Stylish wedding rings

Stylish wedding rings

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Today, wedding bands are to be the visible Symbol of the eternal bond and love. The purchase of a Trauringes is a life decision, and should not be taken lightly. You want your rings, after all, in 20 years, still be Proud to wear, and you resent that you have at the time, acted on a whim. To help you in the selection, we have compiled the best tips, latest ideas and Trends.

In stores and online a huge selection of one – to multi-coloured, with or without a stone, elaborately engraved, glossy or Matt wedding rings can be found. But with the many ideas and images in the net to find, don’t forego advice. The jewelers a lot of knowledge about the properties, composition, and also about what is happening with the rings over time or how you should take care.

The most important expert tips on wedding rings

  • Mat rings over the years to smooth, polished, in turn, a little dull.
  • You should also pay attention to the convenience of the rings (ring profile), because you wear them daily, and they should not interfere in the different situations of everyday life and be uncomfortable. Who writes a lot, or with the Hand works, it should take about a Ring with rounded edge.
  • Rings with stones and elaborate design are modern and stylish, a practical, however, is a plain engagement ring with a Eternity Ring as the locking ring, you for certain situations (for Brushing) or traveling may decrease. A locking ring is the ideal morning is a gift, by the way.
  • The most popular Material for wedding bands is Gold. White and rose gold are currently increasingly in demand. Silver is timeless and affordable, while Gold, Palladium and platinum due to their robustness distinguished. Silver rings, or rings with a high gold content are softer and get faster signs of wear. Here, however, it is also on the manufacturing process and the alloy.

  • Old wedding rings that have become, over time, quite thin, you can also re-process it.
  • Rarely, the rings will be selected already at the first consultation. Let’s Your decision, not stress. Buy the rings you should, however, a few months before the wedding, at the latest 2 months before the date. So delivery times, and any adjustments can be factored in locker.
Wedding Rings, Wedding Bands Tips Wedding Rings Ideas, Wedding Trends, Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings

Ideas and Trends: Extravagant and special wedding bands

Who doesn’t like to pass a bit of personalization, the partner rings with engraving or jewellery pieces that complement each other.

This is especially advantageous if you cannot agree in terms of optics at all, and still have one thing in Common like.

  • Popular rings in which the fingerprint of your partner outside are incorporated. This requires several Studio visits, but you will always have a piece of his favorite people.
  • Incredibly, however, was that you can even rubies hair of the partner or sapphires process and in the Ring to be integrated.
  • Also, the Form need not always be around. Very creative rings, have on the outside of an uneven shape, or a particular pattern.
  • Whether the wedding spell, an Insider, pet names, or classic, the wedding date, with the name of the engraving are no limits.

  • You can also rings from FAIR-trade Gold and diamonds-made, that is to say from a controlled Recycling Gold from certified mines, in which the working conditions are controlled.
  • An original Alternative rings made of Carbon are more likely to be. The man-made material made of carbon fibers is particularly durable and stands out for its special color: black. Black wedding rings may be particularly and for the most something to Own. Carbon can be used in the manufacture of wedding rings also with other materials, such as precious stones or metals, or jewelry, combined.

Wedding rings design

Who is the greatest possible individual Ring-would like in different providers also have the option of wedding rings yourself in a Workshop.

Our tip: If you have a precise idea of Your wedding rings, you can you in the case of a CHRISTIAN, by means of a wedding ring Configurator online and in the Shop.

Wedding Rings, Wedding Bands Tips Wedding Rings Ideas, Wedding Trends, Wedding Rings, Wedding Rings

Our tip: If you are an exceptional and very individual wedding ring wish to ask yourself whether you be in 20 years also like. Clearly this is not difficult to answer, however, you should follow just a Symbol of eternity blind any Trends.

The Ring has to fit your personality and Your style.

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