With this ring i thee wed alternatives

With this ring i thee wed alternatives

The ring pillow for wedding is one of the important traditions and customs. On the ring, the wedding rings are brought cushion just before the ring exchange at the Altar, for example, to your flower girl. Instead of the bag is pulled to get the rings such a great, their importance, reasonable appearance, and you can already ahead of the Ceremony, the beautiful present.

Ring pillow for the wedding there in a variety of forms, fabrics and materials.

So you have an Overview, here are the most beautiful pieces to buy to the style.

This article is divided into the areas of

  1. Ring pillow for wedding made of fabric
  2. Ringbox ring box and ring bowls
  3. DIY: ring pillow itself sew
  4. Here’s how: rings on ring pillow attach
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1. Ring pillow for wedding made of fabric

Ring pillow for the wedding
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The most common and the most common type of ring pillow for a Church, a registry office, simple, square pillow made of velvety or silky fabric. If you want to buy a classic ring pillow, then this is the most traditional color is white, of course, or other typical bride-to-be dress color like cream, ivory or champagne.

Ring Pillows Flower
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Vintage ring pillow for wedding

To match the Vintage Trend is, for example, ring pillow made from burlap decorated with lace – very modern!

Price: approx. 27€

Ring pillows boho
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Ring Pillow, Boho Style

A pretty, delicate floral motif! The modern Boho Look, she brings out the ring pillow with bow in size.

Price: 7,50€

Ring Pillow Mr Mrs
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Ring Pillow Mr & Mrs

Instead of the classical ornament of the lettering Mr & Mrs is here printed in a simple yet modern.

Price: 7,99€

Vintage Ring Pillow
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Vintage ring pillow with lace

Particularly elegant and beautiful, the white Vintage ring pillow. A wide lace band the wedding band can be set the perfect scene.

Price: 17,99€

Anchor Wedding Ring Pillow
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Anchor Ring Pillow

A great color combination has pillow this ring with anchor in a Maritime Look. To the cord, you can attach your rings wonderful.

Price: 52,90€

Ring Pillow Vintage
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Simple ring pillow in Vintage Look

The ring pillow made of burlap with lace in pink fits perfectly to the rustic wedding. A popular type of ring pillow for the vintage wedding.

Price: 11,99€

Ring Pillow Gold

Elegant ring pillow with Golden sequins

The ring pillow is a Golden sequins for a truly luxurious eye-catcher.

Price: from 38€

Ring Pillow Registrar
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Ring pillow embroidery names

A beautiful custom is to embroider the ring pillow with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

The personalized pillow is a beautiful reminder of the beautiful day in the life.

Lovely as it is, if its a ring pillow in the Registrar’s office uses, not only in the Church.

Price: 21,50€

Ttrauringkissen Travel
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Wedding ring pillow for travel enthusiasts

A great, personalized ring bearer pillow for all wedding couples who love to travel! The map of the world fabric is perfectly suited to the wedding theme of travel.

Price: 27,90€

2. Ringbox ring box & ring bowls – Alternative to fabric

Whom the classical-romantic ring pillow don’t like, you can also use a trendy Ringbox for rings – pretty for the free wedding Ceremony or registry office. But even in the Church, modern ring pillow always more to enter.

Ringbox Wood
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Ringbox made of wood in the shape of a heart

The wooden heart looks wonderful, of course, left with the tree rings, and right, with space for your rings and custom engraving.

Price: 29,99€

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Ringbox made of glass

Simple and elegant, yet very romantic thanks to individual decoration. The Ringbox for example, filled with moss, rose petals, or a bit of silk in your wedding color and the rings miracle are set out fully in the scene.

Price: 19,95€

Ring Box Glass
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Personalised ring box made of glass

This Ringbox made of glass is very beautiful for the wedding Ceremony and as a jewelry box after that.

Thanks to personalization gives the ring box for a unique Look.

Price: 19,99€

geometric Ring Box
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Geometric Ring Box

This elegant Ring Box made of geometric shapes is a great match to a modern wedding concept. With the geometric shapes, the copper-coloured metal and glass, this Box is walls in the Trend.

Each Box is hand made. With Treasures from nature, such as moss or fern leaf adorned she is ready for the wedding Ceremony.

Price: 32,90€

Ring Box Wedding
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Ring box for wedding

Very elegant this ring box comes to the wedding. Wonderful, even later time, the rings are here to keep!

Price: approx. 27€

Ring Dish Wedding
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Ring bowl for wedding

A sweet ring bowl of wood slices-optics. The rings will find in the heart space. Very suitable and romantic. With this Ring, thou shalt be my wife/my husband is the inscription says to be.

Price: approx. 32€

Ringbox Wedding
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Ringbox to the wedding wood

This wood Ringbox is the ideal storage for the wedding for the wedding rings.

The Design you can choose individually, and your name engraved let.

Price: 23€

Ring box
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Ring box made from wood

Wooden boxes are currently very popular and the personalized ring box pillow is also a nice Alternative to the ring. It impresses with its enchanting, natural, and rustic Look.

Price: from€24

Ring box
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Engraved ring box made of wood as an alternative to a ring pillow for the wedding

A great keepsake of your wedding Ceremony, this rustic ring box, in the your name to be engraved is.

If you like this kind of, look at the other copies.

Price: approx. 24€

Ring Pillow Wood
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Ring pillows out of wood

A charming wooden hearts to use as a ring pillow, is a very nice idea. You can have your name engraved and your wedding date.

The ring pillows out of wood get with and without the engraving.

Price: from 22.50€

Ring Box Wedding
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Round Ring Pillow
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Embroidery Hoop as a ring pillow

A failed idea from an embroidery Hoop of a ring pillow for the wedding restore.

Surprising, romantic, and of course, floral. Also with other designs available!

Price: 50€

Ring Pillow Acrylic
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Ring pillow made of acrylic

You want a particularly modern way your rings to keep? This cover is made from acrylic looks amazing and different. You can get them individually with your names and the wedding date to decorate.

In addition, the options are clear glass and milk glass, and many ribbon colors to choose from.

Price: 28€

Ring shell
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Ring dish with names

A beautiful Alternative to a classic ring pillow. The sweet ring bowl made from glass with lid to serve after the wedding, not only as a wonderful souvenir, but also as a decorative element or jewelry tray can be used.

Price: 44,95€

Ring Pillow Wedding Moss
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An alternative to wedding ring pillow made of fabric, wood, or porcelain to the ring pillow for wedding made of flowers or moss to make or do it yourself. Any good Florist should be able to connect without problems a nice

Ring Pillow Alternative
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Ring pillow Alternatives moss

This sweet ring pillow made of moss in Boho Style is made of dried moss and a nice heart shaped. With the cord loop, you can easily attach your rings.

Price: 16,99€

Nothing found?

Who would like to continue to browse, here you can find a wide variety of ring pillow for the wedding:

Ring Pillow-Tree Disc -
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3. DIY: wedding ring pillow do it yourself

Ring pillow sewingIf you are sewing for yourself, then you don’t have to buy the ring pillow, but can do it with fabrics in a self-sewing.

Your guests and the ring bearer are sure to be delighted.

In our ring pillow-sewing instructions you can find all the info and tips. This variant is of course very individual and personal.

Ring Holder Wooden
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4. Rings on ring pillow attach

Ring Holder Wedding
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So you can solve the rings in the registry office or Church easily from the ring pillow, we recommend a specific field of fastening technology.

Christine from Yes-the wedding shop explains how to do it, with the ring holder for the wedding for everything to run smoothly!

Simple Alternative:

Wedding Ring Hoop
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