With this ring i

With this ring i

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    Feminine Pink Malaya garnet Ring with diamonds

    1.950,00 €

    A dream in Pink: Our Malaya garnet Ring with diamonds combines timeless Design and feminine charm. In the center of a sparkling garnet is a beautiful old-rose-tone, enchanted, especially due to its extraordinary brilliance. A beautiful treasure that you will not find elsewhere – made for women, looking for something really special, not definitely Each.

    Exclusive Princess Diamond Ring “Grandezza”

    6.200,00 €

    A gorgeous jewel for the most exquisite taste: Our diamonds Ring Three exquisite diamonds in Princess cut, the Central alone to 0.41 carats, meet up with radiating brilliant-cut diamonds. Hard in 750 yellow gold, the textured Hand-elegant shimmer, this Ring truly luxurious accents. A Nobel-class piece of jewelry that is sure to attract all eyes (and its wearer).

    Timeless, elegant aquamarine Ring with diamonds

    2.380,00 €

    A beautiful piece of jewelry for the ages: Our aquamarine Ring with diamonds in 900 platinum convinced by the finest materials, timeless, elegant shapes and exquisite gemstone quality. A piece of jewelry, the feminine Charisma and classic elegance.

    Subtle rainbow sapphire Ring with diamonds

    1.470,00 €

    Equal to a rainbow 13 intensely luminous sapphires shimmer in this Ring, the bet. Small brilliant-cut diamonds for added Shine. The Trick? The distinctive A piece of jewelry full of color, games for women do not want to dispense with the

    Luxurious Ring with Colombian emerald and diamond heart (Muzo)

    26.000,00 €

    A masterpiece, the certified unparalleled: This Ring with an excellent Colombian emerald (GRS) is easily accessible and high standards. It is not only the exquisite gem, with its rich, pure color and the gorgeous light fixtures all eyes. The exquisitely beautiful Arrangement of two heart-cut diamonds and the finest brilliant-cut diamonds, to accompany the emerald, gives this Ring an exquisite touch. A Nobel-class jewel, the precious gem quality, feminine elegance and a Touch of sophistication combines.

    Magnificent Emerald Ring “Entourage”

    5.900,00 €

    The epitome of a noble classics: In our emerald Ring A sparkling Arrangement of radiating brilliant-cut diamonds, to embed the emerald all around, gives this piece of jewellery, finally, an exclusive touch. A beautiful classic for the ages!

    Image of beautiful ruby Baguette Ring with brilliant-cut diamonds

    2.100,00 €

    Understated style meets sophistication: Our band ring set with fine rubies, Baguette-cut inspired by clean lines and fine colors. Totally smooth pink-red rubies strung together intensively and gives this piece of jewelry with a Touch of Understatement. Small brilliant round out the Design. An exquisite Ring for women who prefer simple shapes, ‘t want to dispense with the

    Fabulous morganite Ring with Pink sapphire and diamonds

    3.650,00 €

    An eye-catcher top quality: Our morganite Ring with Pink sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds sets a truly colorful and at the same time luxurious Statement. A selected morganite was embedded in a The smaller stainless-picked stones all individually Hand-made to create a perfectly coordinated color game. A beautiful jewel in a first-class production, which is to delight lovers of fancy Color gemstone jewelry!

    A Striking Rose Quartz Ring

    1.700,00 €

    A beautiful rose quartz in impeccable finish, dominated this Statement Ring is certainly an eye-catcher. It is the gem that stands in its stately size in the center. Stainless curved shapes in shiny rose gold finish, ultimately, the feminine as well as stately Design. A classic and refined Ring inspired!

    Refined Aquamarine Ring “Surprise”

    2.300,00 €

    Tender sky meets blue on a Golden glow: Our aquamarine Ring with diamonds in 585 yellow gold, convinces not only by its due to its elegant appearance. He has rather a Surprise that is revealed only at second glance. His extraordinary sophisticated setting makes this Ring a piece of jewelry that convinced from all perspectives – the perfect combination of classic elegance and a Touch of extravagance.

    Striking curb chain Ring with brilliant-cut diamonds

    2.350,00 €

    Modern, Chic, and timeless elegance come together in this striking creation: Equal to a curb chain of this Ring is nestled in solid 585 yellow gold around the Finger.

    Sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds, set the Central element in the scene, give this Ring a luxurious Touch. Thanks to the flat finish of this jewelry piece is also very comfortable to wear. An absolute favorite ring, which features on the one hand, due to modern forms, but at the same time absolutely timeless lines.