Wedding ring modern designs

Wedding ring modern designs

Couples with respect to the color of the wedding rings is not a precious metal set, from our large selection of multi-colored wedding rings different ways. This category offers for almost every taste the right Pair of rings – from subtle variants with the nuances of color of different precious metals to expression of strong contrasts in a skillful Interaction with the Design. If your wedding rings more coloured to be, then you are in good hands with us.

By the way: in our wedding ring Configurator, you can create your personal desire rings to create – whether in solid or multi-colored, here are your wedding bands with a very personal character.

The silver or grey? – Metallic color diversity to the smallest Detail

Should your wedding rings multi-colored fail, you have countless options available. Different precious metals and their alloys offer a virtually endless number of combinations. Here, in particular, offers Gold an exceptional range of different colour shades:

Gold and gold alloys, Gold can be divided into three basic different colors jewelry process, namely as a classic warm yellow gold, bright white gold or mystically transfigured rose gold or rose gold. Even within the alloys, various gradations work out, such as, for example, a strong, glossy silver or elegant, dark-restrained gray in modern

gray gold.

See for yourself in our offer and the impressive effect of different combinations of Gold, silver, platinum, or titanium merge into a creative unit.

How important is the quality of the precious metals in multi-colored rings?

Know what’s inside, now perhaps more than ever before, because of the qualities of raw materials are subject to fluctuations. All the rings in our range, whether wedding rings or engagement ringsare in Germany or Austria made and 100% Nickel free. For the multi-colored rings are

alloys of pure precious metals, manufactured with the most modern techniques fused together (sintered). The only way you will get rugged wedding rings of the highest quality and reliable information to the fineness of Gold, silver, or platinum.

What are the Designs of rings for multi-coloured more likely to be available?

In addition to classic Designs, their strength by simple elegance to unfold, to present the jewelry designers of our manufacturers Can have on the whole line, and deliver multi-colored wedding rings with details in the embellishments to the square rings

, as a Prime example of the pronounced extravagance serve. The multi-colored wedding rings, you can find different surface finishes , from shiny to matt, or even as a real insider’s tip – in ice Mat-optic, which is an absolutely exclusive Aesthetics promises. For more colored rings, you decide: get a small piece of art for the fingers, which can convince in his own charming way.

What are the symbols have multi-colored wedding rings?

Multi-colored wedding rings or engagement rings symbolize the Union of partnerships in a number of respects. With the basic symbolism, all of wedding rings, and on the other, but by the

Merging of the two precious metals or precious metal alloys to form an inseparable unit. These wonderful condition for a Symbol of the attachment is rounded off by the respective Designs of the rings. Because in the end, it is not the Gold or the brilliant, what a wedding ring, but the story of the goldsmith told with his design and the values that it reads as a loving Couple of this is. You will find your personal history for your love – we are happy to assist you with our experience.

Where Service is still in the price in it: inside engraving free of charge

Your wedding rings are made to order and according to your size specification, which pass are the exact rings guaranteed. In order for this to sit comfortably, to ensure the slight rounding on the inside and the outside, the so-called crown, a high wearing comfort. For the engraving of your multi-colored wedding rings, you pay, of course, not a Cent extra. When ordering select only the text of your choice and get your rings ready-to-wear engraved at no extra cost. Should you have any questions about your ring size, to metals, the noble, or the brilliant, then do not hesitate to contact us: we will assist you.

Brunner’s word to the multi-colored metal-Mix: multi-colored rings combine the traditional claim of the special jewelry beautifully with the possibilities of modern technology and make wedding rings, engagement rings, or friendship rings for optical Highlight, the long pleasure is.

Do you have questions about our products or our multi-colored wedding rings? We can also advise you personally: you can reach us by telephone at the 07131 7904250, by E-Mail or in our shop in Heilbronn, Germany.