Modern wedding rings for women

Modern wedding rings for women

The wedding is one of those days in life that you remember forever. Most of the women you expect to be impatient, some prepare, even for a Teenager to it. We place a large value of the wedding party also, so you should meet his expectations to be satisfied to the new married life to fill in. A modern Trend in the wedding that the bride looks very fine and chaste. This includes wearing the white dress in, as well as discreet jewelry pieces, precise, hairstyle, and of course the right Make-Up. Whether you are painting yourself, or rather a professional trust, guess our Team, insisting only on the everyday Make-Up. To create a dark eyeshadow and lips would be with the elegant look of the bride-to-be contrasting. Nevertheless, you can apply the necessary Make-Up so that the face looks all day long to be excellent. Let’s not forget, namely, that the bride is all the time under the lights of the cameras. She is the Star of the Celebration , therefore, is of an excellent Look is expected.

How to I remove the makeup for the wedding?
Not every woman has a desire to visit and the opportunity to be a professional makeup artist to. And everyone knows that we are multi-functionally, and very often, all alone can do. Face painting is also one of our magic skills:

  • Apply the first cream as the base
  • Then the Foundation and the Concealer comes in (select a as close as possible to their own skin color) – you will Refine the small blemish concealing and uneven skin tone.
  • On the Foundation, you can contour the then bold with the brush, powder, blush, Highlighter and Bronze to apply
  • The eyebrows to follow – only a few are the women who have simply perfect eyebrows – no Worries for the Rest. You have powder and pencils in different colors available. For the Wedding make-up you prefer to take advantage of light brown for the eyebrows, so it gives no blatant accents on it. Otherwise there is a risk that you will forgive a bit of a strict Look. We now want to just discreetly underline and frame the face.
  • For the eyeshadow is the same as in the case of eyebrows is to Crass anything, please! A little glow to appear around the eyes and face in full glory.
  • Using the eyelashes, you can be very quiet and natural with a bit of Mascara, as well as artificial lashes would suit your perfect Look quite well. With the lashes a part of the charm flutter every woman.
  • A last stroke is the lipstick you don’t need him, in any case. Subtle lip gloss in Pink or skin colors, would also lend themselves perfectly to the whole Look. Do not forget your Smile – it’s the most beautiful Bridal Make-Up, and the best weapon of the woman!

Blonde hair and blue eyes need by fine lines accentuate

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Make-up depending on the skin color

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If you are there make-up on eyes


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Accent: mascara and full lips

Contour depending on complexion and hair color

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Yourself dezent schminken – that can make any woman

Bride Make – Up accent on eyes

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The Smile – best Bridal Make Up

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