaning of a culture varies to the other.

As in the case of Navajo turquoise jewelry happiness, health and satisfaction symbolizes. For you, it is also a means to connect the world of nature, because the colors of these stones have come from nature.

For the Persians, the turquoise jewelry symbolized the sky, while he was appreciated by the Greeks and your jewelry is the purity symbolized.

Therefore, the young women wore it often.

On the other hand, the Tibetans turquoise viewed as symbolic because it has the ability to change from Green gradually to Blue. This color change is the wisdom gained with age. For you turquoise jewelry, is also a symbol of life and death and the meaning of it.

Even today, turquoise is considered as a jewelry due to its benefits and the various positive aspects, such as its beauty, high.

4. Social Status

In the past, and in today’s society and jewelry is a symbol of the social Status of a Person. Those who belong to a higher social Status, wear expensive or extravagant jewelry.

In addition, these wealthy people usually have a lot of jewelry in comparison to people with a lower Status.

In some African cultures, such as the Maasai, symbolizes beaded jewelry the social Status and age. In this community, necklaces, bracelets and anklets are worn depending on the family, or for men, the jewelry symbolizes the age group to which one belongs.

5. Self-presentation

Jewelry makes you presentable by, it completes your Outfit and help you to Express your personality.

In ancient times, people have clothes that can be used as a means for self-expression.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the way you dress determines how you are perceived by others.

In earlier times, the jewelry had a variety of meanings, including protection from evil spirits, luck and Power.

However, the women have changed in today’s time is their way through jewellery to Express.

Apart from the fact that women bring out her femininity by jewelry and clothing for the expression is not evaluated their social Status based on how they dress.

Since women are now also in the professional life successfully, jewelry has become an aspect of self-presentation and Demonstration of one’s own personality.

6. Security of wealth

The security of the assets is also a part of what it symbolizes jewelry in today’s society. For many investors, it is a challenge to preserve their assets for future generations. In the conservation of the assets of factors such as Inflation, depression, wars, and technological changes must be taken into account.

Although investors are able to stash their assets in the Form of Gold during a war in the safe ports, but this may not be a practical solution, especially when you urgently need to access it. And it is almost impractical, in such times, large gold bars to carry around. Therefore, in jewelry, in times of uncertainty, may be an easier and safer way.

For average investors, it can be a challenge to store Gold in other countries and, if necessary, to access it. Precious metals in jewelry are valuable and easier to hide or transport. Therefore, this is a great way to diversify and storage of your assets, as you can easily access it and transport it.

In addition, pieces of jewelry will retain their purchasing power, which is a good thing, if you want to ensure the safety and security of its assets.

7. Religion

A piece of jewelry indicates a certain position or power within a particular Religion. The Creation of a piece of jewelry can also be another way to remember the religious life events, for example the baptism or the.

Members of certain religions wear necklaces with a cross, in order to show a religious significance.

Over the years, jewelry has developed from a modest Talisman in terms of spirituality the present-day level of divinity, which is demonstrated by extravagance has.

In earlier civilizations, the Greeks Pantheon wore to celebrate their gods, while the Egyptians were amulets wore to show their Faith in life after death.

Today, different religions use jewelry as a Logo, depending on which faith you belong to.

8. Luck and prosperity, wear

You read that right. It is said that jewelry is made of crystals of luck and prosperity and attracts. Crystals are usually arranged in a certain geometrical patterns, where each pattern has a specific meaning. These substances are pure and can be used in ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire and coraloccurrences .

For those who believe in astrology, crystals can affect the life of a people. It is so important to know what you are wearing, if you want to meet a specific need or requirement.

In our jewellery collection, you will find your preferred chain, necklace, bracelet, anklet or Ring.

9. Rites of passage

In Indian traditions, for example, emphasizes the Give away of pieces of jewelry as a sign of certain rites of passage. Use pieces of jewelry to celebrate an important aspect or an important event in the life of a people.

An example is the Wearing of bracelets for women years ago, shortly after the marriage. Today, these bangles are no longer reserved only for women who have just got married. In India they are worn today by Essentially the most, if not all women.

Those who leave in the context of their faith to be baptized, and receive from friends or family members, a necklace or a bracelet with a cross symbol. It can even be a Statue with a cross, which symbolizes exactly like the bracelet or the necklace of the spiritual Transition.

Some cultures and religions celebrate your boys and girls by you can make them gifts if they are of full age.

10. Functional Elements

In historical times, most of the jewelry served a specific purpose, among other things, as a decoration element.

For example, you can use a brooch as part of his jewelry, his Outfit to highlight. In addition, brooches, some of which go back several centuries have been used in moments of sorrow.

Even today, some people use these pieces of jewelry as a fashion Statement, to make your clothes eye-catching.

11. Heirlooms

What heirloom jewelry symbolizes? First of all, once an heirloom is a piece of jewelry that is associated with a particular family, and from one Generation to the next is given.

Even if Erbschmuck impresses more for its elegant Design, and a financial value it has, makes him sentimental value of value.

You could, for example, a Ring, and she from her mother inherited that has the same Ring of her mother. The Ring may be worth a lot of money, but also much less.

The most Important thing is that he was passed down from her grandmother to you. The Ring is a great way to preserve her memory, even if you are going to give the same Ring to their children.

Heirlooms are often created for special occasions. If you receive a memorable Ring, a necklace or even earrings from a loved one, you will appreciate him very much. In addition, the gift will remind you of the unforgettable moments you shared with your special people.

The special memories of the jewelry symbolizes, can cause you to yearn for it, the heirloom to your loved one more. In this way, you create special moments and memories with an emotional Note.

Therefore, heirlooms are a good way direct Connections to her own family history to produce.

12. Relationships

Jewelry is an important aspect of a relationship, because it is a symbol of love and Affection and at the same time, relations between the partners and amps it up. Who leads in a romantic relationship, can make his gifts more personal, because each piece of jewelry has a unique meaning.

So if you want to make your girlfriend or your friend as a gift, you should make sure that you select the Right one so that the message that they are sending is clear. This can be a clock, a Pair of charming earrings, a nice necklace , or even a charming ankletthat will perfectly match to your clothing fits.

Maybe you want to your Partner or your partner is also a beautiful bracelet to give to him or her to show that you are thinking of him or her.

People use various types of rings, in order your loved one a special message to convey. An engagement ring, a promise ring, and more.

Special occasions such as graduations, birthdays, holidays or Valentine’s day best with a jewelry gift for your loved one to celebrate. In order to show how serious you are with your relationship.

It also shows that you value your relationship to your family member, friend, or lover.

13. Protection

In some traditions, the Wearing of jewelry is known in some cultures as a Talisman is to be emphasized, as a Form of protection. Some believe that Wearing special jewelry is a possibility of happiness for your business, your life and other aspects of your life to attract.

Talismans and good luck charms are some of the reasons why people wear jewelry pieces. These reasons have survived the passage of time. In some cultures it is believed that it takes a special kind of clothing, jewelry or home decor to ward off Evil.

The Hamsa, for example, a hand-shaped bracelet made of various cultures of the Middle East, is considered to be an ancient symbol of protection. Even if its origins are not clear, was used this object to ward off the Evil.

The Evil eye is another common motif for jewelry. It goes back to the fact that a evil eye can cause a curse or lead to misfortune. Therefore, it is used intentionally in pieces of jewelry in order to help the Person wearing it, to ward off Evil, or to sell.

Jewelry is made up of different symbols have different meanings.

In pieces of jewelry anchor to symbolize hope, while crosses represent the Belief that one belongs to. Other symbols used in jewellery, in order to convey different meanings, bow and arrow, key, butterflies, horseshoes, dragon, coiled serpents, and more.

But what says your jewelry collection about you?

Next, we will look at what your jewelry to you.

What your jewelry says about you?

Your jewelry can show that you are a elegant, trend-setting, matching, life, funny, or down-to-earth person.

So as you look at your jewelry collection, what you are, what she tells others about you believe?

It is important to pay attention to the type of jewelry you buy for yourself or Loved ones, because you never get a second Chance to make a first impression.

How you dress, how you speak and what are the jewelry you wear says a lot about you.

Let’s take a closer look at what is jewelry to you and your personality.

1. Elegance

Some people prefer a simple, but elegant jewelry designs. A pearl necklace or earrings , for example, in the rule of those who preferred the simplicity of your choice, and at a Meeting with friends or Relatives in a quiet want to stay.

So if you are a Traditionalist or a family-oriented person, you can try it with a plain Design when it comes to earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry pieces.

In this way, you can still put a character as the people know you are still in the room and choose. It is your calm demeanour, which is demonstrated by the jewelry you wear, you stand out and stand out leaves.

2. You’re a Trendsetter

Wearing Vintage jewelry is a superb way of a bold Statement. It shows that you want to stand out from the crowd and from the well-known Standards differ.

People that set Trends, are often in Thrift or antique stores, looking for jewelry pieces that perfectly fit your name. If you don’t impress so brands, and you just want to make a Statement, you belong to this group of people.

3. They are colour matched

Responsible people prefer to wear clothes and jewelry pieces are designed to match the style, color, and Design to each other.

If so, you belong to this group, you should opt for gold earrings, if you have decided to buy a Golden necklace that you wear.

Also need a blue sapphire necklace with a similar Design and similar to the color of the earrings combined.

With coordinated pieces of jewelry you can show how coordinated you are, when it comes to the color of their clothing.

4. Do you love having fun

You learn them through jewelry as a fun-loving people to know, especially if you are a lover of great jewelry pieces such as earrings are.

A further possibility, through jewelry as a fun-loving Person to define, thickness, pendant necklaces.

An extravagant Ring also highlights your fun-loving side, and it shows that you are a sociable person, of the active and life is happy.

5. You are down-to-earth

Are you a down-to-earth person, likes to recycled materials, such as turquoise earrings?

Or you are a nature lover, the preferred jewelry made from simple materials? Such pieces of jewelry are, for example, shell earrings, sea glass and bangle bracelets.

People of this category love the outdoors and are aware of their surroundings often not aware of it. You feel earthy tones and colors, such as brown, ocean blue, Beige and forest moved green hung.

The style of jewelry you wear says so much about you and your personality.


Jewelry symbolizes currency, fashion, wealth and opulence, social Status, self-expression, prosperity, security, Religion, attracting good luck and prosperity, rites of passage, functional items, heirlooms, relationships, and protection.

Jewelry is an important aspect of fashion, which is maintained for Thousands of centuries, and he has a special meaning.

So if you want to make a specific statement or a specific message to convey, you need to be sure to wear the right piece of jewelry.

When it comes to making a fashion Statement, to demonstrate their social Status or to feel happy and wealthy, then it is a wise idea, his jewelry good select.

Your jewelry says if you voted elegant, a Trendsetter, color, life, funny, or down-to-earth. Depending on what jewelry you choose, learn more about you, about your personality.

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